How to ensure sick people actually do self isolate if infected with Covid-19

Having been through the H1N1 pandemic of 2009 that many Canadians  seem to either not remember, or maybe were too young to have paid attention, Covid-19 hasn’t particularly freaked me out….yet.

People tend to forget that even the average seasonal flu is already a deadly illness for seniors, for those with chronic health conditions and for those who are immune compromised. Government stats show that hundreds die in Canada every year already from flu or flu related complications.

This is why we have flu vaccines- it might not totally prevent flu but it can help reduce the impact of it, if you do catch it. And it can help slow the spread of flu among vulnerable communities , something many also tend to forget about..

But the one thing not being considered by politicians – who enjoy good salaries and benefits – in the effort to get people to stay home when and if they get sick, is that most people can’t afford to go two days without pay, let alone two weeks.

Not all employers offer paid leave or flex days, and not all workers have vacation time to fall back on. Most people live paycheque to paycheque. Many are behind a month already on a bill or two…if not all of them.

It’s not remotely realistic to think that people will or can self isolate at all, if you have to feed your family and pay rent or mortgage. Why do politicians forget this? Landlords are already eager to evict so they can raise rents. People can’t risk housing and food.

If the government truly wants to help halt the spread of Covid -19 now that it is here, they need to look to how Japan is quickly acting:

Japan’s government says it will pay up to about 80 dollars per person per day to businesses as income compensation for parents taking leave from work in response to temporary school closures that began nationwide.

The health and labor ministry on Monday revealed the details of a new subsidy system as the government strives to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

The ministry will pay the subsidy of up to 8,330 yen per person per day to businesses if their employees take paid leave to take care of their children due to school closures.

It’ll also offer stipend in cases where employees care for people suspected of having been infected with the virus.

The measure will cover regular and non-regular workers who take leave between February 27 and March 31.

The ministry plans to determine and announce soon how the system will be implemented

Good plan.

Here in Canada, a similar solution that is more directly worker oriented, is to make anyone ordered/asked to self isolate or anyone who has to take care of someone who must self isolate, immediately eligible for sickness EI benefits by waiving the waiting period and processing payments immediately instead of taking 28 days.

Processing applications immediately is key, as most EI applications sit for the full 28 days before payment is let go, then backdated. We can’t wait that long if we want to keep sick or exposed people in isolation.

In the event a widespread outbreak occurs here, continue the payments for the period deemed to assist containment as they have in Japan.

As well, people are already posting letters and signs from employers stating if they miss too many shifts they will either lose fulltime hours or be fired. The province should ensure that non union workers know their rights surrounding this kind of situation, in their daily press conferences, and legislate policy to prevent such dismissals.

Which brings me to the topic of legislated sick pay. Why isn’t this a thing for average workers who need the most protection because their wages are lower and they can least afford time off? Let’s get on this!

Problem solved. ( how long will it take the feds to act? Clocks ticking)

And for those who aren’t caring “because it’s the elderly and sick who it targets”, stop being selfish.

Viruses like this can kill those undergoing cancer treatments, those with chronic conditions like asthma and copd, and any immune compromised patient. That might include one of your family members or friends. Think about that.

23 thoughts on “How to ensure sick people actually do self isolate if infected with Covid-19

  1. You might find this post lengthy..

    Why is anyone worried about that virus problem? Didn`t Donald Trump made it clear that COVID-19 is a Democratic Party “Hoax”? Aren`t the Dems so desperate to retake control of government that they invented this fake crisis?

    Eminent neo-physician, Rush Limbaugh certainly agrees and doubles down..

    “Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed on his show Monday that the potentially lethal coronavirus afflicting several countries is nothing more than a “common cold” blown out of proportion by the media to take down President Donald Trump ― even as he also asserted it was a “bioweapon” created by China in a laboratory.”

    “Now, I want to tell you the truth about the coronavirus. … I’m dead right on this. The coronavirus is the common cold, folks.”

    The message from Russian media? In their version COVID-19 is a bio-weapon developed to harm ethnic Chinese. How many ethnic Chinese are found in Italy? Iran? Australia? Fifty-three other countries? Apparently that statistic is not considered relevant.

    Some exceptionally imaginative Trump supporters claim that, no way, the US did not manufacture the virus. It was Big Pharma, or Queen Elizabeth, or Bill Gates or George Soros. Noting that all the US outbreaks are in Democratic Party states [they aren’t] some Always Trumpers argue that if millions of Americans contract the disease and die it will be blamed on Trump. At which point the Dems will take over. And that’s what the Dems want most.

