When a photo says all you need to say….

As you likely know, Horgan did a minor shuffle….Michelle Mungall has been demoted as Minister of  Site C, Fracking & LNG and is now the Minister of Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs. Bruce Ralston takes over her spot in the infamously contentious file.

This is Mungall during her swearing in. 😉

Screenshot_20200122-100818_Samsung Internet



2 thoughts on “When a photo says all you need to say….

  1. Minister Mungal. Just another perfect pleasing political puppet. Her 180 change from being against Site C to backing Johnny’s wasteful go ahead with the dam came and went like a lightning bolt. No strong independent thinking to stick with principal. Instead she went with the herd Walked low instead of tall. So darn shameful. So disgraceful. Gotta love those pictures of her up there backing the good folks of Paddle for the Peace.


  2. I hope Mungal gets booted from office by the Nelson- Creston constituents for the big Site C Backstab. If the decision was so tough and she still didn’t like the decision then she should have had the spine to go against the grain and went independent. But, I suppose maybe she just wanted to be up on the higher rungs of the political ladder. The job, the pay, the perks, the prestige of high status. Well I’m going to be sick.


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