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“There are political penalties for overreacting, but fatal consequences for underacting. For overconfident leaders, the true enemy may not be the virus, but their own hubris…”

A timely quote from this mid-November Macleans column serves as this posts headline… the brief line is small, but speaks largely to where we are in BC right now, and where we may be headed if we aren’t careful. Ironically, Horgan was noted in this piece for winning a majority, not for the ongoing death toll in long term care other leaders have faced questions over:

That column came to mind immediately last night after a friend brought my attention to the story by Ian Young in SCMP yesterday, detailing the painful details of how yet another LTC outbreak evolved so tragically.

Dr Michael Schwandt, a medical health officer with the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) authority, sounded almost upbeat on the Zoom call, which was leaked to the South China Morning Post. He expressed confidence that anti-infection protocols would succeed; after all, a previous outbreak at Little Mountain Place in March had been swiftly stamped out.

Precautions were being strictly followed, he assured listeners. Staff were ready. Measures would be “airtight”.

It didn’t turn out that way. Soon, the outbreak at Little Mountain Place was spiralling out of control.

Dozens more residents and staff soon became infected, in a catastrophic cascade that overwhelmed the home’s frail residents.

Now, at least 41 out of Little Mountain Place’s 114 residents are dead of Covid-19, according to an update delivered to relatives on Tuesday. Ninety-nine of the elderly had been infected. And 70 staff had also tested positive. It is British Columbia’s deadliest Covid-19 outbreak, by a wide margin.

How did anti-infection protocols collapse so badly?

It fell on VCH infection investigator Dr Andrew Hurlburt to explain, in another leaked Zoom call, on December 29.

He described how multiple infected staff – either asymptomatic or having failed to recognise and report their symptoms – interacted with numerous residents, as well as other staff.

“There were a lot of people who were exposed. And that was both in terms of residents, and in terms of staff causing transmission to other staff. This really led to a perfect storm”:Vancouver Coastal Health officer Dr Andrew Hurlburt

And when workers began falling irrefutably ill with Covid-19, creating staff shortages, their newly infected colleagues dismissed or downplayed their own symptoms – because they did not want to worsen the escalating staff shortages.

The phenomenon, described by Hurlburt as “presenteeism”, is founded on good intentions. But it would have tragic consequences.

“We had people who are pushing through things and probably explaining away things, in an attempt to really help the site out, and it turns out that unfortunately these people did have symptoms that were probably indicative of ongoing transmission for days,” Hurlburt said.

I can’t even imagine these kinds of numbers of elders dying in such a short time. And what makes it even more incredibly tragic… no… outrageous…is that this has occurred again, and again and again since early spring when the first outbreak happened in a North Vancouver care home.

Yesterday the province finally agreed to release information relating to all deaths and cases in long term care, a move health authorities have not taken proactively on their own, with Vancouver Coastal Health being the most secretive. The first weekly report is grim reading as the death toll mounts.

I’ve already seen the blaming and shaming of staff online from those who routinely deflect from this governments handling of the second wave of the pandemic, and I think its terribly misplaced. I had not heard the term ” presenteeism” before reading Ian’s story, and looked it up.,%2Doptimal%20conditions.%5B1%5D

From that link:

Presenteeism is the action of employees coming to work despite having a sickness that justifies an absence and as a consequence, they are performing their work under sub-optimal conditions.[1]

When employees come to work not mentally present due to an illness, extreme family/life pressures or stress, they are not giving themselves adequate time to get better. While they are at work their performance can deteriorate. Presenteeism can affect an organization just as sickness or absence can in terms of productivity and performance.

Stressful life events have been directly linked to health problems, absenteeism and presenteeism[2]. The cause of the event determines whether an employee is more likely to contribute to absenteeism or presenteeism. Individuals who have undergone treatment for a physical illness, such as a heart condition, have a higher correlation with absenteeism than presenteeism. Where as individuals who have sought psychological help or undergone counselling have a higher correlation with presenteeism than absenteeism.

Presenteeism is most common in people with children, lower waged workers, employees with poor health status and those who have difficulties setting limits when confronted with excessive demands[3].

