A message from Dr. David Forrest on Covid-19

Dr. David Forrest is an infectious disease specialist at NRGH and in the mid-island.

He has a history of being a strong patient and medical advocate for care and process, and has a strong powerful message to share. I strongly support our medical professionals in the best of times, but we have to come together as citizens to make sure as few people as possible get this virus. And Dr. Forrest explains in no uncertain terms why.

This is the clear, simple and powerful message every British Columbian needs to hear.

* source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156542363696895&id=714446894

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Full appreciation for this messaging. Because as I said yesterday, you don’t get to put others at risk https://lailayuile.com/2020/03/22/you-do-not-get-to-put-others-at-risk/

15 Comments on “A message from Dr. David Forrest on Covid-19

  1. Raeside nails it.


    Dermod Travis composes an op-ed.


    “The warning signs were there. But by Feb. 27, those signs were a little too frequent and it became apparent that it was time to suck it up and head to a hospital, never my favourite destination.”

    “The first three or four days remain a bit of a blur, but I was discharged a week ago on Friday the 13th. I may need to revisit some of my superstitions.”

    “The hospital needed beds, as did hospitals in other COVID-19 hot spots across B.C. And here’s where the story takes an interesting turn.”

    “Once that four days of blur had cleared, instead of watching the daily briefings of B.C. Health minister Adrian Dix and B.C. Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry for the latest updates, I relied on my front-row bed to learn what British Columbians might expect in coming briefings.”

    “Biggest lesson? Cutting to the bone — even decades earlier — can come back to haunt when patients are gasping for their next breath.”

    “As I wrote on these pages in 2014, in regards to the Mount Polley disaster: “In its obsession to balance the budget at all costs, the government of former premier Gordon Campbell may have overlooked the fact that cutting corners doesn’t always pay off in the long run. Sometimes you need to spend money in order to save it.””

    “Despite early warning signs from the 2000 Walkerton tragedy in Ontario that cutbacks in that province might not have worked out so well, Campbell continued on his merry cost-cutting ways.”

    He continues.

    “Despite Dix’s goodwill and a yeoman effort by local hospitals, B.C. remains one disaster away from seeing some of his “hundreds of beds” disappear in an instant. Those beds aren’t confined to one or two facilities, but are spread across the province.”

    “Hospitals bring together a variety of patients with a variety of illnesses. You can’t turn the infirm and injured away at the door.”

    Age-based Triage? Actually that’s what the UK’s Boris Johnson seemed to be hinting at – “to save the National Health Service money.”

    Who else appears ready to visit the Beancounter Warpath? Donald “War Time President” Trump. Apparently business executives are pressuring him to halt that nuisance 15 day isolation period. Or somehow apply it more selectively. Whatever it takes so that his economy can roar back to life and save his prospects for another presidency.

    Not at all sensible? The Globe’s Gary Mason develops the points…


    “What is U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration thinking when it comes to the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic?”

    “It sounds like it may be getting ready to throw in the towel on its strategy of severely limiting people’s activities in a bid to slow the progress of the disease.”

    “At least that’s how many are interpreting the all-caps note Mr. Trump sent out on Twitter late Sunday night: “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF,” the President said. “AT THE END OF THE 15 DAY PERIOD [of nation-wide social distancing], WE WILL MAKE A DECISION AS TO WHICH WAY WE WANT TO GO!””

    “Many have read this as the President putting the nation on notice: He won’t let the juggernaut American economy be destroyed by the country’s response to the virus.”

    Which leaves us with two further unknowns. If mandatory business shut downs, limits on transportation, narrowing the gathering of groups to two, and “suggested” self-isolation continues in BC who will be left to complete our desperately unneeded Site C? It must be completed on time, and on budget, right? And all that glorious BC fracking? Heard anyone prominent in BC politics saying we must change course to greener energy starting now?

    For Ottawa? How will Alberta be saved? What about all those pipelines to move LNG and oil to China… in only a few years? When will that get going again? Sure there’s this horrible climate emergency thing, but if Ottawa claims that breaking away from oil and gas is not in the National Interest – even now – who gets to say no?

    As Frank Zappa once said.. “Whoever we are, wherever we’re from, we should have noticed by now our behaviour is dumb.”

    And deliberately obtuse where deemed useful.

    • BC and the feds were briefed on Covid-19 in January they have both said seperately

      It’s now almost April, cases are rising and Horgan says we are basically doing a complete shutdown without calling it that.

