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Covid-19:dont let hindsight be the most astute advisor. Measures we need to keep our communities safe and operational.

QThe photo above is taken from the Washington Post today.

It shows the obituaries section of a community paper in the northern province of Bergamo in Italy, where obituaries normally take up 2 or 3 pages. In recent days, there have been 10 or 11 pages. The measures we have and are taking in BC and elsewhere are so things like that, don’t happen here.

Like all of you, I have been watching things develop since day 1. But the mention of this dental conference in yesterdays press conference caught my eye for several reasons.

At that point officials knew the virus was here due to international travellers.
The dental conference in Vancouver took place the weekend of March 6th and has resulted in several cases across Canada from a single, 2 hour visit of an infected person.
Also on March 6th, BC unveiled their plan for pandemic preparation. At that time officials said it was low risk and did not see the need to cancel the Rugby Canada Sevens. In the presser after, Horgan said people should still go and enjoy events as long as they did not feel sick or showed any signs of illness, but be cautious, and wash their hands.
3 days later, March 9th, I posted a study sent by a friend who is in medical research that was beginning to make news in Germany ,which stated the virus was most virulent under their observations, in the 5 days before symptoms when people are still going around doing their business. This is the actual study. While very small, the implications are significant.
The World Health Organization declared a pandemic on March 10th and stated they were “deeply concerned by alarming levels of inaction” taken by governments around the world, and stressed the need to take immediate and aggressive measures.
On March 12th, considering what was developing in Washington state and the rest of the US, and still not seeing the more aggressive actions urged by the WHO happening in Canada,  I wrote another post referring to a similarly frustrated German residents post, urging people to #flattenthecurve and #staythefuckhome. 
Yesterday we had two major press conferences, one from Trudeau and one from BC officials. We are now seeing the curve we are trying to flatten, beginning to spike, and Trudeau announced a travel ban and border closure that doesn’t protect us to the biggest threat of new cases, entering from non commercial traffic from the US.
Thankfully Adrian Dix immediately negated this and said it was wrong, asking Americans not to come to BC. ( Brava Adrian, your quiet strength is both reassuring and admirable ) Thankfully, looking at border cameras this morning in BC, it appears people are listening in the US, as there is little traffic at BC border crossings.
Based on science and evidence presented  that this does transmit before symptoms appear, and by the actions taken by other jurisdictions that are keeping their cases under control, like Singapore, we as individuals must continue to make the choices we need to make, to stop or slow the spread of this virus by our own actions.
I am apt to say we may have missed the biggest chance to flatten the curve, which makes it very important that everyone needs to work hard right now to slow this down.
Practice social distancing and *do not go out if you are feeling at all sick.*
Most people who get this aren’t showing symptoms or are having very minor symptoms like Trudeaus wife, and children are still largely un-affected.
But we do need to stop the spread to protect our elders and all those who are vulnerable. Many people are doing an excellent job of social distancing already.
But taking these important actions is already having a massive impact on everyone financially and with stress.
This is a list of measures I hope to see from the federal and provincial governments asap.
I, like many are seeing the impacts these measures are having on families and friends. I  have two relatives laid off right now because of Covid-19, and many friends. All are worried about making rent or mortgage payments.
Government has to find a way to keep things afloat because the cost of living has been so unaffordable for so long, no one has any savings.
What Government can do
1) Top up the Child Tax Benefit cheques going out Friday significantly for the next 3 months minimum. Those who qualify to get them, have low to moderate incomes and rely on them most for rent, mortgage and food. Hoarding is an issue in every community including my own and getting enough groceries for a 2 week self isolation or longer, is not an option. People will starve.
2) Top up disability and social assistance payments for the next 3 months minimum. Again, many are limited to where they can buy food because of no vehicles or disability. They can’t stock up for a 2 week self isolation because they are already living in poverty. People will starve.
2) Ensure that not only is the one week waiting period waived for EI benefits waived, the processing time is too. Just approve the damn claims and pay out.
3)  Work with banks and credit unions to legislate a no penalty halt to rent and mortgage payments for 2 months at this point for everyone on EI.
4) Provide a  free call in line or registry of mental health professionals like counsellors, psychiatrists etc for people to call throughout this challenging time. I urge all mental health professionals who are able to, to volunteer services in their communities where they can, to help people who are experiencing extreme stress and anxiety right now. I see a need among my own friends, many of whom don’t want to add more stress to their own spouses, and others who really have no one to talk to. ( I wont get into how this should already be a BC medical covered service….)
What corporate Canada can do.
1) Grocery stores are starting to offer early openings and specific times for seniors and those with disabilities to shop. Well done. Now ensure that every single staple product has a limit that would allow a person to have some extra, but not enough to allow hoarding.
2) Utility, cable and telephone providers would be prudent to defer payments with no penalty or interest charged. Reduce pricing.
3) Every corporation should be immediately cutting cheques to food banks in their communities, many of which are now on a 1 day supply or less, and places like Kraft Canada, Presidents Choice, Quaker, etc etc need to be sending pallets of staples to local food banks. 
 Here in the Comox Valley I was just advised they have about a day left, because no one is leaving donations at the grocery store donation bins, and the stores dont have enough stock of staples to keep things going. Its appalling how people have acted in hoarding food.
What those who are wealthy can do. 
Donate, donate, donate. To food banks. To social service organizations who help feed the homeless, to groups that serve seniors, to breakfast clubs.
So many people are clueless as to how many people rely on school breakfast programs.And many also arent aware that teachers and counsellors usually keep extra food on hand for kids who need it.
Its a hardship on spring breaks and holidays at the best of times for parents to make up the difference and now its even worse because, again, hoarders who are prepping like grocery production has come to an end. I can guarantee you that right now, somewhere close to you, there are hungry little bellies and a stressed out parent crying into  his or her hands in the bathroom trying to figure out what to do when the food bank runs low.
Other actions to consider 
For those who are able to, support your local farmers right now.  Support your local small businesses who are the heart of every community. Buy a gift card or gift certificate. Call to arrange a time to shop. Every dollar in their pocket counts right now as we navigate through these closures.
Ok, if I forgot anything please add to the comments below.  I will post again later on, with a lighter note to distract and maybe a story or two. Get outside if you can, and enjoy the sun, just not in a crowd. We got this.
*** update.
Came home from a nature walk to see this. Public Health Emergency declared.
#staythefuckhome #flattenthecurve