    Ready for more? Some Trump supporters contend that the Dems somehow obtained a supply of live virus and are injecting it into hapless bystanders. Proof offered? None. Proof required? None..

    Certain Arab media? COVID-19 is a US strategic weapon.

    But Canadians shouldn’t worry.

    Our military is preparing to do something while our pols argue about saving pipelines from feeling impugned..

    “Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance issued a message Wednesday that he has ordered the activation of Operation Laser Phase 2, which is described as “Pandemic/Preparation.”“

    ““The purpose of that tasking order is to ensure that the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) implements measures to maintain CAF operational effectiveness and and readiness, preserve essential health services for (members), and maintain responsive support to civil authorities as part of the CG (government) response,” Vance’s message noted.

    “We will immediately assess CAF posture at home and abroad, refresh business continuity plans, protect defence supply chains, and take measures to limit the chance of infection of our (members).”“

    But wait, Conservative media has an objection or two. Because the federal Liberals failed to save money – remember that $4 billion to buy a pipeline – there isn’t sufficient revenue left to spare on a health crisis response..

    “Countries affected by COVID-19 should incur massive deficit spending to shore up their health systems and economies, according to Kenneth Rogoff, professor of economics at Harvard University and one of the most prominent commentators on the Great Recession of 2008/09.”

    “But the condemnation of “open-ended deficit spending” also applies to Canada. Deficits in what we might soon start referring to as “the good years” have been running between $18-$26 billion, or 1.2 per cent of GDP this year. Program spending as a percentage of the economy is already at 14.8 per cent and the debt-to-GDP ration is forecast at 31 per cent.”

    “It remains unclear what impact governments can have on a global supply chain that has seized up.”

    “Canadians should have even less confidence in the ability of the new cabinet committee struck to tackle COVID-19 to have the answers. None of its members were active in federal politics in 2008, with the exception of industry minister, Navdeep Bains, and Liberal MP, Kirsty Duncan, an intriguing addition since she is an expert in virology and once wrote a book detailing her unsuccessful hunt for samples of the Spanish Flu, in the hope it would help create a vaccine against future outbreaks.”

    Noting chaos in the global media The World Health Organization released their own opinion about the “Infodemic”

    Click to access 20200202-sitrep-13-ncov-v3.pdf

    “The 2019-nCoV outbreak and response has been accompanied by a massive ‘infodemic’ -`an over-abundance of information – some accurate and some not – that makes it hard for people to find trustworthy sources and reliable guidance when they need it. Due to the high demand for timely and trustworthy information about 2019-nCoV, WHO technical risk communication and social media teams have been working closely to track and respond to myths and rumours. Through its headquarters in Geneva, its six regional offices and its partners, the Organization is working 24 hours a day to identify the most prevalent rumours that can potentially harm the public’s health, such as false prevention measures or cures. These myths are then refuted with evidence-based information. WHO is making public health information and advice on the 2019 – nCoV, including mythbusters, available on its social media channels (including Weibo, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and website ”


    Interested in actual advice? Start here.


    If you do end up in quarantine..



  2. The virus is going to work well for those interested in blaming every one else for its creation, cause, or its movement.

    Canada is in fairly decent shape to deal with this. Not as good as it could be, but not bad and much better than the U.S.A.

    As to the deficit every one likes to complain about, what do you want to eliminate from government services or how much do you want to raise taxes. Most right wingers and non parents would like to eliminate the child benefits. I’m good with that creating deficits.

    No country can adequately prepare for an epidemic. We have things in place which were put in place after SARS. We got through that reasonably well. We can not expect the government to be prepared for something which has never been around before. Some may argue the government didnt act quickly enough. However, it is nice to be an arm chair quarter back. This is a no win for any government.

    there will be deaths. there simply aren’t enough ventilators in the country to meet the demand, if this disease really hits here. If there were every one would be screaming why did they government pay so much money for this and not spend it some where else.


  3. Laila,

    Again you ask the right question. How to ensure sick people actually do self isolate if infected with Covid-19.

    Perhaps the presence off shore of a cruise liner with a capacity of 3,650 passengers and crew floating beside San Francisco has stimulated California media to offer some timely advice.

