Dear John…Letter #2

Dear John.
It’s been a while since I last wrote an open letter to you – 16 months to be exact, and while so much has changed since then… a lot is sadly still the same.

First let me remark how refreshed you look in your recent ‘phone in questions only allowed’ press conference! One wouldn’t even guess we were in the midst of pandemic where many are still struggling to get by, businesses are closing in alarming numbers, parents are on edge with school reopening, and cases are rising daily. As you can see by my masked up photo on the side, I’m a little weary looking from harvesting crops, getting ready for winter and worrying about what cold and flu season will mean for my family and many other British Columbians this winter.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself here, and I only have a short time before I have other things to take care of, so let me get to the clip that I think is the source of many British Columbians anger, surprise and disappointment right now.

First ( for those of you  who may not follow often), I’ve  already made clear my feelings on a snap election this fall in my most recent post here :

I also shared my views on how ridiculous it is for you to be jerking around the press and Elections BC, who is getting ready for an election we may or may not have. I didn’t really think you would try and instigate an election…you’ve said all along publicly its working, and reaffirmed this in a letter posted to the BC government website even when Weaver  stepped down to sit as an independent. Even your online influencers immediately started suggesting to everyone and anyone that an election was not a possibility unless the  BC Liberals or  BC Greens prompted one ( via a non confidence vote)

But then you answered Vaughn Palmers questions  in this press conference and everything changed. ( by phone, apparently its safe enough for regular people  to go to work and school  1 metre apart, but not to have reporters  masked and distanced at 2 metres at a microphone … maybe try sitting them in desks, facing forward, like Dr. Bonnie Henrys instructions for school kids )

Now John, I’m going to ask my readers to please watch this entire clip which is just over two minutes. And I am going to ask them to pay attention to your  answers on the CASA agreement with the Greens that allow you to be premier. I can’t even contain my disappointment and surprise at the hubris and arrogance here:


So…poli-geeks who watched this will go “WOAH, game on bro!!”

People who are not actively watching or following politics will go: ” Wow, is he actually going to use a pandemic to break an agreement keeping him in power?”

It was a bit remarkable,  because within hours, the online  BC NDP influencers (who have been (rightfully) verbally slapping Trudeau and the Federal Liberals silly  for proroguing government so he can attempt inserting a poison pill into new legislation when the house convenes  to instigate an election and blame it on another party)…were now faced with their leader implying he would do the same thing. But they veered right into attack mode on the Greens, as expected.

Now that is loyalty… and blind partisanship… when followers  will  try to protect you John, from the same criticisms much of Canada has been tossing at Trudeau.

This is no time for an election unless you are an opportunist, pure and simple. British Columbians absolutely want you to focus on the present and future John… but when you openly express ways to justify getting out of an agreement you signed, you only increase cynicism. You literally just showed us that you would be willing to rip up an agreement.

You and your government are losing trust John, because you hoard information and focus on good in your pressers, while glossing over the not so good. And it is starting to show now.

Case in point is this graph released by Dr. Henry in her Thursday presser last week.

I’m not an epidemiologist, nor do I profess to be.

But research is something I do well and I also pay attention to the views and concerns of people outside my own. I do not live in an echo chamber, and you know this well. You acknowledged this years ago when you called me to chat. The charts above presented by Dr.Henry last Thursday show a different story from one told in pressers. I totally get that parties and banquet halls are harder to trace because of all the different people who don’t know each other there, and lack of names and contact numbers.. but letting the public know most kids under 19 are getting Covid from their own household contacts, might get people being more cautious. No parent wants to unknowingly infect their own child.

Letting people know that transmission is happening at work with people we know…. might have them acting more cautious. These numbers alone should not be discounted, and this data was largely not picked up on by a press that still has not remembered they have a duty as a journalist. In combination with the highly questionable cohorts model in full classes…. well… one doesn’t need to be a scientist, only a parent, to understand how fast germs travel in school.

I have to say though, I’m glad that a journalist finally asked Dr. Henry about Covid Long Haulers this week. I haven’t watched the video, but I did see Lizda Yuzda post this:

Well you might be wondering why this matters John, but in case our readers don’t know, let me expand on this. Across the world, there are increasing reports of those reported as ‘recovered’, who actually have long term impacts of Covid, that have become known as Long Haulers. For some its months of recovery where they cannot work, for others its intermittant flares not unlike those known to us with autoimmune conditions.

So.. for the 5000 plus people listed as recovered in BC, please tell us how many of those people are being followed for long term effects, and how many are unable to currently work? Because this is also what people deserve to know about.

Why, for the love of all the transparency you rightfully harassed the BC Liberals for, are you giving incomplete info on Covid 19 patients? If  you want people to comply,.give them the truth of risk in their own area. Daily. Weekly if need be.

It doesn’t help you, it hinders you, not unlike how forcing reporters to call in while expecting everyone else to go to work doesn’t help you either. For a party espousing to be of the working person, you are all acting more like the elite than Andrew ‘where did he go?’ Wilkinson is.

John, I strongly suspect there is  going to be a time this winter when the people of BC need a leader they can trust, and that will tell them the real deal… and that leader will likely be you.

I can tell you now though, that using this pandemic to justify an election no one wants, will work against you

I can guarantee it.

You will end up in another minority government and it may not work in the NDP’s favour this time.That is where  we are John.

We, the average people, have no patience for this right now.. We see California and Oregon burning.Many are treading water to stay afloat.Some have already given up, closing businesses even here in tourism driven Comox Valley. Your swing ridings will not work in your favour if your advisors are as out of touch as I think they are. ( and the record of NDP losses in BC over a decade supports this)

Don’t do it John. BC deserves better than this.