Some of the reasons employees have for presenteeism include:

*cannot afford to take the day off;

*there is no back-up plan for tasks the individual is responsible for;

*when they returned to work, there would be even more to do;

*committed to personally attending meetings or events;

*concerned about job insecurity related to downsizing or restructuring.

This…explains so much. Staff are already living in trauma and stress, holding hands of elders dying and while some may have a hard time understanding why anyone would risk going to work in a situation like this,there are a few things to understand here. Much of this should have been preventable and/or mitigated:

  1. Dr. Henry has repeatedly squashed every suggestion of the use of preventative rapid testing since early on with a variety of excuses. Critics have been saying for some time ( as I have too, as regular readers of this blog know) that if she doesn’t feel rapid testing is effective enough for catching asymptomatic carriers, why not use standard PCR swab testing routinely? Even performed every 2-3 days, it would catch asymptomatic staff early enough to potentially mitigate a large transmission event. But when asked before Christmas in a post report call in scrum, she said its uncomfortable to be swabbed up the nose and we want to be mindful of this. ( paraphrase, you can go back and watch the pressers online to see exact wording )
  2. Many of us have been calling for UBI – income tested – since the spring, foreseeing the inability for many to stay home with every minor sniffle because they simply can’t afford to. The federal sick benefit currently in place, can take weeks to be approved and verified…and by that time anyone who is sick is back at work. It’s also just a one time only benefit. The reality is, while health officials and politicians tell us not to work when sick, they have refused to acknowledge the privilege inherent to that statement, that is far removed from the reality of most peoples lives. At this point in the pandemic, many middle income earners have used their credit up, if they had it, and most low income earners don’t even have credit cards. Its almost like these politicians and health officials live in a world where this reality does not exist. Or maybe they just don’t care? Even a sick benefit that is made immediately available when sick, and able to be accessed more than once would be a tremendous benefit for workers, especially those with kids who are forced to stay home anytime their child is symptomatic as well. If you want people to stay home,make it possible to do so. This goes back to the premature self confidence felt this spring and summer, that may have been the undoing of our fall and winter second wave.

Politicians are their own worst enemies at times, as are the bureaucrats that bolster them. They are quick to the podium when things go well, but rarely to be seen when they don’t. ( Horgan is largely unseen) I recognize this is an unprecedented challenge but the hubris displayed truly is astounding and inappropriate. It astounds me that Trudeau even dares mention possibly going to an election while many provinces are seriously in the thick of it, considering how the one we had in BC gave social license to so many to let loose in Fraser Health.

We were left without an education or health minister while the government continued in caretaker mode, albeit in the competent hands of Carole James. And while it was clear by the data on the BC CDC website that cases were already well on the rise in September – something Dr.Henry has publicly acknowledged being surprised by – the public was repeatedly and endlessly told that it was very safe to have an election right now. ” The best time, before our second wave” was commonly heard. But by the October 8th presser and dataset, it was clear we were moving into a more rapid increase, and yet…nothing more than mild admonishment by Dr. Henry and a reminder we needed to pull back our activities. The wave had already started.

By then, Dr. Henry had shut down banquet halls, and larger facilities, but as a result many events moved to peoples homes, well documented by south of the Fraser media. But not helping anyone take the pandemic seriously, were ongoing campaign events( held outside but still in groups) and in person appearances continued, covered in person by media daily.

We were still being told we have to learn to live with this virus and carry on safely and yet by the last 2 weeks of the election it was very clear we were in trouble (anyone can go to the BC CDC website and view all the old stats and graphs to confirm this ) but still no restrictions were issued.

Worse yet, we continued to hear assertions of “Its SAFE!!” from everyone supporting Horgan. In effect,this messaging during the election, inadvertently gave social license to many to continue their activities since there was no restriction ordering them to. Did this messaging and lack of action by Dr. Henry until the day immediately after the election contribute to the disaster in Fraser Health? Absolutely. Like the long overdue mask mandate, the in home gathering restriction was also delayed too long.