    Example 1

    “The rapid passage this week of an $8.3-billion emergency spending plan to fight the spread and severity of the coronavirus shows that Congress and the president are willing to set aside their petty partisanship in the face of the emerging health threat.”

    “That’s reassuring.”

    “What’s not is that they left out of the funding package an important tool to fight the spread of COVID-19: paying people with coronavirus symptoms to stay home from work.”

    “The dollars will go to vaccine and therapeutics development, protective equipment for healthcare workers, support for local public health departments and hospitals fighting outbreaks and help for global health efforts. But there’s no earmark for payments for people who may contract the virus but can’t afford to take a day off.”

    “For one thing, about 80% of the cases of coronavirus are mild and may appear to be just a cold. A lot of us simply power through a cold and go to work anyhow. And while it might be the wrong thing to do during the outbreak of a new virus that has no vaccine and few treatment options, it may not be feasible for people living paycheck to paycheck. It’s not fair to make low-wage workers choose between the real risk of not having enough money for the rent and the theoretical one of spreading an invisible contagion.”

    “That’s why public health officials and Congress should be talking about directing some of that $8.3 billion toward an emergency paid sick leave program to subsidize workers who want to do the right thing and keep their germs to themselves but can’t afford to. (Later, we should move toward permanent federal paid sick leave. States like California and Washington have laws guaranteeing it to most workers, but most states don’t. It’s appalling that the U.S. lacks such a basic public health benefit for hard-working people.)”

    Example 2

    Actual advice to Californians?

    “Officials are most concerned with those who have the highest risk of contracting the virus: people over 50 with underlying health problems.”

    “Among other steps, Morrow recommends that people stop shaking hands, use a barrier such as a paper towel or tissue to touch door handles, elevator buttons and other commonly touched surfaces, and “under all circumstances, stop touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth with your unwashed hands.””

    “Echoing Santa Clara County officials, he said residents should cancel or postpone nonessential gatherings.”

    “In the future, other steps may be needed, Morrow said, including school closures that “may be extensive and extended,” rationing of critical supplies and social distancing — that is, staying at least six feet away from other people.

    “Here are some tips provided by San Mateo and Santa Clara County health officials:”

    • “All nonessential gatherings should be canceled, postponed or done remotely. At this time there is no standard definition of “nonessential” or “gathering” to guide decision-making. Officials recommend using your best judgment.”

    • “Stop shaking hands.”

    • “Increase the amount of remote working to the extent possible, especially for those who appear at higher risk of developing the disease, those over the age of 60 and those with underlying health conditions.”

    • “Under all circumstances, stop touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.”

    • “School closings present a particularly vexing social-distancing dilemma but may be necessary to protect public health. Once school closings occur, they may be extensive and extended.”

    • “Social distancing — staying at least six feet away from all other people — should be attempted where possible.”

    • “Rationing of critical supplies may need to occur.”

    • “Communities may need volunteers. Think now about the skills you have and how you can help. Heed the call should volunteers be requested.”


    1. Good advice. I’m still wondering why they havent cancelled major events like the Rugby 7s. That people traveled here from all over the world.
      They are telling people to avoid public gatherings, yet a massive public international gathering is not being cancelled. Ok then.

      And Trudeau just announced 27 million for research which is great…but where is the announcement for funding to keep sick people home?

      It’s great that it’s not impacting people under 50 severely,but those people spread it to others who cannot fight this off.


  4. The way you inform with your in depth points and ideas about ensuring better isolation is really good. High marks for you. Low marks for completely dead head radio and most of MSM in general. You blow them away. They sound like a bunch of repetitive cackling repeaters with no self made ideas, points or opinions or even a whimper to question something so as to create debate about anything concerning government leadership, or bring in something extra or useful that could be brought into the conversation. It’s crazy how useless they are. Anyways,enough of my saturday morning rant. Got to have coffee. Good on you though Laila. Good on you.


    1. Well hopefully we don’t have a outbreak here, but considering they are not screening at the border ( hello!!)

      I think govt has been fairly proactive,but in not sure why the feds havent brought this up yet. Provincially the labour groups are pushing for legislated and protected sick days but it’s too late for that now.
      It always bothers me when politicians dont think about how hard it is for most of the population to go without a paycheque, and not everyone has family who can help financially either. They say “Stay home for 2 weeks” and say it’s good practice for an earthquake, still not absorbing the fact that when you are living paycheque to paycheque, you literally dont have money to make an emergency kit even.

