A BC election during the pandemic? Sure why not – they keep building a dam with no foundation too.

If there is one thing we can all probably agree on, its that 2020 is pretty much a gongshow of things we never thought we would see, hear and in some cases, do.

After a fairly slow start to summer, daily reported  cases in BC have steadily crept up, doubling in around every two weeks at some points during the last two months. Recently we surpassed the 100 cases a day mark, and the lagging indicator of hospitalizations and those in ICU, is finally creeping up as well. As a result, Dr. Bonnie Henry has once again seriously urged everyone in BC, to return to small bubbles, to limit social interactions and activies to keep those who are vulnerable and elderly, safe.

That, all while sending thousands of kids back to school across BC, with little to no physical distancing in classes and hallways, and no masks required except in those high traffic areas or face to face learning, like an Educational Assistant and student interaction.

While partisan boosters have been outright stating the NDP will not be having an election this year,  in truth, both Elections BC and all parties are preparing for one. And when faced with direct questions, Premier Horgan has been jerking reporters around for weeks on this when asked, but today he did make a point of saying Elections BC can do it safely. And when questioned, Elections BC confirmed they are preparing for the possibility of an early, snap election.

Bob has more on this, here: https://thebreaker.news/news/fall-election-pondered/

So let me get this right…..

  • We are potentially facing a “surge” or second wave, with cases rising daily, hospitalizations increasing, ICU rising
  • We have just seen thousands of small businesses closed as a result of the first restrictions, which people are now increasingly starting to question why that had to happen when nearly everything is open now….with far more cases than we ever had this spring. Keep in mind, many small businesses and restaurants are mom and pop, or family owned and run. ( quite a few have closed in the valley here alone. )
  • We have thousands of people still out of work, companies laying off and restructuring to close outlets, parents are keeping kids home from school to protect family members who are vulnerable, or alternately, being forced to say tearful goodbyes to in person visits for who knows how long?  All while still being told to keep bubbles small which is impossible once school returns.
  • We have seniors and others still in long term care who were cruelly kept from seeing their loved ones while staff continue to bring in the virus, had a period of brief visitation ( not all families got this in time) and some are now being told they may not be able to visit again with rising cases.
  • We have a government that said it wasn’t safe to have all mla’s in the legislature, and have continued to refuse to allow reporters at press conferences this entire time, even distanced and masked, but continues to assert this is acceptable for students of all ages and teachers.

Could this government be so clueless as to call or instigate an election during the thick of this?

How does one reconcile this under these conditions we all must live by?

If  government expects teachers and students to make it work with no distancing , perhaps this government should get back to work, and make it work, and stick to the regular election schedule next year.

It’s my strong belief, that voters would be brutal to any party triggering a snap election.

No one I have spoken to agrees with it. In fact the suggestion it may happen elicits anger because of the obvious.

It smacks of being power hungry which is exactly why Clark got rightfully booted, and let’s not forget how narrow the last election result was. Everyone said I was crazy for suggesting a minority was the likely outcome and I was right.

The BC NDP have a demonstrated history of misreading both polls and the publics overall mood. We have seen this time and time again in every prior election I’ve followed since 2009ish, when even with ample and copious  ammunition against the BC Liberals, they couldn’t pull in the vote. And now, we have a perfect storm of evictions beginning because renters cant afford to pay their current rent and back pay on CERB.. or their regular pay.

We have rampant homelessness in every community, getting markedly worse in metro Van as people have fled west to escape winter on the streets elsewhere.

Opiod crisis is getting worse, not better.. the list goes on and on to the points above.

I get why Horgan would want an election now… he knows site C and the coming bills for this pandemic will be a perfect storm of discontent, particularly if this winter cold/ flu/covid season proves to be as bad as some think it will be. But if he wanted to show leadership, trying to hold a snap election in a pandemic while telling people to keep their bubble home and limit interactions is just wrong and selfish. It shows a complete lack of understanding how bad things are for a lot of people. And I think they will try to push the Greens to pull the plug on the CASA, which would be the stupidest thing they could do and political suicide as well.

The right thing to do right now is be honest about the game he is playing with the press and the public. Elections BC will not randomly spend money, book venues and look for staff in ridings unless someone gave them an indication it was a very real possibility.  And every poli-geek and reporter knows this.

Thats why the only option Horgan has now is to confirm he has no intention of breaking the CASA signed with the Greens. That would put all the jerking around he’s started to rest so he doesn’t blow his lead.

