” When someone shows you who they are, believe them. The first time.” ~ Maya Angelou

The sun feels luscious and warm today, that low angle of the sun cuts the intensity and gives me the same kind of feeling waking up on late on Sunday morning in a pile of warm pillows does. But walking into the shade under the giant maple, that feeling disappears quickly and it feels cool the second the sun no longer makes contact with my skin. Kicking through a layer of crispy orange leaves,the slightly resinous, sweet-sour scent of fall fills my nostrils suddenly and I breathe deeply, hair falling back as I tip my face up to a sky so blue it hurts my eyes …

It’s a heady, sensory bounty…the wine like fragrance of  dripping blackberries fermenting on the vine, mingles with the earthy umami scent of a constellation of mushrooms that popped up across the lawn. The trees shed their chlorophyll laden green hues to reveal the true colours they kept hidden all year in a riotous display of reds,yellows and orange….I love it, and spend as much time outside as I can. Winter is coming.

I wonder what else autumn has in store for us, deep into this election season. The leaves aren’t the only thing showing their true colours this fall. In the lead up to and through the incredible climate strikes of last Friday, I’ve seen masks fall among some who I thought were progressive. I have seen grown men and women attack Greta Thunberg, the youth and anyone else marching with spitting vitriol. And I have watched how Canadian politicians reacted to the hundreds of thousands of people marching across Canada.

Some were excited.

More were concerned. And I’m certain even more felt fear.

There is nothing more disconcerting to any political party right now than an angry, motivated electorate realizing we all need to change… particularly if they stay motivated. This is why Justin Trudeau suddenly started spewing promises like they are going to plant a billion trees…

Oh puhlease. Dude, you bought a pipeline. Sit down.

Did he not learn from Clark being mocked for her claims of a trillion dollar LNG windfall?  Or Horgan who doubled down on LNG, promising billions for British Columbia? 

It was because of how Horgan defended LNG that led me to post this on facebook Friday, after the climate march photos started coming in. And because it really gets to the heart of the issue, I’m reposting it here:

“I cant help but wonder what John Horgan is thinking today, seeing the massive show of climate strikers across the country, right as the UBCM passed resolutions to ask the federal and provincial governments to stop subsidizing fossil fuels.


Because Premier John Horgan once made a statement – in the midst of the fires that followed the floods of 2018 – that left me wondering how great of a priority he thinks climate change really is.

In a press conference, Horgan stated how concerned he was…..and during the scrum a reporter asked Horgan a very compelling question.

His answer was stunning, for all the wrong reasons.

” From flood to fire to flood and then again to fire,” he said. “And we have had two states of emergency. That’s unprecedented.”

“That speaks to the changing environment we live in and the ravages of climate change.”

When asked how the province can justify supporting a proposed LNG energy project and simultaneously try to curb greenhouse gas emissions, Horgan said B.C. is just 4.5 million people sharing a planet with seven billion others.

“We have to be realistic about what our impacts would be,” he said. “

From :


That one statement stayed with me. I’ve written  about it a few times because that is not the attitude needed to combat climate change.

That is a big part of the attitude that got us to where we are now and perhaps explains so much of why the BC NDP abandoned so many of their old plans for solar and wind expansion, and carried on with site c.

We hear Horgan praise the youth, say we have to put aside our differences and make solutions, all while actively pushing gas well expansion he knows is in opposition to his placating words. He speaks of wealth for British Columbians, but whose wealth is he referring to exactly? The corporations laughing as they use their royalty credits?

Worse yet, against the NDP’s own report which says independent science cant even confirm that fracking is safe for the environment...( forget humans, the NDP exempted the review from examining any impact on human health.)

Keep up sustained efforts to make change my friends. Because it’s a problem when the politicians who got us into this mess, suddenly start pretending they are going to give us solutions to the problems they created when trying to get elected again.

The Union of BC Municipalities resolution to push our provincial and federal governments to stop the subsidies to fossil fuel companies will have lasting power here in BC, with a provincial election in 2 years.

