Why is the bc NDP about to DIVERT the peace river for site c…when they DON’T even know if it can be fixed or how much it will cost?

File under things that should not be happening under cover of an election campaign, during a pandemic being conducted under a state of emergency.

Please make this an election issue. This is wrong, and it wae preventable. Every ndp mla knew the full significance of how unstable this valley was, and the governments own Weisgerber report from 1991 was explicitly clear that development must be minimized in this area of the valley. The ndp caucus used these points over and over.

This can no longer be blamed on the BC Liberals when the NDP had a choice to stop it, and chose not to. It was not past the point of no return in 2017, and it is reprehensible that Horgan is allowing Hydro to divert this river during an election he forced in part to avoid the inevitable fallout from this fiasco.

During the backlash of the NDP’S decision to continue site C, David Eby wrote a letter to his constituents on why they did so. Excerpt:

“…The Utilities Commission reported back to us, and to the public, that in their opinion terminating Site C and implementing a portfolio of alternative generation technologies would have comparable public and ratepayer costs to continuing with the Site C project.

That was very hopeful news.


” In response, our government took the Utilities Commission’s information to experts in finance for analysis about what options were available.

Devastatingly, at this stage we received unambiguous advice that while the net cost of the termination and continuation scenarios may be similar, the accounting treatment of the two models was dramatically different. In particular, we were told that if we abandoned the Site C project, we would incur an immediate $3-4bn public charge on either hydro ratepayers or BC taxpayers.

In contrast, we were advised that if we continued the project, even if it went significantly over budget, the accounting treatment of the completed project as an “asset” would enable it to be repaid over 70 years by ratepayers with a significantly different impact on rates and public accounts.”

Ironically, this same government showed no such concern over the books taking on the $3.5 billion in debt from the Port Mann Bridge when they promised to remove the tolls in an effort to win key ridings in Surrey.. https://vancouversun.com/news/politics/vaughn-palmer-ending-bridge-tolls-has-cost-486-million-and-counting

Long story short, they clearly had wiggle room in the pre election 2017 budget, and gambled the fallout from enviros was worth ensuring Surrey ridings remained NDP. They tried to make it sound like a horrible position, when in reality it was simply a choice over a vote buy in Surrey or a dam in a Liberal riding that might help John Fracking Horgan beat Christy Clark at her own game of making LNG happen in BC.

Remember this when they tell you it was past the point of no return. It wasn’t. They had a choice and site C wasn’t it.

I would tell you to call your mla and the minister responsible but guess what? They are all campaigning right now with photo ops and events limited by Covid protocal.

And….prevented from speaking to this because we are in an election and in caretaker mode..

How fucking democratic.

Please sign this petition, and share and demand answers from your mlas and candidates campaigning, as to why work is being continued when there is no fix or cost proposed yet.


36 thoughts on “Why is the bc NDP about to DIVERT the peace river for site c…when they DON’T even know if it can be fixed or how much it will cost?

  1. Site C was a “dam”ned disaster from the get go!! As our NDP MLA/Min. of Energy, etc.claimed on herelection campaign:
    Obsolete 1950’s technology…even went on a Paddle for the Peace protesters’ support AGAINST SITE C…DAM(N) LIARS!!


  2. It’s all about greed and BC HYDRO are the biggest crooks going and biggest corporate bullies!!
    Should have been stopped Liberals and NDP are all to blame!!!
    This sucks big time!!!


    1. The recent letter asking to halt construction was covered by most outlets, however this specific event happening right now, has been only referred to as a key milestone in most media.

      Why this is happening with no clue how to move forward or how much its going to cost, is insanity.

      You eldct the BC Liberals and you csn be sure they will ram it through.

      You elect the NDP and its clear they will too.