Fraser Health communities are where much of Metro Vancouvers workforce lives, in a densely populated region thick with secondary suites and shared accomodations where distancing isn’t possible .

Where those workers go, the virus goes. Even the late August graphs showed a high degree of unknown transmission and workplace spread in lunchrooms. When restrictions finally did come it, it was far too late for all these care homes. ( people who watch the post report scrum feeds, and read the graphs know this)

With cases rapidly multiplying now that school is back in session, and very low testing over the holidays, health care workers and teachers are both feeling the concern in hotspot areas of BC. It was long overdue for the BC CDC to finally acknowledge airborne transmission this week, months after the federal health authority, the WHO, and many other respected epidemiologists.

But herein lies the problem.

We have been told continuously decisions are based in science, and that keeping community transmission low is key, which is commonsense. But government fails to acknowledge when the science changes, and acts too late time and time again. This is now a key factor moving through the remaining winter months.

We failed to mandate simple things that we know there is concrete evidence of working, like testing proactively for long term care staff early on. (using standard pcr tests )

We failed to enact a mask mandate after reducing the distancing requirement for many workplaces and schools.

We still hear reasons why masks are not needed in secondary school classrooms where distancing cannot happen, despite knowing this helps and is mandatory in many jurisdictions already.

And now we have two new variants, months of winter and spring ahead… and even longer before people are widely vaccinated. ( I’m not even going to get into this issue below …)

But hey, we have hockey now……everyone applaud and be distracted from my next question.

Please tell me why, as this article makes clear, it was ultimately the province that approved the return of NHL hockey to BC, using the NHL protocal of a daily PCR ( swab) test daily on every member ( ….

… yet they have chosen for months not to use PCR testing proactively to prevent the death of hundreds of elders in long term care? It works to keep hockey players safe, but not seniors? It works for movie sets, but not long term care in hot zones? What gives, seriously?

Dr, Henry has mentioned staffing concerns as a reason not to test. But I would say it is better to deal with having to replacing a few positive staff caught early and prevent a massive outbreak, than have to replace all staff, lose hundreds of elders and have long lasting trauma and PTSD to deal with for all involved.

We cannot waste time hesitating for the remainder of this winter. An ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure in this pandemic, just as it was in SARS. Dr.Henry knows this personally. But 9 months later, we still aren’t applying lessons learned in the SARS inquiry. And I think we need to ask why.

*Update 3:18 pm Friday January 8th*

*update Jan 8th, 8 pm.

Prior to Christmas break, Dr. Henry promised they would separate public,.msp paid for testing numbers from the privately paid for, industry numbers. The BC CDC dashboard number still combines the two, which skews positivity.

Below us the BC CDC testing number reported screenshot and the Govt of Canada’s daily BC testing number…the different is 4847, which the number of private industry tests.

We are testing so far below average in BC, and hospital numbers tend to be a lagging indicator. Now that school and work is back in session many anticipated a spike coming.



    ” After months of calls to shut down industrial work sites in northern B.C. due to concerns they’re COVID-19 “incubators,” and 250 cases at five projects, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has finally taken action. But critics say it’s too little, too late. 

    “We now have our first Elder in ICU in hospital because of an LNG worker — it was just a matter of time,” said Sley’do Molly Wickham, a member of the Gidimt’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation, upon whose territory the Coastal GasLink pipeline is being built. 

    “More and more Wet’suwet’en people are getting [COVID],” she added. “Most of the cases I know of have gotten it directly from somebody who works at LNG Canada or somebody that works on the Coastal GasLink project.”


  2. I would really like to know what Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell think of the present situation?
    They are not alone being short sited immature politicians.
    it was the NDP that closed the River view mental health clinic.
    Our election process leads to avoidable tragedies.
    Until we demand accountability of our ‘leaders’ there will be no change.



    • Frankly neither Campbell or Clark merit offering any commentary and if they did I’m sure it would be worthy of a good headshake.I’m still boggled at Doug Ford having appointed Gordon Campbell to audit their finances!!

      The decision to close Riverview bears responsibility over not one government but several. I hate referring to Wikipedia but this is a very succinct and accurate history posted so will share it.