      But we arent. Not even close

      We have massive construction worksites operating where supervisors wont shut down until a sick worker tests positive.

      But like many have discovered, you dont get tested unless you are in hospital in critical. So nothing ever shuts down because even if 10 people are sick home, no one is tested and therefore ” no confirmed cases” are reported on site.

      It’s a loophole of epic proportions and no one really knows how fast it’s spreading

      Every day we dont test widely and we dont lock down more thoroughly is a day more people are infected.

      Jacinda Arden did it. They shut down in 2 days.

      It’s not hard when you have a desire to put people ahead of everything else.

      Lock down, Horgan. Please.

  2. John’s Aghast

    Mr Horgan is reluctant to follow the lead of Jacinda Ardern? How about India’s Mr Modi?


    “India’s population of more than 1.3 billion was asked to observe a “people’s curfew” on Sunday to try to halt the spread of coronavirus, an a lockdown of large swathes of the country has been announced for next week.”

    “As cases of coronavirus in India rose to 390 and the death toll reached seven, usually hectic city streets were deserted and most businesses remained shut from 7am to 9pm to comply with the voluntary “janata curfew” that had been announced by the prime minister, Narendra Modi, last week.”

    What does Scotland request to help people cope?


    “THE UK Government is intent on rejecting calls to introduce a universal basic income in response to the coronavirus crisis.”

    “Last week, Boris Johnson had indicated the policy was being considered after he was pressed by Ian Blackford and others in the Commons.”

    “Supporters of the move have suggested the level of income should be about £1000 per person per month and that the sum would be available to everyone during the pandemic.”

    “The SNP Westminster leader had urged the Prime Minister to implement an “emergency universal income” scheme to help protect people who have been plunged into financial crisis as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.”

    “Blackford, who had called for an urgent meeting with Rishi Sunak to discuss implementing support for the self-employed, unemployed and those in need of social security payments, urged the Chancellor to respond.”

    “He tweeted: “A basic income scheme, amongst other things, would assist the self employed, many who have seen their income collapse and have bills to pay. There is a sense of urgency that the Govt has to respond to. I wrote to @RishiSunak on Saturday to ask to meet with him to discuss.””

    [The chancellor rejected the proposal]

    • Not particularly a fan of this fellow, who was an aggressive,foul mouthed ass on twitter back in the day, but he has been making some excellent points on the hypocrisy of Bonnie Henry’s insistence on leaving construction sites open.

      This is a moment to remember, along with the acknowledgement the dental conference shouldnt have happened, and the 48 hour reversal on the state of PPE in hospitals.Monday she said it was fine. Yesterday she admitted it was tenuous.

      I have friends on the front lines. One of them cant risk seeing her little kids now until this is over, if it’s over, because the grandparents are watching the kids so she can work. Shes a nurse.

      We are all connected and personally invested in the outcome of this.

      Its absolutely irresponsible to continue as we are.


  3. So WTF is with Bonnie Henry’s utterly irresponsible thinking about still making it sound like 50 or less gatherings is still enabled by stating as she did today. And then saying again as she did awhile back about it being not a scientific number but its a number that is more manageable as she was stating about the number 250 awhile back. She can take her dangerous mixed up messaging and take a hike. I expect competence and tough straight leadership as a citizen in this war we are fighting and not this craziness in this latest hour of our lives. Then on the same breath going into all the distancing stuff and staying home and all the general rules that have been discussed over and over. Does she mean in grocery stores and essential things which we understand or what the hell. What in god’s name is this so called Health officer up too. Is it politics behind this shit or is she’s worn out completely and can no longer get her act together or what. We need to understand. Is this not give the heads up for those who are flaunting the rules. I was floored when i heard her say this messed up insanity. I’m at a loss. This stuff should hopefully be criticized more. She’s Screwed up big time and she should be held to questioning for this madness. What in god’s is wrong with her. Is it some kind of political string pulling or sane reasoning here. that i don’t get.
    I guess it’s telling that i am furious and i usually let shit go easily but this unacceptable when tons of doctors from hospitals and medical professions and citizens are calling for tougher rules, and we have hear that garbage in these most critical. Well i sure as hell won’t take that without saying my peace. I hope her and Horgan and Dix are called out out this more until they get it right in messaging to everyone. Until then I will stow any medals’ hero ribbons and applauses in the bag for now until i hear otherwise.