  1. Given this is the first time out, for a pandemic, for most of our politicians, I’d suggest they are doing a decent job. Hind sight is 20/20 vision, of course and arm chair work is also ways so much easier.

    The government has waved the waiting period for E.I. however, it is going to take time to process those claims. They can’t conjure up staff out of no where.

    Many will not be able to qualify for E.I. and those who have been laid off or can’t work will need financial support. That can come via federal programs such as you note, increases to child benefits.

    In Italy the government has suspended mortgage payments. Our government can do the same. The provincial government is looking at having eviction notices not implemented during this time period and the minister responsible is working on it.

    If people cant’ afford their hydro bill they simply ought to have it put off. same can be done for gas bills for heating.

    the federal government has lowered interest rates. what would be a hell of a help to small business and individuals is if credit cards reduced the interest rates. Don’t expect the banks to do it, but it would be a great help to many and the government could order it.

    Provinces could amend their criteria for social assistance so those who don’t qualify for E. I. could be given something equivalent to E. I. People are going to need money to eat and buy the basics.

    Many landlords are people who are renting out apartments in their homes. Like so many houses in Nanaimo, they all have suites. Without them many could not afford their homes. Same for many small apartment buildings. Tenants not paying rent will cause owners to default on their mortgages.

    During this time Many will be looking for government assistance. the government has only so much money and some are going to fall through the cracks. there is no way around that.

    What is quite funny is organizations which once were wanting tax cuts, cuts to welfare, cuts to this and that and advocated for smaller government now all of sudden want big government every where to save their businesses. Can not remember seeing Chambers of commerce and business associations advocating for the homeless, more meals for hungry kids or higher welfare rates. It was all about lower taxes, smaller government, fewer government workers Now business want the government to bail them out. Where were those businesses when Gordon Campbell fired 9 thousand hospital workers, the largest mass firing of women in Canadian history? Mostly cheering because el gordo promised them lower taxes.

    Many of the homeless became that way because they did not have sufficient funds to pay rent when they became ill or laid off. Now some will know what it feels like to be faced with loosing everything. So after the government bails out a lot of businesses don’t begrudge others a roof over their heads or enough money via a higher min. wage or welfare rates so their kids can eat.

    What goes around comes around.


    • The feds announced their package and while it is a start, it does not solve the most pressing problem for those laid off or let go forever due to businesses being temporarily closed and in some cases already, closing forever.

