Please do your part to #FlattenTheCurve and #StayTheFuckHome

Some of y’all might be offended by the profanity in the hashtag above,but one man in Germany is not. And when I saw this, I had to share it because it gets peoples attention quick. 

Frustrated with what he perceived to be the slow action of many countries in undertaking proactive measures to slow down the spread of Covid-19, he created the website, and penned the Self-Quarantine Manifesto seen below:

His simple one page, easy to read website details how and why it is important to “Flatten the Curve”.

Anything above the dotted line in the steep curve, is the zone where we do not want to be, regardless of who you are.


Because if we don’t take proper precautions among the healthy and younger who have minimal or no impact from this virus, we continue to  spread it among those who can’t: the elderly, the immune compromised and those with chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and lung disease.

If we all don’t work to do whatever we can to help slow the spread of this virus, we could end up like Italy….they undertook ‘flatten the curve’ mitigation measures too late to actually flatten the curve of the chart above.

The result? A sudden spike in critical cases that swamp hospitals all at once, resulting in a virtual healthcare disaster where decisions have to be made on who gets care and who doesn’t. Italy’s situation is the steep curve on the chart above. We. Don’t. Want. That. Here.

I explained to a fellow online yesterday in no uncertain terms how it quickly can go from fine to unmanageable overnight using our local healthcare as an example.

Our local hospital is routinely at or over 100% capacity at the best of times. If even 20 critical patients requiring special care like ventilation showed up within a short time, it would be a problem.

If more kept coming as days moved on, it’s not hard to envision the result. Not enough ventilators, not enough anesthesiologists, not enough doctors, not enough anything.

Now, some selfish people *still* might think: “Well that doesn’t impact me!!” ….until they end up in a car accident and need care and can’t get it, or their spouse has a heart attack or their kid breaks a leg badly while skiing…you get the idea. We need to make sure hospitals keep functioning for everyone. Don’t clog the ER with minor issues. (You shouldnt anyways)

If we flatten the curve, aka, make sure we slow the progress of this virus so a spike of patients doesnt overwhelm our hospitals at once, nurses and doctors can treat *everyone* with the best care.  And we can avoid what is happening in Italy. I don’t believe anyone wants to see this. Slow the spread of cases and flatten the curve. Slower is better.

These small actions by all of us, have big impact and are the heart of what makes a community work in any situation.

We all need to step up at different times, and that time is now. We need to protect our elders and those who are at risk for more severe cases and YOU can do that by doing the suggestions on the list above that you are able to, depending on where you are. So far urban areas are seeing more cases than rural areas, but DO NOT assume that means it isn’t there already.

In the midst of thinking about what you can do personally, it’s also really important to ensure that if you know any elders  who may not have resources or support like family close by, that you *call* and make sure they have food or medication. (Take precautions by leaving it outside the door, even if you feel fine. You may have it, and not have symptoms yet or at all )

The same goes for checking in with those who disabilities, mobility issues or may have anxiety…anything that may be preventing then from going out to get what they need. A lot of people might just need some reassurance that someone is looking out for them, and does care. A call can do wonders.

The vast majority of us will be just fine, and thankfully kids and teens don’t seem to be impacted. Life and business must carry on, but with proper precautions. I’m glad to see so many organizations cancel events and so many large companies telling employees to work from home where they can. I also encourage all employers to be understanding and not punitive. This isn’t something anyone can plan for, and businesses who make it easy for employees to be absent if sick, will be appreciated.


So please, do your part to #FlattenTheCurve and #StayTheFuckHome, or practice other social distancing to keep all our mums and dads, grandpas and grandmas, aunties and uncles and all those with high risk conditions

​Speak to someone:

Novel coronavirus information: 

Health information 8-1-1

** these numbers are VERY busy.  Please see the BC Center for Disease Control link above  for information on what to do if you have symptoms and may have been exposed.