The timing is excellent. Nothing worries politicians trying to get elected more than an engaged, protesting public…I don’t see this movement dwindling.  But what will Horgan do? Will he listen to the UBCM? Will he stop the massive subsidies to gas producers?

Of course he won’t. Nor will Trudeau. Or Scheer.

In BC, lng & natural gas subsidies are so massive that we lose billions in revenue to the province because of the credits used by resource corporations. If they are going to let them take our resources, they should at least make them pay for it and put the funds toward climate mitigation efforts.

We also hear tremendous whining from pro oil and gas supporters about tax credits and grants for green energy, for EV’s etc. “Corporate welfare” they cry….” If it’s so great why do they give incentives to get people to do it?”

But those same naysayers turn around and quickly justify the subsidies and tax credits given to gas and oil producers as a necessity to doing business in BC to be competitive in a market with a glut of LNG flowing from everywhere but here.


The changes the ndp made since coming into power, now means almost 99% of gas producers qualify for credits they really don’t deserve or need.


There is a better way. Don’t buy their greenwash that LNG will help China get off coal…China is very busy funding and selling their coal power plants to developing countries eager for cheap power. They have signed deals and have access to more than enough LNG.

Its time to turn the tables and change the way this game is played my friends.


Push for better. “

There really isn’t much more to say. A recent release from the BC govt shows our emissions have only dropped less than 1 % between 2007 and 2017. That’s not feeling good when I see the government urging us all to change while making allowances for industry to continue.

We have a long way to go in a society consumed with consumerism, wealth and privilege on one side, with a growing gap as poverty creeps up into a middle class treading water in an increasingly unaffordable province.

Greta Thunberg is right. Change is coming whether you like it or not. Even the most right wing oil workers can see something needs to be done.They too want the best future for their children. And so do  we all.

The hostility comes from fear of the unknown, fear of losing jobs, fear of not being able to feed their families… and these are fears we all have regardless. The attacks come from a fear that Greta, in all her stark,unwavering honesty, will motivate people to change their habits, and motivate people to demand more from the politicians they elected.

Meanwhile the sun is still shining here onto my table. Trudeau and friends are still telling voters we can have a pipeline and LNG and planting a billion trees will make up for it, Scheer is planning an energy corridor across Canada and Horgan insists we can have our LNG cake and eat it too…

Me? I’ll leave you with this, which applies to life sometimes, to love more often than we care to admit, and to election promises too….😉




7 Comments on “” When someone shows you who they are, believe them. The first time.” ~ Maya Angelou

  1. Wow!

    I am very glad you are back with your semi regular posts.

    You have said more here than the drivel from the local daily fish-wrap over the past month.

    The NDP are really BC Liberal Lite and Premier Horgan is merely a puppet doing the dance from strings pulled by former Vision Vancouver Councillor Geoff Meggs and former party leader and now Minister of Fiance Carole James.

    Ideologues, these two are charting a course into dangerous financial waters. James trying to appease her die hard NDP support with all sorts of choice benefits and Meggs, trying to appease his political friends, land developers ans land speculators.

    But what about the province? Well your previous post certainly showed that the NDP cared little for BC as their main concern is metro Vancouver and its rich number of seats available at election time.

    Metro Vancouver gets $4.6 billion (Fed, Prov. and civic money) to build 12.8 km of a dated rapid transit line that will do nothing to reduce congestion or pollution, while the rest of the province gets diddly squat.

    On Vancouver island, the E&N festers away, with the NDP hoping that it will rot away forever and they can get down to business building more highways and bridges, because highways and bridges win votes, with jobs, jobs, jobs.

    In the Peace, the NDP continue to shovel money into a vast damn project which is now obsolete before it is half finished. But hey, its union ,jobs, jobs, jobs.

    We are so ill prepared for global warming and the next coming attraction, “water wars”, that Canada is in danger of being invaded and carved up like Poland in 1939. Don’t believe me? The USA could march in anytime and do what it will with Canada and the USA is quickly running out of drinkable water.

    We mus be self sufficient as the global economy is collapsing.