      All of these efforts will take weeks to implement and ei takes 28 days if not longer to get processed at the best of times, hopefully they just automatically approve claims coming in.
      The banks have announced they will defer, on a case by case basis, mortgages for up to 6 months and relief on other products. It’s not mandated by govt nor is there any guarantee they will approve everyone who goes in.

      What I would have liked to have seen is a government mandated 6 month relief for mortgages for both residential and commercial owners, in conjunction with a 6 month relief on rent payments for renters.

      This would put cash in renters pockets immediately, and landlords wouldnt have to worry about mortgage payments.

      Theres nothing announced by anyone so far to help renters in housing markets where ei payments are not going to allow many to make their upcoming rents on the 1st.


    • Also excellent comment. I have enjoyed seeing the right wing having a sudden reality check that socialist progressive policies and taxation actually help people when things get tough.

      Funny how it takes a crisis to get some people to see the light.


      • Oh boy.

        The fine details make this a big f*cking bureaucratic fail.

        If you are low income and didnt file taxes last year for whatever reason( and many people don’t even though it would help them get funds like gst cheques) you wont get emerg funds distributed through gst rebate entitlement. And the emerg funds are not sent out or deposited until May.

        Online filing is your best option to file 2018 and 2019 taxes quickly, but if you dont have a credit card to pay for online filing, good luck with that.

        Child tax benefit top up wont happen until the end of May cheque, a full 2 months from now.

        This is what happens when you have politicians who have never struggled in poverty making emergency policy.

        There are some online filing places that offer free tax filing for low income, but you need to be registered to net file to file online, otherwise you have to print and mail it in, which will take a long time right now.


    • We gotta take care of everyone.

      And a big hands up to all the service workers right now dealing with the public right now !!!

      Janitors, cleaners, cashiers, stickers, etc. You are all amazing. Never look down on anyone in any position in life. Treat everyone with respect because these people we all count on are putting themselves at risk to keep people fed and healthy with supplies and clean spaces.

      That is where all the Brava! Should go. 🙂


  2. The BC Government ,namely Adrian Dix gave a blasting to the reckless slow moving fiddler Trudeau for not banning travel across the US Border. Good on him. Trudeau is an indecisive fence sitter and hypocrite. Telling the Canadian people about concern for the safety of the Canadian’s while not breaking the chain and flattening the curve earlier. But anyways now it’s closing for non-essential travel this morning. GOOD FOR YOU DIX for kicking the slow to react in Ottawa. I know it’s to late now but I’m done with Trudeau come next election. Sooner the better. There just has to be something much better. Or not. Probably not.


    • That’s my concern with this stimulus and assistance package.
      Based on growing cases and what’s happened overseas, he should have just done what I just suggested to Eaf, and mandated 6 month mortgage relief and 6 month rent relief, thereby helping both renters and landlords at the same time, and putting money in everyones pockets by the end of month because no rent or mortgage would be due. Boom. One and done instead of this piecemeal, trickle out business which takes so long to enact.


    • Farnworth has an announcement today. Hopefully that will put an end to this disgusting behavior.

      And it’s happening in every social category from the racist rednecks here in the valley to the entitled wealthier moms. Shameful. Everyone thinking for themselves and not the person beside them who’s not going to push people out of the way to get things

      I have zero tolerance for this kind of anti social behavior. I’m actually worried how I will react if I see this when I do my shopping. I may have an issue stopping my mouth from speaking my mind. 😤


    • Closing the border with the U.S.A. is a fine dance. It needs the cooperation of the U.S.A. and that means talking to some one responsible. That doesn’t happen over night. Some obviously don’t have a clue about how governments work and how the game is played. Its fine to call for the government to do this, do that, but do any of you know how long it takes to get some of these things done. You don’t just make an announcement. there is a process. In the case of the border closing between and Canada was most likely going to take 24 to 48 hr. and letting Trump make the announcement would be critical. It has now been closed, which I expect would happen after Trudeau’s presser yesterday. It would have been dumb to just announce the border closed without consultation.

      its always fun to be the arm chair quarter back, its just so easy. We will see all sorts of people on t.v. complaining about the lack of testing, the lack of care for their parental units in the senior care centers, etc. well get a grip. Your family isn’t the only one in this. The government is going to do what is right for the greatest number of people. If people are so concerned about their parents, take them out of the care homes and look after them at your own home. Oh, that won’t work, you’re too busy, etc. well so is the care home. Your parents aren’t the only ones there and the staff are getting sick also and have families to look after also. Many of you didn’t care these care workers were making not much more than min. wage so why should they care are abut you or your aging parents before themselves and their families. they have their own worries.