** updates in the comments as I see them

21 thoughts on “Please do your part to #FlattenTheCurve and #StayTheFuckHome

  1. Perhaps point 13 on the German fellow’s list could read something to the effect of:
    Pay close attention to the salient information provided by highly knowledgeable, qualified health professionals who are experienced in safeguarding the populace.
    Place NO credence in the ravings of maniacal, uninformed, ignorant narcissists.

    I believe BC Chief Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry is doing an extraordinary job in keeping British Columbians fully informed on the very latest on the virus, and is doing so while maintaining a remarkable air of calmness over the province.
    Cudos to her.


    1. I think shes done excellent so far too. And I couldn’t imagine anyone but Dix handling this situation.

      You have read here long enough to know my credibility in sharing info.

      I’m sure this fellow doesnt know or care what Bonnie Henry is doing or not doing.

      Europe just saw Italy go down the tubes and I applaud his bold effort.

      Hes making a point to the many people not listening to authorities,the ones not caring, the ones complaining loudly and continuing on as if because they wont get critically sick or die, they are exempt from being responsible for doing their part in slowing the spread.

      Or maybe you have missed the disgusting amount of people on Facebook groups and news comments saying the province is making a big deal out of nothing and complaining about cancellations and restrictions and closures

      His info is accurate.

      He has citations to the latest World Health Organization published information and the latest studies from prestigious and renowned research facilities for every statistic he presents. These are published studies.

      His points are everything that’s on the BC Centre for Disease Control site and what has been advised in the news daily as proper social distancing.

      Hes urging people to listen and act and not wait until it’s too late and put it all on one easy to read, attention getting page.

      And considering how much things changed from yesterday to today, its prudent.
      Yesterday we were told large events were fine, today they were cancelled and large events banned.

      You might not like how he says it, and clearly his statement on government hesitency got your back up, but hes saying the same things we are being told by Bonnie Henry and health professionals I also linked to at the bottom.

      Frankly it’s the fastest, most accurate one page summary of what we need to do and why I have seen. I’m not sure why you are complaining.


  2. The Comox Valley is at least lucky they have an empty hospital which could be re activated if necessary. Most towns don’t have that.

    This is also a good example of why hospitals should not be decided upon by politicians. Most of us knew the hospital was in the wrong place, the wrong size, the wrong parking lot, no helicopter pad, and a P3. made Christy’s day though. the hospitals are not going to be clean. they haven’t been since the day Gordon Campbell fired all the hospital cleaners and contracted cleaning out. going in and out of hospitals for the past few years, I’ve noticed cleaners are frequently tired. Many of them are working two jobs to make ends meet.

    Dix and Henry are doing a first rate job. We’re lucky to have them. Watching them keeps me calm and focused.

    Stay the fuck home works for me and since the day they announced we have a case of CO VID 19 on the Island, I’ve adhered to the protocols for keeping things clean. Wash the hands, don’t touch the face, stay out of crowded places, etc.

    Empty Wheel has a great post up by Quinn Norton, about CO VID 19. Q & A. Its sarcastic and funny. Americans though have a whole lot of more problems than we Canadians do.

    Italy is lucky China is selling them a lot of equipment they don’t need any more.

    Going window shopping is no longer a sport. Get your groceries in one go for two weeks. Back in the 1950s a lot of people did that. For those of us who are retired try to do your shopping at non peak hours so it lessens the people in the shops.

    Any where there is a an ATM would the banks and shops put out some hand sanitizer. For crying out loud you make enough of a profit, you can afford it.

    When you go out and grocery shop would you please all leave a $2 donation at the till. A lot of people are going to need help.


    1. Bravax that’s the spirit!!

      My sentiment exactly. I have always budgeted and shopped for two weeks at a time because thats what keeps costs down. Buying bulk, portioning meals and freezing is what I do and rarely have to go back in between shopping trips. ( I dont know how people afford to buy every day, small portions are more per lb. than big ones.)

      Anyways good ideas and I will check out the post you refer to.

      I’m just so angry over all stupid comments and selfishness I’ve seen online lately. Proactive and aggressive social isolation works. See Singapore as an example.

