4 thoughts on “Site C pressers today, tune in for commentary following the 11 am media availability

  1. As to be expected, Horgan and the NDP are blundering into a massive Fast-Ferry style project, which, in the end, cost the province (taxpayer’s) dearly.

    Horgan is leading the NDP into a fiasco, which I believe the provincial party will not survive.

    From Norm Farrell’s In Sights blog: “5,100 GWh produced by $16 billion #SiteC, amortized over 50 years at 3.5%, means capital cost of 13.4¢ per KWh. Add operating and distribution costs and that means 15¢ to 17¢ per KWh. In latest budget update, BC Gov’t forecasts market price (Mid-C) to be 3¢ per KWh.”

    This means we will not be able to export power at a profit. It means the NDP will do everything in its politcal power to stop real Green energy, such as solar and wind, to force BC consumers to pay an inflated rate of power produced by a needless dam, sinking in shale.

    This is madness.


    1. I have a blog post coming Monday. Do check back. I needed to go back and do some research on dates etc before writing so my reaction to this is taking longer than anticipated, but this matters.


    2. Fast Ferry Fiasco? Cost was a mere pittance compared to the Site C Imbroglio! And would have been much less if Campbell had not decided to teach the NDP (and the taxpayer) a lesson by giving the fleet away. IF the Socred/Liberals had followed through on their plan to build a bridge from Galliano to VI the Ferries would have been a roaring success, there would have been a new viable industry created and the NDP would NOT have been reduced to a two seat party, as they will indubitably, and rightfully, be in the next election. IF! If pigs could fly……..


      1. Exactly, those catamaran ferries were desined for a planned for 40 MINUTE iona island to Gabriola island ferry route. The Socreds caved when Gabriola Ilanders fought the new bridge planning!


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