    • Welcome to the new age of me, me, and more me. Remember that line, greed is good. well its alive and well. You never know your family until the will is read. In the wider world its, you never know the people in your community until the shit really hits the fan.

      There is nothing the government could do until announcements are made by the right branches of government and that is a process. That has now been done. Chief medical officers can now have the use of the police to back up their instructions.

      It might have been better had stores put up notices that they were restricting the amount people could buy, but what were they to do if people refused to comply with the requests?

      Many of those purchasing large lots were purchasing for resale. Some of them were purchases for friends and family.

      There IS ALSO going to be price gouging. If you notice it you might want to notify the regional chief medical officer. they now have new authority. On the other hand approaching the shop owner might be an idea also


  3. We have to think outside the box on this one. Please write your MLA, Adrian Dix, the Premiers’ office and tell them to introduce the STAL Shield to the healthcare system. It is a new, unique and highly effective – up to 99.5% – at-source shield which blocks the spread of contamination from at least 8 Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures which are known to disseminate pathogens including Covid-19. This is not a hoax or spam. It is something I invented for the h1N1, made here in B.C. and it works. . We need to stop doing more of what isn’t working and think outside the conventional boxes. Now Thank you.


    • None of us have the medical knowledge to know whether your product works or has been tested specifically with Covid 19, so asking people to call and advocate is entirely inappropriate.

      Your best and *only* avenue should be to contact health authorities knowledgable in such matters, and specifically in charge of ordering supplies.


  4. A couple of observations today, as I carefully went about some needed chores, outside the home.

    Twice in an hour, in two different retail areas, I witnessed shopper anger over very, very insignificant issues. Issues that no one was responsible for, yet the front line employees were subjected to abuse.

    I’m fearful, as time goes on we will see more of this along with an escalation in domestic violence and even suicides.

    The other observation was, a company operating in the tourism sector, had customers jammed together cheek to jowl. I wondered a) why they allowed it and b) why the customers went along with it.

    More importantly to me though, was the realization I had no one to report this to, short of emailing Dr. Bonnie Henry, which I did with a picture backup.

    Looking after ourselves and caring for others should be at the same level of priority.
    Check on your neighbours and please, take something to the food bank.


    • Agreed with all of this. Some are NOT getting the clue of how serious this is. At all.

      I’ve been disheartened, stunned and appalled at some of the behavior I have seen since this started. A crisis certainly does reveal the true character of people. And I think you are sadly correct that we will see a side spectrum of violence, theft, suicides, which is why in my list above, I included mental health supports.

      Another realization is that we are fucked if and when a major earthquake happens. People cant handle a virus without hoarding and falling apart, imagine what would happen if we lost major infrastructure, had no power or water?

      On the upside, we inherently are wired for resilience,adaptation. Those among us who havent forgotten how, will guide those who have or werent taught.

      Sharing online ideas like how to grow food on your tiny balcony or front step. How to cook simple meals that go a long way. How to learn that self isolation does not mean being a hermit and disengaging.

      We do need to reach out in particular because many arent comfortable being alone or not busy, because then they have to face the things they usually avoid.

      I have a post coming on that soon.


  5. In the early 1980s it hit me, we were in an earthquake zone and it might be a good idea to be ready for one. Since then, have had approx. a months worth of food in the house and always knew how to access the hot water tank from the outside of the house. that axe under the car seat is there for a reason. You can get to your hot water tank and have enough clean water for awhile.
    It hasn’t taken much to top up the stash, just a few extra bags of frozen fruit and 4 quarts of creamo to freeze. I’m not going through any emergency, etc without coffee, honey, and creamo.


    • Omgosh! I just saw someone post on FB that there was a big earthquake in Utah and another just now in California!! 😳😳

      No earthquakes now please. I think the world has enough to deal with right now.

      I have to brave the grocery store to do my regular 2 week shopping again ( I have always shopped for 2 weeks at a time so was very lucky to have just done a shop when this all really went south)

      I cant live without coffee. Hot, dark and sweet.