      The ultimate and continual closure of Riverview was a terrible mistake for many reasons and what we see in some of the downtown east side and in parts of New West is still a holdover of how people were left to fend for themselves because the creation of new facilities was not kept up under Campbell – he sliced and diced all social services to the core to make up for the giant hole in revenue he made when he slashed taxes. Clark did not much better. Mental health care for many is still out of reach for many, and we have yet another crisis brewing due to the growing number of permanent brain injuries because of lack of oxygen during opioid overdoses. Naloxone saves lives, yes, but in some cases leaving overdose victims a shell of their former selves.

      We know the sad state of many care homes before covid. The ones purchased by an overseas company had to be taken back under provincial power by the ndp due to basic abandonment.

      I’m not sure why people find it so offensive to demand accountability. We demanded it from prior governments and we need to demand it of this one as well. Especially when seniors are dying and there is evidence in other jurisdictions that it does work. And to be sure, if the decision to do this testing had been undertaken early on, one wonders where we would be right now.


  3. As my mother was a nurse who contracted a mild form of polio (thank god) in the early 50’s, our family well understood the need for strict protocols during epidemics. Starting kindergarten in 1959 cleanliness and health were drummed into our little heads.

    In primary school the school and district nurse checked us for general health, checked for lice (I do not remember anyone having lice back then), gave vaccinations and ensured community health standards were observed and woe to the families considered not following the protocols of healthy living, as a knock on the door by the public nurse, sent the gossip mongers in a tizzy.

    Today there are no school nurses or community nurses, no checks, Lice is endemic in primary schools, which shocked the hell out of me when the critters appeared on me at the age of 50 transmitted by my son who acquired them evidently from shared hats during a small school play! No one ever thought of washing the hats or costumes, ever!

    What I thought was basic public health was all ignored by everyone with a “too bad, so bad” attitude. A phone call to the school board was rebuffed with a “lice do not pose a a health issue as no diseases are transmitted by lice. I replied that indeed Typhus was a disease that is carried by lice and have you checked for that?

    This, I believe is a prelude to our pandemic debacle.

    Our workaholic south Asian immigrants work 2 or 3 jobs and work sick or not.

    ( My wife who is south Asian is a good example as she has a well paying professional job in a medical field, but works part time on day offs or weekends.)

    Getting sick is not part of the program especially if cash jobs are involved. Again my wife is a good example as one part time job pays $40 an hour cash!

    Now we come to a dicey part, many south Asian manager expect workers to come sick or not to work because their heritage is, that if you are sick you must be dying.

    There are no public nurses checking today and politicians have turned a blind eye to public health. In the early 70’s, the Vancouver sawmill where I was employed, a city public nurse appeared to check our medical and safety equipment and woe to the foreman who did not maintain a proper kit. She also observed our lunchroom procedures.and gave helpful hints to those she thought needed helpful hints.

    Fast forward to today, there is almost nil practical public healthcare done today. Oh, we have scores of bureaucrats pushing paper but precious few in the field and we are paying the price for it. Our governments acted far too late (as mentioned before the NDP were about 2 weeks too late) the Feds and the NDP should have had provincial lock downs with no one entering or leaving the province and far stricter local controls, which in my view would let businesses operate within the scope of their restricted area. By doing so, outbreaks could have been quickly identified and quarantined, limiting the spread.

    The hubris within the NDP hierarchy is, mind numbing as it is no coincidence that Horgan’s needless fall election was mana for Covid-19 spread.

    Accountability – no politician would every let accountability get in the way. Deaths, what deaths – nothing to see here!!!!

    So, as I reside in my small bubble of 8 people, as I have done since April! I wear a mask, I wash dishes by hand (yes we all washed dishes by hand in the 50’s) and limit my shopping to 4 stores. I shake my head at those politicians, bureaucrats and citizens who went out of country for holidays; I tend to throw things when i hear people deliberately defying rules and regulations and I loose it completely when the death tolls at care homes outnumber the living. I blame the current provincial government, which means very little because I do not think they really care. Mind you, Dix was looking rather defeated lately and perhaps the reality of the situation has sunk in, as it certainly hasn’t with premier Photo-op II.