Screenshot_20200904-163934_Samsung Internet

I’m glad the NDP have been in power for this clusterfuck called Covid.  But I’m terribly disillusioned with all politicians and politics in general. We used to have the NDP’s help to file FOI’s to get info on government, especially if they were really expensive. Now, we can’t even get info out of government, because they have been breaking their own laws to keep people .. and the opposition… from getting FOI’s in a timely manner. https://www.burnabynow.com/b-c-government-breaking-law-in-extending-information-request-times-privacy-commissioner-1.24196499

You can read the full report here. Its not good. Adrian Dixs office and John Horgans are the worst offenders ( No surprise there with Meggs presence) https://www.oipc.bc.ca/special-reports/3459

This may not matter to most people, but this is something they promised to change, that they campaigned on . The BC Liberals were the most secretive government.. we thought. In that aspect, nothing has changed. And that’s tremendously disappointing.

And the latest on Site C, from Vaughn Palmers opinion piece, once again has Ralston pointing to the BC Liberals, as if they have forgotten that they made a choice to continue the dam, while pretending to supporters they were going to cancel it. https://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/vaughn-palmer-site-c-instability-issues-making-ndp-nervous-about-escalating-costs

“B.C. Hydro is going ahead with diverting the Peace River past Site C, despite not having decided how to fix a geological instability under the foundation for the giant earthfill dam itself.

Some work on the diversion is already underway, including dredging the approaches to the twin diversion tunnels, wet-testing of the tunnels themselves and construction of a large rock berm across the Peace..”


” He ( Ralston) traced the problem back to the Liberals, who went ahead with construction after forestalling an independent review of Site C by the utilities commission.

“They signed off on a design that included geological risks,” Ralston told the house. “We are now facing geological risks in the design that the old government approved.”

Yeah  Bruce, we know Christy Clark approved a bad idea with no business case, in a geologically unstable portion of the valley. Many of us talked to you and your fellow MLA’s about this. You all agreed. It was brought up in the approvals, in expert presentations, and you all used that info against the Liberals time and time again.

But then your government went ahead, signing impact and benefits agreements, contracting agreements and a Tripartite land agreement to which the govt was a party to, in March, even before sending it to the BCUC for an expedited review. We knew then you werent going to approve it. There was never any intention of stopping it. There was only a show to appease the crowd.

And thats how we go to where we are today. There is no more pointing fingers when you had a chance to stop it, and chose not to. In hindsight now the public debt that would have come from stopping the dam, is a drop in the bucket of the forecast deficit for next years public accounts. Horgan has continued down the path of Dwight Ball since late 2017.  He is on his second minister on this file, who is also treading water. Everything I wrote in the last blog post before they approved Site C to continue, is coming back to haunt them. https://lailayuile.com/2017/11/13/the-billion-dollar-question-with-only-one-right-answer/

I still don’t think Horgan has the courage to do the right thing and stop the dam. Even with an untested and never used before design, even with no stable foundation to the dam itself and even with lives downstream.

But I would love to have them prove me wrong. https://lailayuile.com/the-case-to-stop-site-c-construction-links-news/

Just for once, I’d like to see a leader do the right thing, especially when he knows in his heart, he made the wrong decision…It’s the kind of leadership we really aren’t seeing anywhere right now.

** update for your daily dose of confusion.

This is from today’s press conference. There’s been increased transmissions at workplaces between coworkers…so of course now it makes sense to tell people it’s ok to be one metre instead of two….🤨

13 thoughts on “A BC election during the pandemic? Sure why not – they keep building a dam with no foundation too.

  1. Great article. The only reason political parties want a snap election, in my opinion, is that they think they can win, so it’s all about staying in power nothing else. To call an election now would be ludicrous, has anyone mentioned to Horgan that there is a pandemic right now with rising cases!?
    Being told they are against Site C then continue on with it NDP owns it now. I know one thing though if you are building a new house and the contractor tells you the foundation of the house is not on stable ground and has a high probability to collapse you don’t keep building the house!! It’s unbelievable anyone in their right mind would carry on!


        1. When they figure out how to make independents premier, let me know..lol
          I’m done on every party and partisan politics John. The Libs still need to face the music of corruption and money laundering, the ndp have continued Liberal policy on almost every environmental file and doubled down on others, proving to be an abysmal disappointment here on island with respect to forestry. The Greens will never get beyond maybe 3 or 4 seats for the foreseeable future.