    2. Hi Don, Your ask is one of the few forward looking consequences of this massive project. While there is good reason for many to set their hair on fire over this, their demands and concerns will fall on deaf ears I am afraid. The politicization of everything it seems moves ever farther from the facts and the truth. More disappointing are those whom we would normally count ourselves as one with, also take on a political rant which is distracting from the facts and truth. I continue to hope that persons standing for elected office find it in their toolkit and move away from the same old, same old political antagonisms. The likelihood probably will not happen in your time or mine, but it will come. I only hope we don’t suffer a disproportionate amount of harm in the end for this to occur. The fact remains, people need to vote and thereby participate in the process. Too many, too often don’t. Until this changes and the quality of candidates improve, we will continue with the same old party affiliations that prevent issues that need to be discussed and revealed as you ask. The media has a role here as well. Chasing fire engines sells news. There are only a few who even know how to champion a better future….. Ms. Yuile is one of them.


  3. In our riding, we have 3 parties running, NDP, Liberal, Green. I’ll never vote Liberal, NDP has now pissed me off more than I can say, so, I’m left with Green who didn’t do anything to back out of Site C. I’m not happy with any of these parties really. What do I do, vote for the party I dislike least?!!
    I am getting real tired of holding my nose and voting all the time, none of these people deserve to be in power they way they steamroll along ignoring actual facts and public outcry. I can sign the petition but why do I feel it will just be ignored like everything else. Politics in this province has to have a fundamental change sometime soon.


    1. My thoughts? The Greens without Weaver at the helm are a very different beast than they were with him still in charge. He turned many off of the party with his somewhat pompous behavior, which has been very much on display since he left and sat independent. Keep in mind he was a federal liberal for much of it and only quit that party in the past couple years.

      I voted NDP last time to save my riding. Our mla is the seniors parliamentary secretary and is largely absentee except within her own party. We had many groups pop up during the pandemic and she was nowhere to be seen. Lovely person, but very weak mla. I met and grilled the BC Liberal candidate last week and he was clear that he is pro resource and after admitting and agreeing most natural gas producers don’t need all these credits they get, he said he they would not reduce subsidies.

      The ndp have now outdone the BC Liberals on resource subsidies. They are full steam ahead. I have no option but to vote Green and hope we can elect enough new green mlas to hold both to account.


  4. I agree the Greens supporting NDP was because of Weaver and it is now a clear alternative for those of us against the site C dam. It may not mean much in my riding (Randal Garrison is so strong) but, then again, maybe this issue will wake up NDP supporters. I have always voted NDP but am so mad at Horgan over this and now they are going ahead to flood the valley. I have to rethink my vote.


    1. I had a discussion online with a former highly partisan ndp friend. She is a wonderful, passionate person, but she was telling people on a discussion thread who were unhappy with all these environmental reversals, that they should join thebc ndp party and force change from within.

      The only issue is, she has been telling people this for more than 16 years and nothings changed. Horgan gets away with all this, because his hard-core members allow it.

      I heard from many ndp members that LNG and site c and the environment would be brought up at the last convention, and I heard they intended to vote Craig Keating, Raj Sihota etc out, and get a more progressive executive.

      Didn’t happen. Nothing was brought forward. Everyone was happy. Nothing changed. Party unity, stay silent and don’t say shit even if your mouth is full of it. ( one of Rafe Mairs comments)

      This is how I see it. If they know its wrong and say or do nothing and go along with it, they are complicit in what’s to come. Horgan and his ministers can do all this because their own members allow it. None of these mlas is speaking up. Not one. They ignore questions on these issues. Clean BC isn’t clean when it allows lng related emissions to rise.

      The ndp have made some excellent changes and rectified a lot on some files. But we can no longer say that it is acceptable to ignore their heinous environmental record. This party had 3 years to act on so many things and were are we now? Shooting cow moose and their calves, to save the caribou. Its so messed up and its but one story in many.

      I dont want to see the BC Liberals get a majority. But I dont think we can trust 4 more years of an unchecked ndp majority either with John frackmaster Horgan in charge. He cant be trusted with unchecked power.


  5. Damn the dam and full speed ahead!

    Question: For what?