    Maybe we should go back to the days of district nurses, checking what needs to be checked and reporting what needs to be reported because the current system is broken and no one seems to want to fix it. Black to the future, you say?


  4. Excellent article Laila albeit very sad how governments continually try and put out fires instead of being proactive and actually do follow the science that is out there especially the reports from the SARS Commission. I’m not sure why they don’t other than the fact they only think of the economy/money aspect only and sacrificing many people especially the elderly.
    I’m enclosing a quote from an excellent article in the Tyee by Andre Nickiforyuk
    “At the same time, governments must carefully manage their borders with closely supervised quarantines. Next comes comprehensive testing, contact tracing, and isolation as COVID-19 cases begin to exponentially drop.”
    None of this has been done at all. Personally, I have followed another epidemiologist out of the University of Minnesota and he was talking back in Jan./Feb. about how this virus was spread by aerosols (airborne) I don’t think was ever mentioned in BC. let alone Canada until just recently. I fail to understand why BC is so against testing when it’s an intricate step in squashing the virus. We’ll get nowhere fast trying to just put out bush fires as they pop up. I said it before and I’ll say it again if you don’t know what to do pick up a phone and call the Atlantic provinces or New Zealand for example I’m sure they’ll be happy to fill you in on how it’s done.


  5. The provincial government, Dix and Henry on rapid testing in LTC and changing up the insane unsafe situations. They weren’t on it. The mindless incompetence and mind numbing negligence How many more deaths and transmissions could have been prevented if they acted earlier. How can one be payed so much of our tax dollars and screw up so badly. We don’t know the number, but I feel confident that many would have been saved if it weren’t for their fumbling especially. Henry and Dix and her buddies screwed up royally. Doesn’t go the full length for masks in schools. Doesn’t seem to listen too the other scientists and a much more experienced and tougher pool of professionals as far as I can tell. Then to top it off, we have an outrageously out to lunch Premier that says kids aren’t transmitters. We have a press gallery that for the most part cower with fear of stanidng up and putting forth but kicking questions. The sheep herding has worked good for the government.

    Now we have a variant or variants. Put horribly slow and bad decision making, incompetence, with some stubborn arrogant behavior too not listen or take heed to other good sound science and precautionary ideas sounds like a for a recipe for disaster. But thats politicians for you who would advance there own selfish interests and political agenda and Health officials that on play on both sides of the fence that ends up getting more people lost.


  6. It’s actually quite disgusting that we the people pay our employees the politicians and Health officials so much money too screw up and wreck so much havoc upon we the employer and society. I honestly think many of them do not even know that principle or even respect that. They even think they can do anything they want without consequence for negligent behavior.


  7. seniors are dying at quite the rate and we can blame politicians, health care professionals, whomever we want but truly we are all to blame. We simply didn’t care enough to take a good look at what was going on in senior care homes over the past couple of decades. Senior health care in homes were privitized and then some of those places were sold to off shore interests. staff was fired, contracts let, low wages paid, min. staffing levels became the norm, etc. What did we do? NOthing. what did the government of the day do back then? Nothing.

    About 8 or so years ago a number of care homes changed hands here on Vancouver island. I was interested because of child poverty. As the wages for the adults were lowered, the poverty rate for children increased. Once care homes started to contract out the work, salaries dropped in some by as much as $6 an hr. That’s a lot of poverty. Now if the new owners did that to the workers, what do you think happened to the clients living in these places? You didn’t check at the time. You’d hear things out of Ontario and some of their horror stories but no one here seemed to pay attention.
    Well now you know what happens. Under staffed, under paid, under cleaned, etc. we then got COVID. Elderly started dying. Gee why were people even surprised. It was a given it would happen.