      And those little sours that you buy in bulk. Maybe some canned sprats too. Mmm


      • I would suggest you not purchase goods in bulk where others can stick their hands in the barrel. if its a gravity feed system you may be O.K. Over at Empty Wheel, which usually reports on American politics, all things Mueller and the trials which emanated from that and the impeachment has been posting on COVID 19. Some of the suggestions are good. it also details the difficulty some have had obtaining tests in the U.S.A.

        California Gov. Newsom has reported the L.A. garment district is making masks, not enough for health care professionals.

        It another relatively sunny day, so we might as well enjoy it. go for a walk, keep you distance, and wash your hands AND BE NICE.

        thank you for putting up these posts. It helps.


        • Trust me I did my shopping cautiously this morning, passing on deli sliced meats( bought a small whole ham and will slice myself for sandwiches) and did avoid bulk. When I say buy in bulk, I mean large quantities,the divide and seperate it. A freezer is such a godsend always, but especially now, I couldn’t live without it.

          Now to wipe it all before I put it away. Hopefully I avoided any virus, not many people and everyone stayed apart properly.

          It was super hard to hug the one cashier I know well, who told me how hard its been since all this hoarding started. People have been terrible and she looks traumatized. I so wanted to give her a hug and then almost cried because it was such a strong feeling of connection that I could not physically do 😥

          Thanks for coming eaf. It helps me too, being here with all of you.


  6. May I suggest that North Americans have been so fortunate to live where they live and have the opportunities they have that many totally take it for granted and, in fact, expect to have what they want, when they want it.
    Entitled? Self-absorbed? Greedy? Yes.
    The hoarding antics make one want to vomit. The “I’m gonna get all I can and too bad for you sucker” mentality is disgusting and disappointing.
    There are people who are earnestly trying to do what they can to help slow the growth of this crisis. And then there are the fools, the ones who claim it’s nothing, no big deal, you’re blowing it all out of proportion.
    I don’t think anyone has a clue about what “privileged” North American is about to get shit-kicked by. Well that might be incorrect; I think Mr Dix & Dr Henry have a pretty good inkling.


    • I agree. I found it refreshing to see an Island Health official on Chek news last night actually say on TV that it will take 4-6 months for this to move through our communities.

      Not one other person or newscast I have seen in BC has said that. And people need to prepare for that possibility. There is a good reason the banks are offering mortgage deferrals for affected customers for 6 months. They didnt pick that number out of thin air.

      I’m reading estimates online more in the range of 18 months. There will be initial suppression, a period of nothing and then another wave..and maybe another. Often the second cycle hits harder. Until we have a vaccine or cure, this is reality. Or at least the reality I am mentally prepared for.


    • “Entitled? Self-absorbed?”
      Yes Luigi (it’s good to see you) it is a fools paradise.

      The father who expected to be treated, literally, different than everyone else. His wasting of multi medic’s time is no better than your average TP hoarder.

      Why do these people make bad choice one, followed by bad choice two, by putting their dumb asses in the media?

      And yes, Laila, I agree with the reality put forth by the official telling it like it is. There is nothing to say it will go away soon, won’t double daily, or come back for seconds.


  7. Laila,

    As you point out if this is how governments respond to a virus outbreak what would they do during a 9.0 Cascadia quake and tsunami? Schedule more meetings to arrange more meetings?

    Or? Why not put our military – or even the reserves – on standby alert? For what? It would look something like this..

    “We are not adequately armed. We need beds. We need hospitals. We need ventilators. But the usefulness of those additions hinges on a critical group: our healthcare workers. ”
    “The coronavirus is likely to present a year-long war of attrition. While our medical professionals are putting out heroic efforts, no one can work around the clock indefinitely. Doctors, nurses, technicians, support staff and even hospital janitors are highly vulnerable to this virus and will become exhausted and sick right when they’re needed most.”

    “Fortunately, we’re not the first to face the failure of our healthcare system at the hands of this virus. Wuhan, China, provides the best example of an aggressive, coordinated, and effective response to successfully stymie the spread of the virus once it has infected tens of thousands. We should learn from the Wuhan experience.”

    “Realizing the imminent collapse of their medical resources in Wuhan, the Chinese government shuttled thousands of domestic and military medical staff from around the country to assist. They also retrained locals – including receptionists and highway workers – to serve in medical assistant roles. China accomplished this because they could immediately command the services of tens of thousands of workers.”

    Given the dithering and embarrassing we’re-not-quite-there-yet stalling by all levels of government what we’re seeing is a slow motion game of Wuhan Roulette.

