Confidential RCMP report reveals chilling details…and puts even more focus on Rich Colemans decision to disband the IIGET

“A businessman “connected to Asian organized crime” was allowed by a British Columbia government employee to buy part of a B.C. Lottery Corp. casino, according to a confidential RCMP report obtained by Global News.

And the government employee was later hired in a B.C. casino.

The explosive accusation is just one example of organized crime’s alleged infiltration and corruption of B.C. government casinos, according to a January 2009 RCMP anti-illegal gaming unit report.

The report also contained jarring allegations of victimization, including that women with gambling debts in Asia were being trafficked to B.C. and forced into sex work, and that children in B.C. had been thrown in the trunk of a car and warned at gun-point that their father owed $300,000.

The report argued the RCMP anti-illegal gaming unit (IIGET) should target the drug cartels using B.C. Lottery Corp. casinos in combination with illegal casinos, to launder money…”

This is just another chilling and disturbing revelation revealed by Sam Cooper today, in his new article you must read here :

And once again, it raises compelling questions as to why so many aspects of how and why organized crime not only expanded but flourished in British Columbia, leads back to Rich Coleman and his decision to shut down the Integrated Illegal Gaming Enforcement Team while the BC Liberals were in government.

Its a decision I’ve revisited here on the site quite a few times, in The Coleman Files, particularly through a series of video interviews undertaken by former independent investigative reporter Sean Holman. I suspect Sean Holman’s work may very well become evidence at some point, which is why its very important to keep this information in the public realm. And it’s only part of the reason why current BC Liberals have very little credibility on this and most other issues they try to sound morally superior on.

This all happened under their leadership. It was fostered and perpetuated by a willful blindness and negligence while revenues from gaming filled the government treasury.The sad truth and result is that organized crime and dirty blood money has paid for a lot of things in this province, since part of lottery revenues is handed out in community gaming grants specifically created to offset the harm done through gambling.

There are so many posts here about Rich Colemans activities while a sitting minister in government, but here are the most relevant:

I’m thankful for Sam Cooper and his persistence with this story. Its because of him that so much of these details are coming to light, and this report clearly indicates widespread corruption in government bodies and agencies. It’s why I was and still am concerned about the limited scope of the inquiry, because corruption doesn’t begin and end when political parties change power seats in the legislature. It’s rooted in the regulatory and oversight branches, it exists in places and positions that don’t usually change when governments do. And its the system that allowed all this to happen in the first place, so its my hope that if greater evidence is brought forth, the inquiry will be expanded.

Before I go, something else caught my eye today in Ontario that gave me shivers.

In the context of the stories above with Coleman’s disbanding of the IIGET, it makes me wonder why the RCMP is shutting down its financial crimes unit in Ontario, when a former top mountie says its a big mistake….

Despite multiple recent reports that identified Toronto’s vulnerability to money laundering, the RCMP has decided to disband its Ontario financial crimes unit, the Star has learned.

Announced internally on December 10 in a series of meetings held in detachments across the province, the decision will see 129 officers and eight civilian staff re-assigned to other units, including organized crime, anti-terrorism and drugs, according to an internal email obtained by the Star.

Breaking up a stand-alone unit devoted to investigating complex and difficult cases has financial crime experts worrying that fraud and money laundering activity will increase.

“It just won’t work,” said Garry Clement, former director of the RCMP proceeds of crime unit. “The RCMP, in my view, has sort of lost sight of the fact that taking on financial crime requires a very high degree of expertise.”

Sigh. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  Good luck with that Ontario. I wonder if Rich Coleman advised on that decision…

Anyways, go read Sams amazing story linked to in the beginning. And he has an excellent tweet thread here if you need the coles notes while you are at work.


19 thoughts on “Confidential RCMP report reveals chilling details…and puts even more focus on Rich Colemans decision to disband the IIGET

        1. There is a progressive blog by Owen Gray, Northern Reflections, who writes about the Ontario situation. I’ve commented frequently there about el gordo’s history there and suggested they might want to have a look at their gambling industry these days. Looks like Campbell’s fine hand is working in Ontario in the education department. Didn’t work here, won’t work there.


  1. On Dead Dog ’98 today, the host of the moment went on, over and over again how the media were on this story.

    Well they were not.

    I knew as far back as 2008, that shady business were going on at BC Casinos. Acquaintances told me of malfeasance and criminality, including load sharking, pimping, extortion and more.

    The casino’s did nothing and now the Liberals did nothing or worse, they were abetting criminal behavior.

    I am certainly not alone. A chap, who has now passed away, told me that he would be “crab bait” if he ever said anything. he quit and his family suffered by his being “blackballed’ by certain politicos and their friends. No work and too young for early retirement. His and his families voice will never be heard.

    The new casino is South Delta is now the driver for a Massey Tunnel replacement, with the local MLA deep in it, with people he should not be with.

    It is an ugly mess and the NDP, I’m afraid do not quite understand the utter seriousness of it.

    It now has become all too clear that the BC Liberal agenda was to make friends wealthy and some had very questionable friends to please.


    1. I commented at the time, how odd it was that the casino in Delta was finally approved by the new Ndp government in the midst of the revelations via Sam Cooper on money laundering in casinos. Why would you approve this company to move ahead with another with all we know?