    Yet not one politicians is seriously looking “3 minutes in to the future” but lollygags, repeating old political mantra and 10 second sound bites, to get on the news.

    Why are we not investing in thermal power?
    Why are we not building rail transit cheaply, as other regions do?
    Why is there not a regional/provincial transportation strategy?
    Why are we not refining Alberta bitumen in BC?
    Why are we not planting trees by the millions across this province?

    Our politicians are afraid of the truth because the truth will show that they have lied to us continuously and their egos cannot support this and maybe the voters too.

    I think we should call the present generation, the “Generation of the Damned” because they have been damned by previous generations, who enjoyed the profits of Canada, but contributed little, leaving the present generation of the damned to try to pick up the pieces.

    Our politicians today will be treated as treasonous criminals in future generations, if there are future generations.

    I weep at this.

    • There is much I agree with, and some I don’t in your comment. Thank you for your kind words at my presence. I don’t know that I am ‘back’…but I do know that I can’t let thoughts fester when something needs to be said.

      I expressed early on great concern to see Meggs chosen by Horgan. The ndp defend his choice, bu his record in Vancity hall speaks volumes..and not in a good way.

      The NDP is definitely Liberal lite on many files: oil and gas, energy, environment, fish farms are all massive disappointments so far and may prove to be their demise.

      BC ed is still a disaster and moving to a prevalence funding model for special ed is a disaster. The plain truth is Rob Fleming sounds no different than any BC Lib education minister did! In talking to advocates and teachers who welcomed the ndp into power, the view has changed to one of disappointment. Classrooms are still horrifically underfunded and a massive shortage of EA’S across BC is making life challenging for many.

      They have done well in opening the urgent care centers,some aspects but not all of MCFD,opening new MRI’s etc.

      Childcare is still a massive issue and will continue to be unless daycares start paying higher wages

      A shocking issue I personally discovered went unaddressed, is how people with disabilities have yet to see an increase in their shelter portion. Imagine my shock when helping fill out a pwd application for one of my adult children who suffered a debilitating condition this summer, to discover they still only get 375 for rent. 😳 $375
      Now, I saw how the ndp used and relied on PWD votes across BC. And I know what some mla’s told PWD advocates before the got into power. So far nothings happened and many advocates are being ignored. After battling BC Lib social injustice for so long, what a disappointing discovery.
      Affordability hasnt happened. Rents are insane across BC. Homelessness is increasing despite some of the housing created and with nearly all expenses rising its impossible to stay ahead for most people.
      Yes, the Libs created so much of this, but the reality is not many voters will remember in 2 years.

      Now ferries are going up when BC ferries posted highest ridership ever. What’s needed is an islander rate for residents and non residents pay full rate.

      Anyways I digress. I wouldn’t want to see the clueless and entitled Wilkinson in power anytime soon, but I find fighting the ndp on enviro and energy issues appalling. And more people who were ndp voters are noticing Horgans condescending comments more often.

      Now, the concern over climate change.

      Do I think the earth is in imminent threat of being inhabitable? No, not here at least. In some areas of the world it is nearly too hot to live already at times.

      Here on island we have had drought. We have seen stunning erosion on some parts of the coast from wicked storms. We are seeing extremes of cold and heat and rain all over Canada over the last years.

      And yet even though we see on the news devastation in different parts of the world, we hear leaders point to China and the US and India as the problem and deny their own culpability in policy making that’s led the world to this point.

      I have little faith in any politician or political party anymore. Its hard to take anything said at face value when I know what whipped parties mean for voters. And we, unlike most, know the backroom boosters and players who truly run policy decisions in many cases, like the BC Libs showed us so well.

      I have tremendous faith in people though. Faith in great communities and groups United to make change.Motivating continual action like we saw Friday is critical now.

      When people figure out how powerful they really are, that’s when politicians act.


  2. Ms. Angelou gave good advise. In most cases it works, but when it comes to politics its a whole different ball game. We may not like Horgan’s policies when it comes to the environment, but did we want another 4 years of Christy Clark? Not so much. In life there are trade offs. For some its the here and now.