  4. Henry’s speech was at 3:00 pm today about ten or so minutes into it,about the 50 people in public gatherings. But less is better she said. But where is the layed down rule. Oh maybe it will be 45 or 40 or 42 but of course less is better. Oh my lord. Lordy lordy. Give me strength to know what the hell she means and what it means to some people and how they might read that. Especially to ones that readily flaunt the rules and would take advantage of what she says. Anyways it’s easily found. I played it back on the NW audio vault cause i couldn’t get the speech much. It of course is will be many places for playback or lots seen it or heard it. I played it twice to make sure of what i was hearing. I’m gobbsmacked over it all.

    • I agree. Just like saying construction sites are low risk ( when in fact many aren’t and one builder shut down all his sites today in Chilliwack and asked other to as well) You can’t maintain physical distancing on a worksite all the time..the KinderMorgan workers are being bussed in and out on small buses where workers are all jammed in.

      Seriously. I think many people are trying to do the right thing, but many are not which is why we are still seeing parties, house gatherings and bbqs. A look at Instagram all over BC shows people getting together still today. I just saw a youth in Richmond posting pics of her and her girlfriends hanging out at her house tonight. The other youth live with parents / a rental with 3 room mates/

      My point is, what are real numbers? 600ish confirmed cases but what about the thousands sick but not getting tested because 811 or the self assessment tells them to just self isolate?
      No ones tracing their paths.

  5. What about those who are asymptotic, or think they “just have a touch of flu”? I’ve been self isolating for more than three weeks now – not in a concern for others, because I’m pretty sure I’m clear, but selfishly, to carry on being clear. What a shock to ones system to find out. after three weeks isolation, you got infected at the local gas pump!

    • Please do not go out if you can avoid it John. Do you have anyone who can pick up stuff for you?

      And yes, gas pumps are a huge issue. I have seen so many not use wipes or gloves or clean their hands 😳

      Shopping carts.

      Groceries need to be wiped.

      Interac and bank machines.

      Act as if everything is covered in it, to be quite clear.

      Also, food needs to be wiped off and washed when you bring it home. There are videos by drs on the proper way to do this.

      Grocery delivery needs to be planned ahead. Many places are currently 2 weeks behind in ‘daily’ deliveries.

      Also, one thing impacting many vulnerable people is a lack of a credit card which many businesses are now asking to pay over the phone or online and dont take e-transfers. Check on peeps who may have limited access because of this.

      • Darn you Laila! EVERYONE is offering to pick up groceries for me! Talk about making one feel ‘elderly’! I’m 100 times better off than ANYONE! I have ample supplies for a couple of months (yes, even toilet paper that I acquired BEFORE hoarding became popular. ) The ducks and geese just started returning. Apparently they are immune to cross boarder restrictions? The sun is shining, and I expect the snow will have disappeared in another couple of months!
        The only thing I miss is my grandkids!

  6. Minister Dix, Bonnie Henry and John Horgan need to be held more to account about allowing 50 or less gatherings without specifying. There must be something political behind this worst and most reckless kind of hypocrisy. Dix even mentioned the 50 or less gathering again today this morning. Is this messaging being put out in a camaflouged kind of way to industry and economy like construction and projects to etc. to keep going. Believe me, when I say, I know all about every aspect of industry and how it works. Even if Worksafe gets more involved now, it’s practically impossible to keep people apart and machinery and equipment and the team work involvement that is necessary,then be apart and clean all the time. People and machiney. It’s crazy to have been involved in so much of it, and then stand back now, away from it all, and figure how it is even remotely possible to keep it safe. These partly politicized Health officials and politicians are playing between life and economy.

  7. It would sure be interesting to see what the actual reasoning is behind the allowing up to 50 gathering entails. What groups are actually okay under this. We would obviously know about the obvious front line medical, health and essential life sustaining side of things which is expected but i think there`s something else at play politically. A good journalistic, investigative reportage might dig up something. It just doesn`t make sense to say 50 or less when all the other strict rules and expectations are in place and being pushed but no specifics. It`s not being questioned enough by media. Maybe there`s a simple explanation, but i would wonder why Dix and Henry are not being specific as to whom and what groupings that applies too. i get the feeling there is politics of some sort behind this. Might be embarrassing. Just saying.

  8. I sure hope we get some of that 16 tons of medical supplies back from China real quick that the smart leader and company in Ottawa gave to them without provincial consultation in FEBRUARY. That of course being well after the Bright One knew what was happening and coming here in January. Hopefully China will return the favour. Hmmm? We sure could have used that equipment quite a few yesterdays ago.

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