Best regards, Laila Yuile


** I leave you John, with this thread by a Green candidate. I do not know him,and have no knowledge of anything about him beyond this thread.  I am still not a member of any party. But this speaks so concisely as to why snap elections by any leader – Trudeau, Horgan  or anyone else – removes the average person from democratic process ,and why it is so offensive.

This isn’t right, and it isn’t what the people of BC voted for. It is the opposite of everything the NDP claim to stand for… and more


16 thoughts on “Dear John…Letter #2

  1. Excellent article Laila.
    This article up the thoughts I’ve had for quite a few years now and that’s fundamental reform in all government levels. If some new party came along and based their platform on just that they’d have my vote. I fear I’ll be waiting for the rest of my life on that one. It’s always going on once we have our democracy day of voting the government in power than changes their ways and begins the hard work of staying power. Being loyal to the party and leader is all the backbenchers do regardless if they agree with policy or not. Being true or representing their constituents is not on the agenda. If Horgan is thinking of having an election right now then all he’s doing is what all parties want, power, nothing else matters. He’d be wrong to have a snap election in my view. If he did then all his enablers are not thinking about the people and a PANDEMIC, but how do we stay in power. Once politicians get elected, they get their training lesson, get plenty of money and perks, and become quite comfortable thank you very much don’t want to rock this boat. In my opinion, they get too much money and perks where politicians should be elected and want the job because it ‘matters’! The job now seems to be a bit too lucrative so way changes it. Even during this pandemic, politicians were giving themselves raises while people all around then were losing their jobs either temporarily or permanently. Politicians don’t have to worry about the income they still get paid no matter what happens out there.
    All this sound cynical?, you bet, but I get tired of the old way of wash, rinse, repeat.


  2. Great letter Laila!
    I’ve been grappling with the ‘how to make independents Premier’ problem, to no avail. Perhaps you have taken the first step?
    While I’ll grudgingly admit John has made some positive moves, his abhorrent stance on Site C has overshadowed any good he might have done, in MHO.
    Until he shuts that dreadful, wasteful project down, he’ll never get my vote again.
    To think, I used to revere him when in opposition. But then, it would be easy to revere a fence post considering what he was opposing!


    1. Thank you, and I agree. He has done a lot of good, and many not so good things, and some even worse than the Libs. But now hes gone and totally misread the feeling of the general public who have no desire for an election ahead of schedule, and not because they fear voting…its because it looks and feels yucky. IT is yucky.

      See my new post on the main page.


  3. Great letter, sadly, I doubt Horgan will read it as his minders will prevent him.

    The NDP barely squeaked in, after the rule of what must be considered one of the most corrupt government BC had and Hogan should be extremely humble as the public really did not want to give the NDP another chance.

    I was hoping for fresh faces and a fresh wind to undo the damage of the previous years and st BC on a new course.

    Sadly it is the same old arrogant NDP that we always detested. Same old faces, same old song and dance. What really appalls me is that Horgan has become the new Premier photo-op.

    The NDP were sunk with FastFerrys, which was really a Liberal project for a new ferry route from Iona Island to Gabriola, providing a fast link (45 minutes) for cars. But the protests from Gabriola residents sunk that project and the NDP stupidly went ahead with the ferry’s designed for that route.

    Stupid – stupid – stupid!

    Yet Horgan and his crew is doing the very same thing with Site C and the Broadway subway.

    Stupid – Stupid – Stupid!

    They never learn.

    I think having a fall election will make Horgan look like the chap down south, more than anything, a crass opportunist.

    Most of Horgan’s cabinet ministers, except for Dix, look and act weak.

    If anyone thinks 2020 was bad, 2021 is going to be worse because the taxes and user fees will be increased to pay for the government’s largess and unless you curb spending now, I think those who will vote, will not vote NDP!

    Losers fix the blame; winners fix what caused the problem.

    Start fixin Premier Horgan, because as i see it, you are making matters worse!


    1. Very late responding with back to school routines unfolding over the last couple weeks, but thank you and…you are right. 2020 is a dress rehearsal for 2021 fallout.


    1. That about sums it up.

      I now believe that the unelected senior bureaucrat wields more power than elected officials, yet they are protected by government. Maybe bureaucrats should work to 5 year terms, being renewed every 5 years or not.

      The corruption in my municipality is huge and the politicians are deathly afraid to deal with problems caused by bureaucrats. It is a shambles.


    2. Yes, as we see this week, politicians think only to the next election. Some of the promises government is making are over 10 years, which is just ridiculous because we all know its a 4 year election cycle. The Libs used to do the same thing and we would pick their press releases and numbers apart. I believe Norm Farrell has a new post on just this.


  4. Sure don’t hear much questioning and conversation from some of the chicken shit corporate media or press gallery softies about the serious Site C problems except from Vaughn Palmers good questioning. Otherwise nothing much. But where’s the rest of them like Global and their radio buddies and newspaper people. I won’t even pay for a Province or Sun or any other big corporate toilet paper anymore.


  5. hmmmm…who’s advising you, John? Ms. Clark? Breaking an agreement you signed in good faith (like the bclibs have done a few times, now) , calling an election during a pandemic when you’re actually doing a fairly decent job is just silly, to be polite. It ranks right up there with Christy’s desperate Clone Speech. What’s next, Star Trek Day on the Burrard Bridge? Dermod Travis would be all over your ass on this, if he was still here.


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