    If not Trudeau, then who? The Conservatives? not so much. Its the lesser of two evils one could say. We could all vote Green and/or NDP but the reality is that is not going to happen. If it did happen, when would the Greens offer in the way of other issues. When Elizabeth May temporarily hired Warren Kinsella I seriously had to question her judgement. Her remarks regarding supporting a minority Con government if they made “some Green moves”, not only left me wondering about her judgement but about he policies regarding other issues this country faces. Anyone who would consider supporting Scheer, would not get my vote.

    Regardless of whether Trudeau bought a pipe line for us or not, people are going to vote on what matters to them here and now. For many that is all about the monthly child benefit cheques which go out. Don’t expect any one who needs that cheque to pay the rent or feed their kid to decide on the basis of “the environment”. Thinking about the environment is for many a first world choice or a decent living wage. How many people who don’t have a living wage are going to vote for the environment when their kids don’t have dental care, enough food or a decent home.

    Any one who believes it good for our environment to ruin it so as to sell LNG to China, is smoking too much B.C. bud, in my opinion. I’ve always been of the opinion the most important natural resource is water. Without it you’re dead in about 3 days. They are wasting valuable water to extract LNG and they’re poisoning the ground it comes out of with the chemicals they use for fracking.

    Blaming politicians and corporations is easy. We need to take personal responsibility for the condition the environment is in. corporations produce what we buy. we don’t buy, they don’t produce. corporations also know if they lower prices enough, people’s natural greed will cause them to buy, regardless of whether they need it or not. Each year we produce billions of tons of waste. Its our clothing. We destroy water ways, land all for new cloths. How many new t-shirts do we really need? We talk about the environment and then come black Friday or boxing day sales we’re out there by the millions buying new cell phones, t.v.s, whatever polluting electronics there are at great prices. Now that is something we could stop. However, that would have a major impact on the economy and governments and their financial supporters don’t like that. So instead they focus us on small use less things like straws and one use plastic bags in Canada. Our pollution is the clothing we wear and our electronics. We might also look at the number of humans we have on this earth. its time for some countries to get their population increases under control.

    • Hey I voted for Horgan too, just to get rid of Clark but I wouldnt vote for the NDP again, certainly not under Horgan and certainly not with their current and ongoing environmental stance. And there are a lot out there feeling like I do who are tired of hearing the partisan defense of things we all opposed under Clark.

      The BC Libs are still clueless, corrupt and show no understand of why they’re in opposition. But the reality is that in this province Horgan still couldnt win enough seats in the last election to hold a majority and I doubt he will in the next election either. Too many are just done with the partisan power politics displayed by these big parties and federally we see some of that too.

      You must remember that most people who dont belong to political parties,dont look at politics like we poli-geeks do. This federal election so many are so disgusted by the grossness of both Trudeau’s and Scheer’s antics they are turning out, which means whatever party can get out their vote base will get it.

      Environmentally we do all have to look at ourselves, a practice I do in my own home. We buy thrift clothing. Every thing in my house is second hand. We use reusable containers and strive for a zero waste standard one day. But an EV isnt happening anytime soon budget wise, nor are solar panels etc.
      Consumerism is what drives so much industry, you are correct. And industry ,transportation, fossil fuels are big contributors to emissions.

      I take big issue with the onus being put on BC residents to bear the brunt of reduced emissions targets, just so industry can continue to pollute. There will come a time when our hydro rates are so high energy poverty will be a reality here as it has been in Ontario for some time. We already subsidize industry here with rates lower than residential for goodness sake. How is that fair or right?

      People need to wake up. The ndp easily continues bad environmental policy, oversight and regulation here because they can, and members who choose not influence and push internally to make change are just as culpable as the politicians themselves.

      I’ve said this so many times. The BC liberals became as arrogant as they did in part because their supporters turned a blind eye and said nothing while the province fell into an unaffordable, corrupt money laundering gang infested offshore paradise.

