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Words of wisdom on Rosh Hashanah

For those who are not familiar with Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)  is said to be a tzaddik. This translates to a person of great righteousness.🙏  She was a hero to many, including myself.


  1. Of all the wonderful cerebral people I know, you were/are one of
    the few who knew it is/was a High Holy Day.
    Horgan put out a statement on Rosh Hashana that was politically
    correct and at least he did, but it didn’t grasp the point that
    it’s even moreso the eve of Feast of Trumpets.

    Tonight in Campbell River we had another church-in-the-park event
    organized by Chris and Kim McKay, which turned out well. Leah
    Catherine of formerly Comox and now Merville sang beautifully and
    Tim Ash spoke knowledgeably except he didn’t recognize it was/is
    The Feast of Trumpets (even though I had mentioned it at the

    Very auspicious and moving in any case. 60 people turned out on a
    cool soggy night in Foreshore Park in downtown Campbell River. I
    hope it will be deemed by God as “a sign forever . . . ” that we
    are keeping the original Sabbath and Holy Days.

    Were you as a child forced to adhere to some religious
    churchianity dictates? I did too, until I refused to visit a
    homo-pedo elder who wanted to give me a free Bible. Afterwards I
    found my own way to the Godhead. (Long story; KJV in an Ottawa
    hotel room.)

    And you?
    You are not obliged to reply in kind, but you have my kind
    regards and best wishes in any case.

    On 18/09/2020 10:14 p.m., Laila Yuile


    • Sounds lovely 🙂

      No, I was not raised in a religious home. I did have one terrifying moment as a child when, after spending the night at my friends house, attended her very orthodox church with her.It was very much a hell and damnation fear based sermon and I was asked to come up front, which I was hesitant to do as a guest.My hosts urged me up and I went and it was the last church I attended for many years as a result. 🙂


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