          Thr best case scenario for BC socially and environmentally, is to continue having Greens keeping both the Libs and NDP in line. With Weaver gone, shouldnt be as much drama.🙄

          I’ll have a new post on Horgans unbelievable statements today (once again by phone since its too dangerous to have reporters in person, distanced and masked like the rest of us)

          With video. Tomorrow.


  2. A good read.

    Let us not forget that politics is all about power and to retain power, elections must be held.

    Horgan desperately wants to retain power and with the Liberal leader apparently so weak that an autumn snap election may grasp ultimate power, a majority government.

    Ad the old adage goes, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

    The problem Horgan has is a sinking dam up north, unhappiness on the Island and a fickle electorate in metro Vancouver.

    The $3 billion 5.8 km subway for Vancouver is a sore point in Eby’s territory and with a moniker of the BS Line or Horgan’s FastFerry, the subways is not a great election platform.

    The largely ex-NDP City Council lead by a former NDP MP, nicknamed “Mr. Dithers”, even by his supporters, may prove to be an Albatross around the NDP’s neck.

    In Surrey, that so corruptible city, kicking out the RCMP in favour of a local and more politically friendly local police force is sputtering along.

    The interior has been left largely to fend for itself, as Horgan’s NDP have catered to the posh set in Metro Vancouver, to get votes in the MLA rich 604 area.

    The Island also has issues, as the E&N is on its last legs and the NDP would prefer to see it rot away so their “trucker’s” friends can carry good, highly subsidized on taxpayer paid highways. The NDP classic, death by a thousand studies is in play for the E&N.

    So much the NDP has fumbled, education, tourism, and a lot more, as Horgan’s crew inherited a mess from the former premier Photo-op and her crew. The problem for Horgan is that the old crew is gone and a new crew is coming on line and Horgan is now the new premier photo-op and his government is ever acting like the old government, that people grew unhappy with.

    An election, amidst a general pandemic, may just see people vote for change. Today’s NDP is like yesterday’s NDP, a political party that never clearly understood its own history and tends to repeat it over and over again.


    1. Its appalling they have not held press conferences in person with reporters since this started… I’m really wondering why those legislative reporters aren’t making an issue over this. Trudeau has in person press conferences along with Trump and other politicians.

      This is literally part of why they are losing the narrative. Everyone else is expected to get back to work in person with distancing and masks, and they refuse to. There is ample space to do so, or hold it outside under a tent for God’s sake.

      But oh wait, they can’t even commit to working in person or holding a fall session yet. 🙄

      Tone deaf. This entire pandemic has revealed the emperors have no clothes. Fleming is derisive and clueless ( saw him smirk and roll his eyes to someone off screen in one recent presser)
      Horgans jerking reporters chains and no one will simply ask him if he plans to honor his agreement with Greens or not, while every potential new Greens leader has stated they have no intention to break the CASA before the scheduled election.

      Does Horgan not realize that people see BC Elections leasing and readiness as wasteful and inappropriate during this time, and merely because he fancies a longer run at it?

      AND please….

      Somebody needs to tell the paid and unpaid NDP twitter influencers that using the hashtag #partyofstupid to refer to the BC Liberals and supporters, will work as well for them as calling Trump and his supporters “deplorables” worked for Hillary…🤣


      1. You are so right. The NDP influencers had better rethink their hashtags and avatars, the LIEberals are no longer and now it is the NDP FastFerry mongers or alike.

        I will not vote Liberal, yet there are some up and coming younger Liberals, such as Jas Johal, who is articulate and is somewhat of a bulldog. There are a few others, yet who, on the NDP side can claim the same?

        Dix is the only NDP type that has gained credibility and is articulate, but the rest cower behind party mambo jumbo.

        Eby has been a great disappointment and even the Straight is posing the question; ” Is the Ministry of Education B.C.’s new dumpster fire?”, with another cabinet mionister under fire.

        Now, a lot of this is leftovers from the BC Liberals, but the NDP, as the party in power must assume responsibility.

        Whoever is advising Horgan (possibly Geoff Meggs of Vision Vancouver fame) had better rethink their strategy because what was popular last month, may not be popular next month.

        And the mainstream media, lost in their own self importance, have been reduced to Lord Haw Haw status.


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