      Be well ok, Eaf?


  3. Good Laila, you moved fast on this. The first paragraph about government failings is what stands out.

    I believe slow reactions, public appeasement policies, and governments urge to stabilize the economy is true. I believe a new psychology is present and used by government leaders federally, and provincially. Health officials are I believe telling the general public even to this very day to make their own choices about travel but have to qaurantine for two weeks after. Why not just stop that general public travel. Buck passing to the public when the tough calls should have been made by the government and the heath authorities. It’s just insane. Limits to gathering and events and so on to be no greater than 250 people. On what basis is that founded. Balance the only answer. Holy shit. Why not stop that for awhile or greatly reduce that number, or not at all. Why not mainstream public travel across the border and even limit it across Canada. Why were public schools not shut down a week or two before, instead of waiting for spring break. Instead some school leaders made those smart decisions. The Fiddle head Feds could have had the mechanics for financial assistance ready to go for working parents, daycares and other assisters and help. But NO!! They waffled and fiddled and procrastinated and as it was stated. Slow to react.

    This thing has been firing pretty well on all cylinders for awhile now. Or pretty darn close. Governments, especially the federal government are steps behind now because of their gross stupidity and indecisiveness to not make faster and tougher decisions. We can only hope for the virus to fizzle fast with the help of our small and temporary sacrifices. Don’t wait for the fiddling heads in government house to get things even close to right.

    The so called “LEADERS” handling of this crisis, and yes it is a crisis, is representative of the opening intro paragraph of the staythefuckhome movement regarding appeasement, slow to react, and trying to balance economics. The virus and nature doesn’t give a rats ass about any of our concerns or standing in the pecking order of life. Even some media seems to not even grasp that.
    It,s quite simple in it’s most rudimentary and realistic scientific term.
    Government officials are at play with the new psychology or in plain terms, masterful bullshit policies of appeasement to give the illusion that they’re on top of things. I believe the provincial and federal health officers in charge as much as they may be good people themselves, are doing what they must do, but not all of their own independence. The political baseball bat is at their back. Politics anyone.

    Oh well, we can only keep going forward now. We’re humans. Resilient beings with just as much earned right to be here just as the microscopic beings are. It,s just that we have to fight for our places once in awhile. Anyways enough. I’ve expended my power pack for the night. Sleepy time.


    1. There is a fine line between caution and panic, and it’s hard for most elected officials to walk because of the consequences.

      I think it was hard for anyone to relate to what was going on in Wuhan initially and then China broadly, and for many it didnt register as something that could happen here.

      Even when Italy first started getting cases, it didn’t register here. Then our cases appeared. Then Italy spiked fast and hard and is still in the thick of it.
      This is where this German fellow saw the hesitancy and I agree. You can’t wait until there are many cases to act, you must socially distance and isolate before those cases multiply. You cannot stop a tsunami once it is coming.
      I dont know why we havent stopped border traffic. They announced that any Canadians who travel abroad must self isolate for 14 days when they come home yet we are freely allowing everyone else from everywhere in without restrictions. Doesnt make sense. For goodness sake Trudeaus wife came in with it from the UK. How many more have or are coming without showing symptoms?

      Flatten the curve and do it now.


  4. Clarification needed Laila.
    My reference to “maniacal ravings of…narcissists was aimed at the occupant of a large white structure in the U.S. capital.


  5. Here’s a new one to add to the FLATTENTHECURVE and STAYTHEFUCKHOME list. Stay the F..K out of the casino’s. It’s crazy that those slithering sl;imy hypocrite politicians are allowing them to stay open when some easily reach over 250. Oh they’re all concerned about protecting the public, but it when comes to protecting the cash cow, well then public health move over. The urge to keep money flowing is understandable, but not when public health is of utmost serious concern. The stuff I know now after checking into things, brought me to say, holy crap, and WTF and angered me enough to comment on this. This is why i don’t ever let my guard up and get to close and cozy to politicians. Distance keeps my eyes open. They are really open now. Nothing is expected to be perfect, but this screwed. And of course yes definitely we all need to use our own judgement and smarts to help flatten that curve. The casino thing and other stuff is definitely a topic in my family and friends. We are all converging and helping to flatten the curve. We lose trust pretty fast from a government when they pull this shit. But what’s new. I wouldn’t want to have Bonnie Henry’s job or the Federal health officials job. I couldn’t hold myself around the politicians pulling strings in the background. Must kind of been like what Jody Wilson Raybould went through, but thankfully she said in not so many words, Go f..k yourselves to the greasy politicians. Anyways we are, our own advocates.