      You are bang on with how long this has been going on. And its stunning now to go back and read the Sidewinder report that the federal government of the time killed, because it’s all in there. Asian gang members and affiliates getting visas into Canada, money laundering, buying real estate with dirty money….its all in there and more. And it’s all come full circle now with all these documents coming out.

      That report was intentionally squashed as conjecture. Clearly, it wasnt. I link to it in this post.

      This kind of extensive corruption isnt possible without a deep network inside government, inside casinos, inside regulatory agencies and clearly there are failings all over for it to have flourished.

      May we get to the bottom of it in this inquiry. And may the public not accept any less.


      1. having Asian home-stay students for the past decade, I can tell you of many, many dubious things that are happening in Metro Vancouver.

        Asian gangs have infiltrated all through metro Vancouver including the school boards. it is shocking, how our education system has become so dependent on foreign students and how politicians are turning a blind eye to this mess.

        In Richmond, ground zero for “Casinogate”, there are:

        * Private taxi companies, unlicensed, that cater strictly to the Chinese crowd. Don’t speak mandarin no taxi for you.
        * There are private clubs for students of all ages, providing drink (no drinking laws in china), girls and more.
        * There are “private” casinos for the teen crowd, providing all above and if the precious little runs up a tab, mommy or daddy pay up at the other end or “bad things will happen.”
        * The school boards and the bureaucrats do very little, with many having lucrative jobs, including travel, with the foreign student program.
        * In many cases wealthy Asian parents buy houses and cars for their kids with little or no supervision and the gangs love this.

        It amazes me how utterly corrupt the system has become and how the politicians and bureaucrats have been seduced by foreign, especially Asian money.

        But there is more.

        Money for school sport programs are being diverted to the foreign student program because in many cases, they are not making the money they should. In some schools fringe sports are being abandoned altogether. This has happened in Richmond and Vancouver.

        There is so, so much more, most you would probably not believe.

        I will add this. Every time I here a politician or a teacher or an administrator, say; “its all about the kids”, I throw up.


        1. I think the entire relationship between Beijing and some school boards is worthy of scrutiny and has really gone under the radar, so your comments are not surprising. I

          And….if I were you, it would be worth passing those onto the RCMP and other relevent agencies.

          Teen casinos? Wow.


    2. If you mean dead dog CKNW 98, I agree so much, but dead only after the great Jon McComb retired. What a fantastic and rare tough broadcaster with such a good nature. He will be sorely missed.


  2. Brilliant! You deserve an Order of BC Laila. One for tenacity and determination.
    Instead of searching out a less corrupt banana republic I think I’ll stick around to see how Rich Coleman manages to slither out of this one


    1. Ha no orders of BC please, unless it’s for Sean Holman and Sam Cooper. Both have done so much work, Sean Holman really is missed. The sad part is people love to complain about the MSM, but they still don’t support indie reporters like Sean was to the extent needed to ensure they can maintain reporting.
      With that note, you all should be subscribing to people like Bob Mackin, who is another thorn in the likes of Coleman and Snc Lavalins side.


  3. No wonder the Surrey Mayor wants a new police force. With all that has been going on in Richmond and the casino, you have to wonder what the Richmond RCMP are up to. don’t they know this is going on or do they just not care. You’d think they were either stupid or on the take. So much criminality and so little time to deal with it, or do they simply turn a blind eye to it.

    In my opinion, some of this may be rooted in racism. Some may believe its fine to let this go, it only involves people from China, so who cares. The women forced into the sex trade to pay their gambling debts were from China. Did the police and government give it a pass for that reason. The loan sharking, kidnapping, did all get a pass because it involved people of Chinese descent or citizens of China? I’d really like to know. Most of the victims are Chinese or of Chinese descent. What people fail to understand this won’t just impact one ethnic group. It spills over. it needs to be addressed, but it most likely will not receive the media attention it ought to. While the T.V. news is reporting on car accidents and silly things out of the U.S.A. they aren’t reporting on much regarding organized crime, casino crime, etc. Wonder why they aren’t doing their job. More information is in the blogs then I’ve ever seen on with the MSM.

    They have Sam Cooper, but how much exposure is that really getting compared to what the MSM gave Glen Clark and his deck or fast ferries. It still goes on. But organized crime, kidnapping extortion, etc. not so much. So what are they really hiding. I think it not unreasonable to conclude they’re all involved at some level or covering for their friends who are involved, hoping that in the next election the NDP will be gone and they can get back to their real business, organized crime.

    Will “Big Rich” ever be called to testify? Will Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark ever be questioned and will they answer the questions truthfully and hide behind, they’re not going to incriminate themselves? When will the RCMP in Richmond tell the truth about what they knew, when they knew it and did they do anything about it. Did they ever issue press releases so the public would know? there are so many questions.


    1. Superb points all around.

      The devil always is…and continues to be…how much gaming revenue goes into government coffers. Government relies on both liquor and gaming for revenue. But yes none of this could have happened without an extensive network of people on the take or bought off.


  4. I wonder how many people think of the real possibilities of some, or at least one or two former BC Attorney Generals turning a willful blind eye to money laundering also. I just don’t see any other conclusions, given their positions of authority. It’s really sick come to think of it. Get’s the old blood warmed up.


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