      Imma having my coffee too right now, watching the snow fall….yes its snowing here on my part of the island….🤣


    1. If you haven’t had a flu shot to stop the regular flu by now,would it help? Probably not.

      But this is an excellent suggestion for next fall when we may very well be dealing with not only the usual flu varieties we see, but also Covid-19 again.

      I note with irony that I have heard and seen many who dont believe in,or get flu shots every fall, along with anti vaxxers, squeaking loudly wondering when a cure or vaccine will be ready….🙄


      1. Early research out of Germany, yet to be peer reviewed but indicative of highest shedding of virus before symptoms appear. Which would explain how it spreads so fast

        “The researchers found very high levels of virus emitted from the throat of patients from the earliest point in their illness —when people are generally still going about their daily routines. Viral shedding dropped after day 5 in all but two of the patients, who had more serious illness. The two, who developed early signs of pneumonia, continued to shed high levels of virus from the throat until about day 10 or 11.

        This pattern of virus shedding is a marked departure from what was seen with the SARS coronavirus, which ignited an outbreak in 2002-2003. With that disease, peak shedding of virus occurred later, when the virus had moved into the deep lungs.

        Shedding from the upper airways early in infection makes for a virus that is much harder to contain. The scientists said at peak shedding, people with Covid-19 are emitting more than 1,000 times more virus than was emitted during peak shedding of SARS infection, a fact that likely explains the rapid spread of the virus.”


  5. saw Gov. Inslee interviewed on Rachel Maddox show this evening. Washington State is planning around the number of people with the virus, doubling each week.

    Saw Trump at the press conference and that man is ill. this is the third “press conference” he has been at. when he is not at the podium he simply stands there and sways from left to right and back again. He was ushered on to the podium, he spoke a few sentences in very basic language. O.K. about a 5 year’s sentence structure and vocabulary. Pence spoke, he spoke and was ushered off the stage leaving Pence to deal with the rest.

    although the $8B was passed, the two parties are not on the same, page. Republicans want to adjourn and go home, Pelosi sees no need.

    Between Trump and the virus, the U.S.A. may never recover. Saudi Arabia has taken the opportunity to engage in an oil war. they want Russia to fall in line with OPEC and at the same time take a wack out of Texas semi tar–their product has take some of Saudi’s income, Texas can’t make money at anything below $40 a barrel. That ought to finish off Alberta and Kenny also and he can’t blame Ottawa or B.C. between the virus and an oil war with Saudi A. the pipeline is dead for at least a decade and by then there will be other forms of energy.


  6. It makes me question why media isn’t talking about one the casinos. They must be a super bad places for passing something like this or other viruses. the closeness of people and high touching on the machines is crazy big. I guess the revenues are too important to let public safety get in the way there. But why the brain dead lack of media attention. Flying too many places could have been prevented more so too. It’s not just cruise ships.
    The virus has constantly been brought in by airline travel. It’s understood about the lengthy close contact time on ships, but they are also kept en mass in quarantine in harbours. Airlines are not. There is close contact big time in huge tight crowds when the passengers are off doing there trip stuff just like cruise ships but just in a different way. The testing done has it’s limits. But the close contact is there as soon as the plane disembarks its passengers when people get out of there seats and grab there overhead baggage. In the boarding areas etc. etc. It’s great that airlines take there own measures like stopping travel to places that are real hot zones. But the lameness from i suppose the federal government is pathetic in getting their finger out. They gets no love and kisses from me. I am one to not give a total pass to politicians, or get too close and lose my objective questioning mind to them like some of sterilized all in ass kissing media or be one of poor coralled and herded.
    But casinos . YUUUUUCK. Big Media, Radio, Papers, YUUUUUCK. i know that sounds hard, but F… it. Many of them don’t deserve a shoulder rub. Only a kick in their sheepish ass. This is the sign of the times.


  7. The only thing the Trudeuite government got going on. Other than that they fiddled and were indecisive in staying ahead of the virus when they had ample time. Maybe they got going on the benefits a bit quicker because you led some of the charge in your segment here. I believe that. It’s amazing what ones part can play in moving something big faster. You may not see it but it’s there doing it’s thing. Good on you for having this discussion. I think it is truly a part to complete the whole.


  8. Sorry i forgot to say the financial aid package for Canadians that Trudeau and his goody little Finance Ministe threw out there is kinda small. So far.


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