When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

The morning after the unnecessary election Horgan called, he tried to assure British Columbians he was going to be a different type of leader. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5776370

Fast forward to the end of the first session and this is the reality:
The article in which he makes this comment is here: https://t.co/ZYFL4WwiTp?amp=1
As Charlie Smith points out, that should make people take note.

Not only is this the exact opposite of the kind of leadership he said he was going to bring to the legislature, its incredibly misogynistic to imply the criticisms of two female opposition leaders are a mental health issue, when they are just doing their jobs! Whether he likes it or not, he promised inclusive and different leadership but once again we see a side of the premier that’s arrogant AF and tone deaf to a multitude of issues.

This is no different than the ridiculous comments made about Bowinn Ma by Jane Thornthwaite, and premier Horgan should apologize to both opposition leaders. Whether you agree with their politics or not isn’t relevant because this patriarchal, misogynist response is dismissive and demeaning to every woman in politics, and every young woman who desires to get there. It shows contempt.

Mental health is not a joke. Seeing a counsellor isn’t either. Tossing a comment like this out trivializes and contributes to the stigma of seeking care when you actually do need help. Its not something to use to shut down political opponents. Its bad enough when party apparatchiks do it online to their opponents implying they are unstable or losing it. Its simply unacceptable from a premier.


Former Green leader Andrew Weaver, who now acts as Horgans wing man, pops in and shows why he is no longer leader….

2 thoughts on “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

  1. I am very disappointing in John Horgan, in fact i believe him to be a very weak bully, just like his mentor, former Vision(less) Vancouver Councillor and premier wannabe, Geoff Meggs.

    Look, a corpse could have defeated the BC Liberals, simply because the party is run by the Liberal “silver spoon” set and the conservative Trumpian ideologues, sprinkled with evangelical bible types.

    Horgan’s election was won on a growing grave of Covid-9 victims because for 6 weeks, a faux election took everyone’s mind off of Covid and for some, especially the elderly, was a death sentence.

    As for open government, tell me another one, Horgan hides behind secrecy because he fears the truth. The NDP, the so called peoples party, is a political party filled with politcal friends and insiders, smacking their collective lips as the NDP’s “gravy train starts pulling out of the station.

    Fastferry fiasco’s here we come.

    Unless the BC Liberals elected another walking corpse to be leader, they will win in 4 years, as Horgan has overstayed his welcome, within a few months as the NDP once again is the political party that remembers nothing and learns nothing.

    I have dealt with politicians for the past 35 years and I can tell everyone, politicians in BC, with very few exceptions, run solely to obtain power, yet when they achieve power, they become despots. Horgan, a very weak man has shown his true colours and all I can say is “tax and spend” as Horgan’s NDP do not care for the little guy, just his political friends.

    Who is in charge of the clattering NDP train?
    The axles creak, and the couplings strain.
    Site C, money to spend and too a subway train
    The homeless freeze, the poor, hunger pains.
    An at every hour the Covid gains!
    Who is in charge of the clattering NDP train?

    For the pace is hot, and crisis is near,
    And hubris hath deadened Megg’s ear;
    And warning signals flash through the night in vain.
    Memories of Fastferries, leave all in pain.
    For Horgan is in charge of the clattering NDP train!


    Edwin James Milliken

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