  6. Kennylad, For government officials to say No to everything carries a huge risk, not just to their political careers, but to public confidence if they do it too soon. People will ignore them. then what do you do? It is better to bring the public a long and that is what we have done in B.C.

    China’s government can do what it wants, its a dictatorship.
    Italy has finally shut down the country, but Italy also has a social system. It was also able to tell their banks they can’t collect on mortgages. People will be more willing to stay home if that is the case. Try that in the U.S.A. American bankers are most likely to be thinking about making a fortune on defaulted mortgages if people can’t work and pay.
    Canada has used its E.I. program to ensure people have some money but before they can go to that plan they do need to know the virus was moving forward.

    You can’t enforce closing borders, businesses, etc. unless the public is going to go along with it. When organizations and the public start making their own decisions its easier for the government to run things.

    It isn’t just he government which has to do its job, its citizens who have to figure things out also. We are adults and we need to take responsibility

    Not all provinces more at the same pace. If the feds get too far out front, they will be having difficulty with the various provinces. The feds also need to know how the various provinces are going to react. We still have a couple of dinasors. Kenny in Alberta has started a war with the doctors and nurses. Ford is still insisting they implement the law requiring people going off on sick leave need to provide their employers with medical certificates. or they could loose their jobs. Now in the middle of a pandemic we have this over weight idiot wanting to burden doctors and cram their offices so people can get medical certificates in the middle of an pandemic. Just think about it. So yes the feds have to move a pass which will not go past what is acceptable in the country. No on is stopping any one from staying home.


    1. I get what you say, just as I did state about personal responsibility in my comment also. Maybe you missed that. Canada is Canada and America is America. But anyways I see it also, as dangerous politics too and for politicians, because they know lots of people are so into it and even addicted to it, and they know it, and rely on that, and take advantage of that, and that to my thinking stinks because it still puts society at higher risk. That can also come back on them hard if things get out of hand. I pray not. There’s no way around it. But thanks e.a.f. I do hear what you’re saying and respect that too.


  7. That didn’t take long. Whole wack of casino’s closed. Good. Hopefully the workers are taken care of fast with UI benefits. But we’ll see if the other casinos have the moral compass to do the same on their own like the ones who finally got the picture figured out. It sure doesn’t make the health authorities look to good. Not at all. It makes it look like the political masters were pulling the final strings and the head health leaders have political strings attached. That’s the picture I get. Pretty bad.


    1. With two family members laid off now due to Covid 19 – they don’t have it, one company closed down, the other has lack of work because of it- one issue government needs to address is the 28 day processing time.

      Not many can wait 28 days for a payment.

      With such massive closures govt needs to consider issuing payments to everyone under a certain income level so the entire province doesnt collapse economically. We have Loggers who have been out of work already for nearly a year, forestry shut down, starving students, families living paycheque to paycheque.

      At some point they need to consider enacting the same as Italy has done and allow no rent, mortgage or bill payments for 2 months.

      Small businesses will be especially hurt.


  8. Yes the old slow moving government, they can get through all the hoops lickety split for getting people on payments. It’s quite easy if they want too if they get their heads out of their ingrained beauracratically red taped ass and just do it. After all we live the age of great technology. Keep kicking ass Laila.


    1. Always 👊🏼

      I will have a new blog later on today. And may start a blog diary to chronicle this all too.

      Of all the things in life I could have imagined, this was not on the list….🤨


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