You do not get to put others at risk

I have a lot of friends in law enforcement and health sciences who can’t speak out right now. Some have, despite risk to employment. Yesterday a group of doctors warned BC officials we are going to be just like Italy if they do not enforce stricter measures.

I have not been silent over my ongoing concerns and it’s more urgent than ever people understand why.

The photo above is from a friend who is a paramedic who like most others, has had to plan for alternative arrangements in the very likely event he may be unable to see his family for a period of time during this pandemic, including his little son who was recently given an all clear from cancer. His wife and kids need him, and he is at risk for impacts of Covid, but he does not have a choice. Nor do our nurses, doctors or any other essential service worker right now.

Hes risking his own health, for others.

I’m beyond livid at the complete and utter thoughtlessness being displayed all over social media by people posting group pics on Quarry Rock in North Van which is now closed, on beaches and yes, getting together with other couples and families in their back yards.

This is all, a hard NO. Full stop.

You don’t get to put me or my family, and other people in danger simply because you don’t think it’s that serious. We are in a state of emergency. Hospital wards are starting to fill. People have died.

There has been a great disservice in the mixed messages being given out by officials contributing to this blatant lack of regard. The language isnt clear. So let me be clear.

Stay the fuck home.

Officials stated this is the time to remain only with your family group. Lay low.

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There is far more information and clarification for citizens in the questions that follow these daily updates than in the actual official releases. But that information is being lost.

It is ok to go for a short walk, but you can’t go for walks with a group of friends. You should limit it to 1 or 2 family members  if that.

You can not hang out in your backyard with all your friends over. You can’t have other couples, or teens or neighbours over.

You can not meet in a parking lot and then go walking together. Your cars are a foot apart. Did someone sneeze on your door handle? Cough on that park bench?

You can not go for bike rides with others in a group 2 feet apart from each other. You are exerting your lungs and inhaling each others breathe.

You shouldnt be parking right beside each other.

This virus lives on surfaces for varying degrees of time and it remains in the air after someone coughs or sneezes for an amount of time.

If you must go out for groceries, keep it to once a week, one family member only.

You must assume everything is contaminated and act accordingly. The gas pump for example. You pump your gas then touch your vehicle handle. You drive off. Boom your personal space is now an issue . Use hand sanitizer before you get back into your vehicle.

Those of you stupidly gathering in groups will regret it when you get sick or make someone else sick. They talk about deaths, but not enough is being talked about how horrific many survivors feel who have been severely sick but live. Lungs like glass. Feeling like you are slowly suffocating. This is a painful illness if you develop it severely. Some have long term lung damage from fibrosis.

And this is not just affecting seniors. This chart from the BC govt on Saturday, shows the ages.

Use your damn judgement and recognize that *you do not have the right to put your family and others at risk.*


And to all the officials out there dancing around the subject? Please stop giving mixed messages.

When you tell people to ‘stay home’, but then also say ‘gatherings up to 50 are ok so long as you practice social distancing’, you are giving a mixed message.

When you fail to close worksites where men and women work in close quarters or work camps who have men and women who have been travelling back and forth in BC and elsewhere, it gives the impression to a large number of the public this isn’t as serious as it actually is.

This is appalling. It is confusing to many who don’t understand why it’s ok to expose construction workers but not our families and friends. It doesn’t even make sense to keep mentioning the economy in the same breathe you are asking people to stay home!!

The federal health minister said she was briefed in January on this, and yet here we are in March *hoping* people will take the warnings seriously.

And they are not.

We do not have endless beds in our hospitals to manage numerous sick Covid patients and all the rest of the people who are sick, or hurt or injured. This is a fact, and why doctors and nurses are pleading with the public and officials to act now. We owe them all much better than what is bring presented by officials in their communications.

Well, I’m tired of officials ‘hoping’ people will do the right thing, and then expressing their disappointment when they continue to ignore it.

We need stronger actions and we cannot wait.

We need clear concise orders, not ambiguous statements. Even today, people are picnicking and letting their kids play on surfaces no one cleans.

Every day officials fail to enforce this, is another day the virus spreads further and faster, because it’s an invisible opponent and we dont know where it is.

Cases announced today, are from test results days ago if not longer. Todays true numbers are much higher.

You must assume anyone and everyone might have it, because many people dont show symptoms at all and other may look like they have allergies. You may not get severely ill…but your mom or dad or sibling might.

I don’t want to believe anyone would intentionally be so thoughtless. But some of what I have seen online is inexplicable.

To all of you with the power to do something who are not doing it, or choosing to ignore it, you don’t get to endanger my family or friends, nor do you get to disregard the growing pleas of our doctors, our nurses, our officers and paramedics.

Do. Your. Jobs.

We will support you to keep us all safe, because in this battle the only way we can fight it, and fight it successfully is if we all do it at the same time ❣


19 Comments on “You do not get to put others at risk

  1. Is Sitzkrieg (all talk no action) a problem? Historically this is not unique in partisan politics.

    That is a terrific idea Comrade! But you go first!

    “No! You!”

