A Frosty Friday Message

Come fiery souls

Shine bright to guide those frozen

In fear of new ways.

Revolution ~ haiku, LY

I stepped out carefully onto the frost covered deck early this morning, to hang the hummingbird feeder back out for our local Anna’s hummingbirds that over winter here. The sun was rising through the fir trees along the back and side and transformed everything it touched into sparkling diamonds. Sliding back inside – literally, the deck was a sheet of ice – I grabbed my phone and took this shot. Sun on crystalline snow. Fire and ice. A haiku formed rapidly…a call to warriors of the heart to rise, in government and in our communities, to forge new paths forward in a world of uncertainty. We were stuck home this morning due to the aftermath of the last storm, and now I’ll be quick as we are under another snowfall and wind warning for tonight. While I’m sure all you northern friends stuck in double digit sub-zero temps are laughing at us, trust me, life down here is built to withstand winds and heavy nonstop rain…not freezing cold or snow.

I want to quickly leave a few things for you to go off and read if you drop by. There is so much important news this week not being covered by major outlets in depth.

  1.  The quite alarmingly quarterly report on Site C that was finally released, is full of rather disturbing details that Hydro, Horgan and Mungall would rather you didn’t pay attention to. But, you must because ultimately you and I are going to be paying for this mess, since industry hydro rates are far less than ours….https://thenarwhal.ca/a-colossal-waste-bc-hydro-report-hints-at-cost-overruns-at-site-c-dam/  Falling concrete chunks in the diversion tunnels, a problematic drainage location above the tunnels and of course, the strong likelihood of massive cost overruns….  ( gee its not like we all didn’t tell govt this, over and over and over and…well you get the idea)
  2.  BC is out of tools in the toolbox when it comes to the TMX aka KinderMorgan pipeline. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/ndp-out-of-tools-to-stop-tmx?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3mnGuC5LZ3fO7wTK8iggi3ljKt7ABR4LcdccRJwN0F70KkrC5yeCrinVA But wait….they didn’t actually use all the tools in their toolbox, because they didn’t withdraw from the equivalency agreement with the feds! One wonders why that didn’t happen, because its something they brought up often while in opposition.  
  3. The maybe not so minor details regarding completed work for the Coastal Gaslink pipeline, and why UNDRIP matters here. From the Unist’ot’en facebook page: This is interesting because I’ve read that the review period for that segment of pipeline ends January 20th. If this is accurate, one wonders why that injunction was even granted. Whether or not this project was approved, if an error was made, UNDRIP principles should be now applicable in this circumstance.

That’s it. I’m off to batten down the hatches again and spray some more silicone on my shovel…🤣

Don’t forget to check out a couple of other new posts I’ve put up over the last few storms we’ve been sequestered:




2 thoughts on “A Frosty Friday Message

  1. wonderful pictures. thank you for sharing. The snow really was there. It was beautiful while it sat on the trees and covered all the construction mess.

    Then we had storm two.
    Then we were lucky, some one came with their bob cat and dug out our vehicles, drive way and lane. You have to love a person with a bob cat in the snow.

    Thankfully the storms here were nothing like those in NFLD.
    All of the snow is a good reminder to keep some things in the house in your emergency kit, if you can.


    1. Thank goodness we didnt get Newfoundland snow!!

      I loved it for the 3 days it was here. But still glad its gone….glad to hear you made out ok. We had 6 feet of road to clear from the plow before we even got to our driveway..🤣


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