    This pandemic isn’t over by a long shot and we can expect move over the next few decades (some virologists and epidemiologists in various countries in African have some interesting research). Those who are now young, may wind up living in the types of conditions which has led to all these deaths of the elderly. Don’t be shocked. You’re not doing much to deal with the issues today. Right now its care by crisis. It saved tax payers money and that was all they cared about. To provide quality care for seniors in care homes more money is going to have to be spend and that will mean higher taxes. No one is going to be interested in doing that. So think about it. Be prepared to die in pain or use the Trudeau exit to avoid it. Your turn will come.
    don’t blame the Chief Medical officer or any politician, blame yourselves and your friends and family. Pretty much all ignored the health of seniors in care. I wouldn’t send a rabid dog to some of those places for care.


    • Much of this is accurate as we know how the BC Libs handled LTC. They didn’t.
      You say I didn’t check at the time those homes were sold, no, I didn’t. I was too busy chasing down the many stories the BC Liberals kept trying to hide. That’s what we had an official opposition for, no? Did the NDP not have a critic for seniors care or was that not a priority? I dont know but as a society we do need to do better. Government needs to do better.

      But none of this, excuses not testing proatively in these facilities Eaf. None of it. If you know something is wrong you do your ” level best” as Johnny says, to fix it.

      They knew in the spring this was going to be an issue in a second wave and had the opportunity to address it as best they could.

      If you know staffing is short, you damn well better make sure none get sick and if they do, that you catch it before it spreads. This is literally why it works so well in the movie industry and they don’t use rapid tests on all productions they are often using standard tests like the NHL.

      Did govt do this? No.

      Did they enact restrictions during the election during the beginning of the second wave when they just watched people repeatedly ignore them in Fraser Health? No Graphs show daily case numbers were rising late August, climbed in September and according to the elections BC committee meeting this spring, that’s not the best time to have an election. Instead of restrictions we had a campaign an election and the transmission was left unchecked. Unchecked.

      Most of our elders died in the last 3 months since then.

      Had they started testing staff early on, with regular tests, they could have weeded out more than they did. We know this. Its being done elsewhere.

      Not all these homes were terrible homes prior to this. Not by far. But it sure went downhill fast and it sure looks like they are bloody expendable. Its likely an ethical decision made somewhere since Bonnie Henry said early on testing in care homes wasn’t a good use of resources. On tape.

      Especially when there is no good reason not to use standard tests( not rapid). They tell us we have capacity. Over half the tests being done in BC are for.movies and now hockey.

      But elders? Nah. We don’t want to even try.

      Why is that? Why is DBH only now, after nearly a thousand dead seniors, willing to consider using standard tests and admitting its working elsewhere? ( Mondays presser) and why is this govt suddenly now willing to try and deflect from it all when they would have had the liberals over a hoop for it.

      Good piece here. I suggest looking up the piece and giving it a listen.


  8. “ Below us the BC CDC testing number reported screenshot and the Govt of Canada’s daily BC testing number…the different is 4847, which the number of private industry tests.”

    I believe you are in error. The difference is not private industry tests. The Gov’t of Canada site was simply incorrect at the time the screenshot was taken. If you download the data from the GOC site you will find a much high number for people tested. There are also data smoothing discrepancies (rolling average) and a time difference issue.

    Also, look at the QC testing numbers! Do we really think they test over a million in one day? This has been an ongoing issue, (Ask Alberta!) with data accuracy and CPHO data inputs.



    • This has been an ongoing issue for months, and was acknowledged as correct by Dr. Henry herself in a presser before Christmas. It was reported on, and she promised to separate the two numbers ( msp paid for tests vs industry private paid for tests) on the BC CDC site because it does skew the positivity numbers. That is on video, as the questions following the pressers are shown live and kept on video record as well. I will try to locate the exact date but I’m sure you can find it yourself.

      So, no error. The BC number reported daily still is a mix of industry testing and public testing. Industry testing should never be included because its largely comprised of testing the same people over and over and over again, as they do on movie and TV productions.


    • This is the thread from that post report scrum where she acknowledged it during questions. They have yet to separate the two. They do not report private testing to the feds, only msp paid for public testing.

      Also here. Again, they have yet to be separated as promised.

      As well, those of us who have followed this issue for some time, are aware of when the federal numbers are updated daily. Some days, its quite late and until BC reports, that space shows either nothing, or the last day reported numbers. The data may change after, as there have been data issues they are trying to streamline, which has also been acknowledged.

