Dermod Travis, 1960-2020


There is much to be said about Dermod and the work he did, even while in hospital, close to the end. I will write more when I can type without tears but this is gutting, for many. It’s hard to comprehend not talking to him ever again 😥

My thoughts and love are with his family and close friends. A huge loss for British Columbians. Its unbelievably unfair.

7 thoughts on “Dermod Travis, 1960-2020

  1. He is the smartest man I think I’ve ever met, and the most ‘politically savvy’ as well. I’m honoured to have known him, worked with him for a while, and call him my friend. Sadly, I think that most of BC will never realize just how much Dermod did on their behalf, but I and a few others DO know. It tears me up that he’s gone, and even more so that a man who tried so hard to improve our province, our country,and the world had to pass at this time, while the world is going up in flames…. RIP , Dermod.


  2. Dermod epitomized the name Integrity, which I ceded to him when he first started up covering B.C. politics, and he honoured it well to his last days. Though Dermod Travis was not a household name he still made a huge contribution to the well-being of British Columbia by providing well-researched critiques of many important issues, some that only he could handle.


  3. Dermod Travis always spoke facts and never, ever bent them for a political agenda. Few, if any, spoke the truth about The life and issues of British Columbia as did Mr. Travis. He was a true British Columbian, one I went to immediately when clarity was needed.
    I am very shocked by this news of his passing and though I did not meet him personally I will miss his grounded insight greatly.


  4. I hope the group will preserve the Facebook page. Much of Dermod’s research was put straight onto Facebook; it seemed he was the only one running the page. It would be important to preserve that. I see a Wayne Crookes has posted his notice on the website.


    1. Yes I dont know who will take over,ir what is happening. His loss is still difficult to think of and to be quite honest I havent been able to write about it.


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