    Nyet! In Higher Authority we have stakeholders, protocols, future considerations, and world-historical processes to follow! You go first!

    “No! You!”

    Tovarishch! You must understand! In situations requiring extreme delicacy The Party Line must never be contradicted!

    Not so odd is it? Therefore should you not expect…

    “Just a day after more than 200 doctors signed a letter asking B.C. health officials to do more about COVID-19, another group is asking them to fall in line.

    “A letter, sent to members Sunday by Doctors of B.C. CEO Dr. Kathleen Ross, urged them to “amplify Dr. [Bonnie] Henry’s message.”

    “The letter appears to be in counter to one sent by Fraser Health doctors Saturday, which urged Henry, the provincial health officer, to take more decisive action.

    ““We need to act now to prevent a catastrophic number of preventable deaths,” the doctors’ letter said. “At our current rate of spread, our hospitals will become overwhelmed within a few weeks… we need to do more.”

    Ignoring BC’s stellar international example is Germany

    “BERLIN—Germany announced on Sunday new nationwide measures to limit contact between people — barring groups of more than two people, except for families, to contain the spread of the coronavirus.”

    “Chancellor Angela Merkel said the new social-distancing rules, which will be put in place for at least two weeks, are among the strictest by any country on movement outside the home, as global infections surpassed 300,000 and the death toll topped 13,000. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany had risen to more than 23,900 by Sunday, with more than 90 deaths.”

    ““We are further reducing public life and social contact and ensuring that the measures will be nationwide,” the chancellor said, adding that the regulations would remain in place for at least two weeks. “Everyone should organize their movements according to these regulations.””

    “Among the countries limiting crowds to promote social distancing and stall the transmission of the coronavirus, the U.S. federal government said this month that no more than 10 people should gather in one place. Switzerland said people in groups of fewer than five must stay at least two metres apart, subjected to a fine for those flouting the rules. Austria’s chancellor also announced major restrictions on movement in public places this month, banning gatherings of more than five people.”

    “German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is planning to mobilize reservists to augment Germany’s military services as the authorities race to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.”

    “Everyone needs to be aware that this fight against the virus is a marathon,” Kramp-Karrenbauer announced to a sparsely attended press conference that was shown on public TV station Phoenix.

    “And at the end it will come down to different capabilities being made available, and that will especially be a task for the Bundeswehr.”

    But where will anyone find a new supply of crucial hospital aids, masks, respirators, etc?

    “As Europe struggles to slow the spread of coronavirus and China begins to show signs that it has put the worst of the outbreak behind it, Beijing is engaging in a not-so-subtle PR campaign.”

    “China’s main strategy is to show that the country that gave birth to the virus (and then covered it up for weeks, allowing it to spread across the globe unhindered) is on the front lines trying to save humanity, while the EU can’t get its act together and the world’s other superpower is busy pointing fingers.”

    “Over the past few days, China has sent planeloads of masks, teams of doctors and even ventilators around the world to help battle the crisis. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma donated one million masks and hundreds of thousands of testing kits to the U.S., with the first load arriving in Seattle on Monday.”

    “”We are doing instead of talking. We are the friends not enemy. Could the American do the same to Chinese?” China’s ambassador to South Africa, Lin Songtian, tweeted on Monday.”

    And finally, there’s the US. Not the US as in Donald Trump. But instead several Governors and Mayors who have declared states of emergency,. They’ve mobilized the National Guard. Contacted the US Army Corps of Engineers to turn derelict properties into hospital space. Asked that thousands of armed forces doctors and medical personnel be seconded. California and other states have imposed remain-in-place regulations on more than double Canada’s population. And more is on the way..

    Meanwhile in Canada?

    “Not time for state of emergency, Trudeau says, but Parliament asked to pass COVID-19 aid”

    “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he will recall Parliament on Tuesday to approve the recently-announced COVID-19 financial aid package.”

    Apparently no one in Ottawa has heard of the Order In Council procedure..

      • Rechecked the links I provided above, they still work. Rechecked your link. It still works too.

        Could whoever wrote about dead links list them?

        Three points.

        One: On the subject of mixed messages, visit the TV networks. .

        For months more you will witness a near-endless parade of solemn newscasts, with bereaved families, alarming graphs, shots of hospital wards, hearses, coffins, military movements, and politicians warning about worse to come. But who pays for all this and offers truly useful advice?

        Joyous commercials! Flashy car ads! Detergents able to leap over tall buildings!

        Given our current circumstances, especially idiotic are lavish spectacles to promote extravagant holiday sojourns to exotic [if still open!] hotels – reached by huge planes [if still flying!] – in countries where movement is already forbidden. For a few precious seconds witness fabulous locales where medical care is near non-existent, and our medicare cards are of zero help. Dismiss all that risk and go dine out in tip top restaurants [îf open] and dance, drink and sun bathe away the hours waiting for our PM to figure out how you can return home in time to self-isolate. Impressive, no?

        People shouldn’t be confused by media?

        Two: On our intolerably rotten kids..

