A proposal worth considering for back to school.

Happy BC Day friends. It’s been quite a while since I posted, and I will be here with a site C and Old Fort Slide post tomorrow…( feeling vindicated, as all site C critics feel I’m sure).

But this floated by on social media and it seems like a worthy proposal. If teachers can go back fully, then so should the legislature.




2 thoughts on “A proposal worth considering for back to school.

  1. couldn’t stop laughing. such a good idea. If its good enough for the kids and teachers, then it ought to be good enough for the MLAs.

    of course in my opinion, I don’t think the kids ought to be returning to school without a lot of safe guards, which aren’t there. I don’t have kids, but still I’d hate to see all those little buggers get sick and some die. they are pretty cute and they are the future taxpayers of the country. then there is the no small prospect of the kids getting the disease at school, display no symptoms and pass it on to the parental units and older relatives and the neighbours, the people in the parks, resturants, etc.

    No kid ever died from not going to school for a year.

    If children are a country’s most valuable assets, they ought to be treated as such. Most of the politicians we have in office today aren’t that young, if they died, they’ve already had a fairly good run at it. A kid, not so much.

    Seniors dying is one thing. Kids dying due to a disease we now know a lot more about would be a crime, if the schools were re opened. I’d list it under crimes against humanity or child abuse.


    1. Good to see you still at it 🙂

      I think many kids need to be in school,particularly kids whose home lives are not the best.Because of a lack of strong social supports, school has become the catchpoint for kids in deep poverty, in homes where a parent or caregiver has substance abuse issues, or in homes where they face abuse or neglect.Every school has a fridge with food for kids who are going hungry, most have breakfast clubs and counsellors often provide things from backpacks to winter boots and everything else. This I know,because when Superstore has their free turkeys with $250.00 purchase at Easter and Thanksgiving, I always give our extra to the counsellor to pass onto a family that can use it.

      I think kids can go back, but not under this current plan.
      Its not workable for anything but smaller schools with small student populations,and there is no option for continued online learning with teachers as we did back in June.

      They are saying if you dont like it, you can enroll in home schooling or distance learning, they are not going to continue what occurred from March on.

      Speaking for myself, it was probably the most challenging thing I have done in life and with only having one device between two kids, it required a lot of juggling. Not to mention trying to hold down a job and do school at the same time.
      And while I may be educated enough to conduct lessons ( my one child cant learn via video lessons AT ALL, so I had to sit and teach one highschool math and Chem..) a lot of parents cant do this.

      It also means loss of income for any parent working gig or contract work which doesn’t make you eligible for EI, or any parent who does daycare under the table ( something a lot of young mums staying home do, taking care of one other child to make some income and save on daycare) Most of those people were not covered by CERB.

      In the end, we dont know if long term issues may arise from kids getting this, as covid seems to prompt an immune response in some people not unlike autoimmune disease symptoms, which I am personally experienced with. But to go back to school, we need to ensure its done safely and its almost as if this government forgot the conditions many of our schools are in. Crappy ventilation, some have no windows, taps that dont work, lead in pipes, mice and mould.

      This plan may work in smaller schools and communities, it will not work in larger ones. Period. And telling parents to enroll in homeschooling is the only option being given to those families who MUST keep their bubbles small due to elderly, cancer stricken or sick kids in the home.

      Another issue being ignored is everyone is told to still keep their family bubbles small…yet this is in complete opposition to that. Your bubble if you have kids in multiple grades and different schools, goes from your family to suddenly 60-120 or more kids and their families and teachers.

      There literally is no longer a bubble at all.

      And they wonder why parents are confused and anxious??


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