      When ndp supporters turn a blind eye to bad policy now under their party they enable it to continue. I see no one asking loudly why the people on disability have been ignored. I see no one calling out Horgan for continuing to ship thermal US coal out of BC ports. No, people are applauding a consideration to stop the time change for goodness sake.

      We all fought to stop the province from being sold off and ruined under the Libs. Some of us continue to do so under the NDP, except its ten times harder because so many are willing to put up with shit policy just because the Libs were worse.

  3. Not surprising that you take exception to our LNG nanny-state. I don’t see how BC’s ‘let us nurture the polluters’ policy works to anyone’s benefit..

    ‘Here, you poor darling infant industry, if we stuff you with more billions will that make you feel protected and disabused?’

    You write… “The changes the ndp made since coming into power, now means almost 99% of gas producers qualify for credits they really don’t deserve or need.” 

    “There is a better way. Don’t buy their greenwash that LNG will help China get off coal…China is very busy funding and selling their coal power plants to developing countries eager for cheap power. They have signed deals and have access to more than enough LNG.”

    “Its time to turn the tables and change the way this game is played my friends.”

    But will the federal NDP step forward and help turn the tables? Because, to be credible they must different.


    The National Observer provides a brief peek at the environmental rhetoric of the federal NDP’s, Mr Singh. His perspective from Ottawa is clear. He is opposed to that nasty Liberal\Conservative bitument pipeline. Wonderful environmental advocacy, right?

    But without reference to other scientific opinions or other jurisdictions that question or are adamantly opposed to LNG he is perfectly content that ongoing “consultation” with still-opposed indigenous groups all but makes LNG very, um, un-nasty.. Short sighted?

    A possible common thread? Well, neither of Mr. Singh’s positions\statements contradict BC NDP policy. a choice of views which eliminates the chance of ruffled inter-divisional feathers. Impossible in an echo chamber to contradict allies where the message is identical..

    What’s missing? Where is the proof that LNG drilling and distribution in BC is harmless to the environment? That it doesn’t pollute groundwater or cause earthquakes? Where is the proof that this product is saleable in a time when

    a/ the global LNG glut has not abated.
    b/ larger players have completely dominated the market
    c/ apparently there still isn’t a coherent business case to pursue this course.

    In an odd manner the entire controversy approaches the mystical. Instead of the presentation of fact-based science we are deluged with political\evangelical assurances flooding the airwaves. But such is to be expected.

    After so many NDP policy flip-flops, ‘Site C NEVER!’ becoming ‘Site C NOW!’ or ‘Offshore Fish Farms FOREVER!’ Becoming ‘Offshore Fish Farms.. Maybe Not!’, perhaps it’s time to consult someone other than the usual economic booster\pundits to determine why NDP policy schizophrenia has such a tenacious grip.

    From polluted sea to polluted sea, what passes for political judgment is truly impressive.

    • I saw this. How absolutely outrageous. This was my post elsewhere:

      ” Why is this government sitting by and allowing this to continue, in opposition to it’s own investigations report?

      And why is BC Timber Sales being run rogue?

      From Narwhal:

      “Two investigations, released under Freedom of Information laws, show a government agency ignored best practices and available data when auctioning cutblocks in the Nahmint Valley — home to some of Vancouver Island’s last remaining stands of unlogged ancient forest — where clearcutting continues to this day.”

      How can this be stopped? Also from the link below:

      ” elected councillor, said she is not surprised that BC Timber Sales is ignoring recommendations to stop logging old growth.
      “I am not shocked … This is the way government works,” said Lauder, adding that she is witnessing over-logging of old growth throughout the Alberni Valley, which is affecting the movement of wildlife as habitat is lost.
      “Until the province actually tells BC Timber Sales not to log, they are going to continue. It will have to come from (Premier) John Horgan. They will just keep on operating and saying they are working on it. As long as they say they are working on it, they think they can just keep on going,” she said.”

      Van Isle only has so much old growth left. Flying over, you see cuts in places you wouldnt think you could even log.

      We know forestry is in crisis. Forest workers deserve a better path forward. But allowing this logging to continue unabated against the recommendations is not the answer to that problem.

      Please call your MLA and the premier now


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