    Horgan and the NDP are consumed with site C and will support it to the end and it boils down to this. There are a large amount of union jobs at stake and god help us, the NDP do not want to seen shutting down union jobs.

    Horgan and his puppet master Geof Meggs are consumed with mega projects; Site C, Broadway SkyTrain; anything that looks good in a photo-op.

    The only “green” they care about is the “green” hue of cash.

    It is a risky game they play because the economics of 2021 will make 2020 look like child’s play and the public will be in no mood for government waste. Horgan’s newly won electoral mandate may hang around the NDP’s neck like a dead Albatross and cash strapped taxpayers and throwing billions more at a faulty dam or a hole in the ground in Vancouver, may sour the public’s support of the NDP.

    – “As a side note; my youngest son graduated in 2020, there was no support, no help, the few classes that were on line were more of a joke than anything else. There was no coupling except for First nations and Metis children, ho help with post secondary education, in short grade 12 was a bloody shambles.

    Then there were no summer jobs and the bank of daddy (fastly depleting) paid for house painting or general yard work. Already two suicides because of this which we are politely told not to reference in correspondence. Where the hell is Horgan?”

    It will not be anti pipeline types manning the barricades, it well could be impoverished “Boomer” sick and tired of another FastFerry scandal and tax after tax, after tax.

    What is sauce for the First Nations, “Green activists” and the rest, maybe sauce for the taxpayer.

    An about face of Site C, may show that Horgan understood the Fastferry fiasco, if not, he becomes another NDP yob, who looks good in opposition but folds like a cheap deck chair under the pressure of governance.

    We got rid of one premier photo-op, only to get another?


  6. the crooked corruption both federal and provincial and bc hydro carries on in plain view of all that might be interested-no one is even trying to hide it any longer-what will it take to expose the real truth behind this corruption that has robbed us of the peace river valley and its wildlife habitat-this crooked corruption all for corporate and political greed has to stop-mark meiers charlie lk bc


  7. I will vote for the Green Party because I also do not want a majority of anything. Especially the two slimiest main party’s. I don’t trust those slithering lying politicians. MOST are not to be trusted any more. Thanks to Horgan for causing even more mistrust. What greed for power. These idiots that we HIRE TO REPRESENT US are always most certain to throw us under the bus. Both sides. The BCNDP and the BC Liberals do not represent the people in general.


  8. All political leaders are Psychopaths which is a video that I posted on my timeline and is true, just look at all the rules we obey that got us here, so how good were the rules. Just look at the Clowns we voted in a First Past the Post voting system, and promised us wealth and jobs but then the Clark government used The Public Interest Immunity clause to hide the real truth from the TAXPAYERS who foot the bill and suppressed the truth from us. It’s time to wake up.


  9. And Horgan continues on with his head up his ass. Billions will still be saved if the dam is shut down. Billions more than what has been sunk into it even after reclamation. Wow the money saved could take care of much or most of the Covid recovery instead of taxing us to death for it. What does this dense lead head not get. Holy shit. Self Serving Special Interest Serving Asshole politicians. Amazing how we pay them good wages to screw us.


      1. Voting Green.

        Horgan is an abject failure on the environment and I fear what BC will look kike if he gets a majority as well. There’s a list a mile long of what’s happened under his watch in the last three years…WITH an environment minister that was from Sierra Club for goodness sake.

        We need to stop rewarding the bad behavior of all politicians. Do not give this man a majority.


        1. Totally agree. Majority is a pass for more bad behaviour, lies, wrong doing with no chance to be held in check. It was a beautiful thing watching Sonia Furstaneau beat the hell out of that deceitful lying Horgan and even that Wilkinson creature feature. Awsesome when she kicked Horgans pathetic ass into oblivion on Site C too. Horgan is such a lying prick about putting BCers ahead of politics.


  10. this is not a time to fall into the trap of the illusion that politics will work…it wont…face the facts…the real reasons behind this is very dark….dont be lead astray and waste away with the bullshit being feed into society…look thru this time of awakening to a new way of being…in yourself not outside…


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