      This is why people need to actually watch the question periods after the reports which they can anytime by going back to that date. It all remains on video. More is said in those question periods than in the actual report…but rarely widely reported on


  9. Also, can we please get a reporter to followup and ask for routine disclosure of long haul covid numbers in BC? To date the only long haul covid clinic is at St. Paul’s in Vancouver and I’m curious how long haulers from northern BC will be followed and cared for?

    1) what are current long haul covid numbers in BC? What regions are we seeing them in?

    2) what percentage of covid cases are developing into long haul covid, and what age ranges are we seeing this in?

    3) what is the most common symotoms of long haul covod patients in BC? Are we seeing organ and long term lung damage ?

    A startling report from the UK

    And a summary on this thread:


  10. A societies governing leadership could be measured by how well it takes care of it’s seniors, especially in a crisis. It failed from the BC Liberals across too Horgan, Dix, Bonnie Henry and across provinces , right on up too the incompetent’s in Ottawa. Weakling leader Justin Trudeau and his pathetic pack should be kept on the hot coals for their complete failure and fumbling on the vaccine acquisition right from the beginning with the ill fated Can Sino deal with China when they could have gone too the Bio Tech companies here in Canada that were actually seeking funding to get vaccine production going. But no that blind naive lover of the China dictatorship screwed it all up. What kind of idiot advisors and information intelligence did he have. Let’s not forget, that most have unfortunately have forgotten, like myself because it’s been around a half dozen years where that highly questionable recless PM Trudeau stated that he admired the basic dictatorship of China. Basic!!! Seriously. What a backstabbing asinine leader of a free democratic nation such as ours.

    There could and probably would have been vaccines in the arms of Canadians, especially in seniors arms way ahead of what we are at now. Almost nowhere. A head of one of those companies in a news television interview said sometime ago we may well have been at third stage vaccination. Why this massive blood on the hands of the people we pay to do right is not kept in the bright shining light by many in the media is unconscionable.

    I have also read some Ron Hughes stuff of late, and you know he is one courageous, right on the mark about our astoundingly lacking officials concerning LTC. And what he says about some media personalities, and how he holds those disgraceful government compliant sheep and enablers of negligence in the press is so right on. Good on him for that raw courage, and putting it all in real raw terms.


  11. Well it looks like we may be in for shit storm with the walk of variants thrown in the mix along with Trudeau and the Health Ministry’s leaders major blunder and incompetence in getting vaccines going back to the CanSino blow out last year instead of using the bio -tech outfits here. His love for and admiration for the China system and dictatorship has now abused much more destruction of lives. He is a ……… Have a lovely day.


  12. I hear Be Kind Bonnie Henry had her injunction denied, to try stopping those few entitled churches from breaking the health orders, because the judge told her, not to come to him, when she has all the power to enforce. The judge was right. I would be tempted as the judge to say get out of my court room you spineless wonders and use your power to start really doing hard enforcement where needed. Not just churches. The judge really threw mud it in her face. Good for him too do this because it exposed her and the government leaders for what they are. Spineless buck passers trying get a court to do their job for them. Typical of cowardly leadership. It was a good thing this happened. Maybe more people and wimpy and chicken media will open their biased, closed eyes. Maybe not. Zzzzzzz.

    So yeah, we are bending over backwards to stay in our little teeny weeny bubble, while the immature and irresponsible continue on. Fines don’t seem to be doing the job. Not grown up responsible people at all. Lots of that out there. Unecessary travel, parties and so on. And the officials continue having the loved ones in LTC decimated because of almost purposeful like negligence. Trudeau and his big budgeted incompetentHealth Ministry officials get away with little accountability for the vaccine screw up since CanSino and allowing unnecessary travel still. Then that dirty PM keeps telling Canadians how much he and the government cares.

    Us ones that are being as responsible as we can are being screwed from all sides. Here in BC and from The Federal bad club. These rotten as hell polticians and officials will continue to get more and more people killed because they are so into themselves.


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