        It’s a ruse as old as Journalism. Attribution. Gotta publish something? A lazy writer’s best option? Find an idiot [preferably several] winning to claim something stupid. Next, feature their beliefs as though they represent a majority among far more intelligent people with the same ethnicity, income, age group, etc. There’s your story. “Impoverished Youth Claims Quantum Gravity Proves World Is Flat. Scientists Baffled.”.

        For making more sense than her elders ever dared, is Greta Thunberg too difficult a subject for politicians and advertizers to tolerate? Then don’t follow her and ignore her age group. Look elsewhere.

        As John Cleese made clear, for reporters to find and exploit credulous carefree and witless idiots is not difficult. Consider the Dunning-Kruger effect.. .

        Three: Jacinda Ardern.

        Bad luck Canada. Jacinda is precisely the type of leader – exceptionally intelligent, proactive, honest to a fault – the world needs most, and sees almost never on corporate media.

        Ever wonder why? .

        • Great points.

          The links do all seem to be working now. I had a report of a couple not working last night and checked, and they didnt work for me either. Oddly, they both do now.

          I’m sticking to my line.

          *Total lockdown and no Horgan, what we are doing isnt a lockdown.
          *Fed govt mandated mortgage deferral for those impacted by income loss due to Covid-19
          *fed govt mandated rent relief for those impacted by income loss due to Covid-19.
          *immediate one time emerg funds cheque for those waiting for EI of any kind.
          * immediate EI increase for period of Covid 19 to 75% instead of 55%
          *no interest loans to small biz owners.

          Lots of other ideas. Theres a ton of lost revenue in government if you know where to look 🙂

  2. On another note, I have now been responsible for the closure of two individual businesses and an entire segment of tour based operators, which were ignoring public health orders and I feel no guilt over it.

    Being a whistle blower or rat should be part of our civic duty right now.

    • Good for you. I’m not usually happy to hear of businesses closing but that behavior is totally irresponsible and reckless.

      I have had this oddly calm feeling of foreboding building, one I have compared to maybe how soldiers might feel standing on a hill, knowing opposing forces were just beyond the horizon, coming and unstoppable but not yet seen…

      I’ve never been to war,so my apologies if this is inaccurate,but that’s what it feels like. You know what’s coming, you dont know what the outcome is, but you are going to fight like hell until you are laying in the ground…or the enemy is.

    • You absolutely can John. Thank you for sharing the message. We really need everyone to consider this their time to serve the greater good of our community and country. 🙏🏼

  3. Really good post Laila. These forceful things need to be said and talked about now. I wonder if Bonnie Henry and the political backroom are going to get their heads out of their south ends and stop the reckless contradictions and mixed messages and enabling of gatherings pertaining to no more than 50. Where did this brainless numbering come from. There are enough people who are not getting it, and take that as a big f…..g go for it, while she tells people to stay home and have social distance. How completely out to lunch dangerous and stupid is that and then telling people to not hang out in groups. And then the Federal Health Authority say’s we must Plank It !! OOOKAY. I pray every single person the Trudeauite’s brought home from overseas recently are made to isolate.
    I think some of the problem is that our governments are too hung up on the state of the economy and trying balance things which doesn’t work. It just keeps the fire burning and enabling it to grow. That of course being a stumbling block for free market capitalistic democracies in times of crisis like a pandemic. They need to stow that temporarily.
    Hey, I will give the Feds credit for at least getting the financial aid program going under EI and other measures under various levels of government. . That helps to keep people home and separated more and protected from financial ruin, but without hard measures to really actually “Plank It” the money only goes so far especially when some are being selfish negligent idiots playing around in groups.

  4. Now that provincial governments, BC being one of them, that have declared States of Emergency, use those powers to the fullest if necessary. Harsh, but absolutely has to be enforced if some are being non compliant shit heads.

  5. I certainly implore politicians to immediately halt the politicking in and about this crisis.
    We need succinct, concise direct answers to the questions that are being posed daily by the public and some in the media.
    What we do not need are non-answers and political double-speak, by supposed leaders, both federal and (some) provincial who make sure to insert their self-serving platitudes (“we first told you about this 9 days before” anyone else did) in public statements broadcast across the country.
    This is a time for down to earth damn leadership, not political bullshit.

      • Today posted by our local radio station.

        Local clinics looking for donations of medical supplies.

        You know, the kind Dr.Henry said Monday there were no shortages of?

        ” Donations of protective equipment is needed for Comox Valley Clinics

        Due to the COVID-19 outbreak there is a high demand on protective equipment and the Comox Valley Division of Family Practice needs your help.

        In order to keep medical staff safe in our clinics they are looking for the following items:

        N95 masks (approved by the FDA, NIOSH, or CSA)

        Surgical masks (approved by the FDA)

        Exam gloves

        Hand sanitizer (60% alcohol or higher)

        Medical-grade disinfection wipes

        Protective gowns

        Eye protection (glasses, goggles, and face shields)

        If you have spare items, please contact to coordinate drop-off/pick up.

        Thanks! -paul

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