    As e.a.f. points out “.. but do any of you know how long it takes to get some of these things done. You don’t just make an announcement. there is a process.”

    As you point out – “This is what happens when you have politicians who have never struggled in poverty making emergency policy.”

    Our ever immune-from-reality bureaucracies, their ice age “processes”and the pols who manage them? How could they not fail?

    Decade after decade our bureaucracies, whether private or public, demonstrate that they are not meant to think quickly, plan in sufficient depth, or implement action plans with as much urgency as needed to avoid panic. Not now, not in 1987, 2008, 1929.

    Remembering how “mathematically impossible” the Fukushima`s disaster was, what made Wuhan Roulette inevitable is a global C.Y,A. bureaucratic policy solution. By selecting what suits bureaucratic policy in advance then declaring this is the best evidence available [as in the Muskrat Falls debacle] you can justify blatant refusal to consider downsides. Ignore downsides promote a rosy cost wonderland and bingo. No matter what the final tally might be in this zero-sum game the idea of “acceptable cost \ acceptable risk” will be employed to approve dithering “it`s not yet the right time to act or reconsider!” and waste, like subsidizing fossil fuel and LNG projects, while downsizing crucial essential services.


    • My theory is that sometimes you only get one chance to get things right and this is one of those times.

      I would rather look back and say “People thought we were crazy and overreacting, but it worked and fewer got sick or died”, than have to sit down and write a “Lessons learned from Covid-19” report so that no one makes the same mistakes again.


      • A sobering read.

        Dr. Kenyon occasionally will run a thought experiment in his mind: Nanaimo, a mid-size city on the east coast of the island, is home to roughly 90,000 people. Taking a conservative estimate, say only 25 per cent of those get infected with the virus. That’s 22,500 people. And then say 4 per cent of those people – the figure most often used – require intensive care. That’s 900 people. And most, if not all, will require a ventilator machine.

        And most people needing ventilation with COVID-19 generally require it for three weeks.

        “What am I going to do with 14 ventilators?” Dr. Kenyon said in an interview. “I can tell you what I’m going to do: I’m going to do what they’re doing in Italy and I’m going to take 70-year-olds off the ventilator, and then 60-year-olds off the ventilator and eventually 50-year-olds off the ventilator, and I’m going to give them to 30-year olds with three kids.”


        • Sobering indeed Laila and still shocking, so many just don’t get it.

          I live in Sidney; population just under 12,000, so smaller than Comox and about the same size as Parksville.

          What sets us apart from any other community in Canada is, we have the oldest median age and largest scooter collection, in the country. Many retirees and frequent fliers. Almost all, regularly walk and hang out in the town. I’d wager most of us cross paths, somewhere, at least weekly.

          So, I’m very dispirited that, in the past 24 hours (Mar 19-20) I have encountered a couple and two single ladies, who have just returned from the Philippines, South America and the Caribbean respectively. Not one of them feels the need to self-isolate because, “I am fine, I didn’t hear of any cases where I was, I’m sure I don’t have it…bla bla bla.”

          When called on it, they all have been indignant they are being questioned.

          What the hell is wrong with people?


  8. I would imagine many day cares would be on the list of shutdowns. And they have a say also as to what they need to do. Financial aid is being implemented. I do understand the problems of initiating a shutdown, but this situation has not been addressed fast enough. Where has Government and Bonnie been on this. Wow no flattening the curve there earlier. No link in the chain being broken while the virus gets ahead. They are keeping the danger higher by attacking this problem in parts especially when some of the parts are huge for transmission. I feel sorry for the Health officials though playing the balancing act with the political strings controlling. As I’ve said before I just don’t give in and let my guard down to much by going to far with the hand clapping and goo gooing over leadership. A little bit sometimes but not over done. It’s blinds one’s objective sight.


  9. Set aside whose flag is being raised. Politicans worldwide are not doing the heavy lifting.

    In Vancouver The Breaker News reports the following…

    “Vancouver city hall finances are in freefall because of the coronavirus crisis, but they pushed the “UP” button at 12th and Cambie on a plan to revamp Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s private elevator.”

    “Plans to carry on with tendering came the same day that city council declared a state of emergency, amid rampant fear of both the disease and economic ruin.”



    • I told everyone he was no different from Gregor but as usual, was pooh-poohed and told to hush because hes a socialist.

