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* updated:What a difference a couple of months and a horrific disaster makes

Keith Baldrey October 2019: ” Nothing could be further from the truth ” that hes against the oil and gas industry. 


Keith Baldrey January 2,  2020, as Australia burns, he calls out ExxonMobil + oil industry for major cause of climate change contributing to extreme fires. 


Amazing what a couple months will do to change perspectives hey?

“I think part of the problem is that journalists are being torn by two competing values right now. The first is our job to tell the truth. We are, over and above anything else, society’s professional truth-seekers and truth-tellers. But the second value that we think is important is appearing unbiased, because if we appear unbiased then people will believe that we are telling the truth. 

I think what’s happened here is that large swaths of society, including entire political parties and governments as well as voters, don’t believe in the truth. And so by telling the truth, to those individuals we appear to be biased. 

For my own part, I think that the truth is a higher value….”

**updated 3 pm Jan 3, 2020: Keith Baldrey deletes tweet staging oil and gas industry major cause of climate change.  That bit of conscience didn’t last long...🙄

Here is a shot of a response to his tweet he retweeted (?),showing his original tweet is unavailable

And this shows his tweet is gone.

I shouldn’t be surprised he deleted it. He likely took a lot of heat from the industry, and who knows who else. But in an era with so much uncertainty, and so many disasters related to or exacerbated by climate change around the world,  what exactly does he stand for, if not this?

I leave you with another excerpt from Sean Holmans interview link above:

“…at Postmedia they’re currently trying to get work with the Alberta government to help support their energy war room. That’s the war room that is designed to essentially suppress truthful information about climate change and the impact of the oil sands. A journalist working for Postmedia might think twice about going hard on that particular issue if their own company is trying to ally itself with people who don’t believe that climate change is an important issue.

The question that we have to ask ourselves as journalists is how much do we go out of our way to cater to segments of our audience that don’t believe the truth.– Sean Holman


  1. Never let it be said the corporate media told the truth when a falsehood will serve their purposes. Baldrey may have had a moment, and then it was gone. His pay cheque is more important and at some level some might say that is o.k., you’re first loyalty is to yourself and family. However, in some professions, that can’t always be the case. Journalists have to tell the truth. If they can’t, they do need to find other work. of course the corporate employer will simply hire some one to not tell the truth and most likely do it for less money and just as well.

    Climate change is happening. We had the Kelowna and Fort McMurray fires and then the fires in the northern part of B.C. Now a lot of Australia is on fire while Indonesia has huge flooding causing people to die there also. The Australian P.M. continues to not only stick his head in the sand, he refused to meet with over 40 government groups to plan for this years fire season. So not only did they have the fires, they weren’t prepared and hadn’t planned.

    California, B.C. Australia, Alberta all have had devastating fires and will again because towns have been built too far into what was wilderness without implementing mitigation or protection. Even the lower mainland isn’t prepared for a major forest fire. One could easily start on any of the local mountains, roar down into West and North Vancouver and people will also be sitting on the beach waiting to be relocated. We either get with the agenda or we die.

    For those who don’t believe Australia is as bad as it is reported to be, have a look at the pictures taken from space. The smoke is like smoking 37 cigs a day. How will a child’s lungs withstand that.


    • Happy new Years eaf. And agreed on all points.
      Whether or not someone will admit it or not,.climate change is real and causing or exacerbating issues and disasters all over.
      This is why its increasingly important to prepare for it.
      As in Australia, their govt ignored and failed to undertake fuel reduction to the extent it needed to be done and with ongoing droughts and high temps, it was a disaster waiting to happen…but the extent and intensity might have been mitigated with fuel reduction in many areas.

      Which brings me back to BC.
      The BC Liberals failed miserably at forest fuel load reduction, exacerbated by opposition from residents opposed to smoke from controlled burns.
      In 2017 I believe only 7% of the identified high risk forest had been treated with fuel load reduction. I wonder how much has been done since, particularly in urban interface areas?


      • I doubt if much has been done. That is one of those things people don’t think about until its too late. After the Kelowna fires, el gordo, had a report done, and its good. the b.c. lieberals just didn’t have the work done. Now we have the NDP. Their focus is building hospitals, schools, and housing for the homeless. All good things. It looks like we will have enough rain this year to not have to be too concerned about this summer and last summer we were lucky. However, our luck will run out. with forestry lay offs and strikes, the government could use those workers to do some of the necessary work to mitigate future fires.

        There are towns all over Vancouver island which could be wiped out by a forest fire. The Comox Valley has 3 which could easily be gone. Nanaimo, parts of it, easily gone. Vancouver, has a huge urban forest but also has a large fire department and neighbouring fire dept.s which would help, but I do remember the night of the 90s hockey riots and the fires the VFD had to fight. They had to bring in Richmond and Burnaby to help out.

        As the climate heats up communities also need to plan for evacuations in case of a huge forest fire. We have plans for earth quakes, but major forest fires, I don’t know. Money needs to be allocated to local fire departments and S & R groups to deal with that. When you go into small towns all over this province, the fire departments are staffed by volunteers. They do amazing work. They need more support, not only from their local councils but the provincial government. Without them, in an emergency situation, in forest fire season, we’d be lost. When I look back on the Kelowna and Fort McMurray fires I truly wonder what those towns would have done without those amazing Fire Chiefs and their fire fighters.


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