      Hes an effing champagne socialist just like Gregor was


  10. Referring to your Mar 19th comment Laila that “…sometimes you only get one chance to get things right.”
    I was completely (expletive)?flabbergasted watching the CTV Vancouver newscast at supper time. They ran a story of a family in Surrey that decided to proceed with an engagement party despite the repeated advisories against holding large gatherings during the Coronavirus pandemic.
    The hall originally booked for the event cancelled the booking due to the pandemic. However the hosts chose to go ahead outside at a residence because people “had come from abroad” and it just couldn’t be cancelled!
    Someone with a cellphone recorded the line of guests arriving and posted it.
    First, do these people not realize that events enormous, small and everything in between have been cancelled, some on very short notice, out of concern and duty to try to halt the spreading of the virus as much as humanly possible.
    And even more importantly, do these self-absorbed people not realize that they are, in all possibility, increasing pressure on an already over-taxed health system that is woefully lacking in facilities, health workers and supplies to the point that the system is near the breaking point?
    WTF are they doing?
    And these same people, should they contract the disease, will go running to the doctor or clinic or hospital crying for help to remedy their illness.
    My answer? Go back to the fools who proceeded to host the party, against all advice (!) and get them to fix your damn problem.
    There are deserving British Columbians who will be lined up for whatever care might be available. Those who decided the health of the general population was not nearly as important as their party was can go to the extreme back of the overflow tent.


    • Assholes is right. Selfish F…..G Assholes. In times of crisis like this, the serious charges and prosecution. need to be brought to bare. But I think the problem is inept weak politically correct government that has no balls to see that were all equal and in this together and must be treated Equally by law enforcement.


    • I echo your frustration, Luigi. In my little seaside village yesterday, I saw multiple groups of up to 10, gathered at picnic tables and on public lawns.

      I think one of the problems is the lack of reality; “cases” only reflect tested people. I believe the number of actual carriers in BC, is probably in the thousands, not hundreds.

      One that really troubled me, and I called them out, is Beacon Café. They are appropriately doing “take out only” but allowing the take out to be consumed at their sidewalk tables.
      Note the age demographic:

      We really do need a site for calm, public shame, without venom.


  11. I think the virus of to date here in BC is getting the upper hand because of indecisive and weak approaches by the responsible government health authority and health ministry. I really hate to say this but we may need some kind of lock down PDQ. Even Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix can’t play the move one step stop wait watch and see approach, while the virus takes three steps, and doesn’t see. It just wants. It fights for survival. That’s it’s only purpose. That’s a virus’s instinctual trait by nature, and these slow moving leader’s maybe can’t quite wrap their heads around that, and many people are the same for not being able to deal with something more seriously that they can’t see, and that wants to hurt them. It’s getting away from us now while they fiddle piece meal on just about every front. They can’t even deal with the daycare issues that they have been confronted and approached with. But don’t wait for further serious orders from them because we might just keep hearing a recording of wash your hands and social distance and we’ll see. We just have to do our own part no matter.


  12. Please read if anyone hasn’t read the letter put out by the physicians from the Royal Columbian Hospital on friday to Bonnie Henry that more drastic and stricter measures need to be taken to avoid a catastrophe and overburdening the system. And see the whole segment and report put out by Global News reporter Sean Boyton. BC doctors call for stricter measures, say province on track with Italy. This is coming from 60 doctors at one hospital alone. Henry and Government must get their shit together.
    The out of touch, out to lunch lost in space replies so far to the letter from Bonnie Henry is just head shaking. Un F…..g believable. It’s all coming to a head now about the level of incompetence that is being played out here. It’s not just provincial either. Tough times need to be met with tough measures led by tough leadership. And believe me I wish to hell we were all commenting about other regular stuff and not this.


  13. ” Canada missed opportunities early on to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and put itself in a better position to flatten the curve of infections sooner, say experts looking at the country’s response to the pandemic.

    “Look at what the government has had to do in order to get this under control. Our economy is entirely shut down. The number of Canadians who are unemployed is at record levels,” said Dr. Raiyan Chowdhury, a critical care specialist and ear, nose and throat surgeon at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.

    “People’s lives are changed forever.”

    Chowdhury said the government took too long to realize how significant the issue was and took too long to call out the severity of the problem.

    “I always feel like we’re behind the curve,” he said in an interview.

    Chowdhury concedes that hindsight is 20-20 and it’s easier to see mistakes in retrospect, but he points to a list of other countries — South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and New Zealand — that have fared relatively well to show that other governments, with the same evidence in hand, were quicker to react and did so more decisively.”


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