It’s worth it.

No better way to start the long weekend than by getting vaccinated with my first shot of Pfizer. As someone with an autoimmune condition, who is about to turn 50, it has been a day I’ve been looking forward to. I know there has been hesitancy in some, but my hope is that hesitancy is overcome with more people sharing their experiences. I’m happy to get my first shot, and I hope you are too.

16 thoughts on “It’s worth it.

    1. Thank you, and to you as well.

      Only noticed a sore arm from the vaccine, just like flue shot, and gave felt fine other than that. Spent the entire weekend getting the last of the garden in. Its been a cool spring and the tomatoes just went in finally.

      I’m excited to be vaccinated, that much closer to seeing my dad who had open heart surgery just over a month ago. He is half vaxxed and now I am too, so hopefully I can travel to see him this summer.

      How are you doing?


  1. I’m doing just fine, once I relearn the art of verbal communication! I’ve been luckier than most in my self imposed hermitage – overcrowding has been the least of my problems. The last human contact was in March when I went to town to get my shot. Hopefully that will change in July when I’ve booked a weeklong family fishing extravaganza to your fair land.


  2. AT 71 got my shot a tad earlier and really glad I did. No fuss, no muss. No pain, not even the needle, No problems. My shingles shot caused some itching, but the COVID shot, not a thing. Looking forward to my second shot.

    Although there are those who complain I’d suggest the whole thing has gone fairly well.

    Given some of the new variants I expect there will be future shots and if there are, I’ll be there for those also.

    Happy to read you got your shot! Means less chance of you becoming ill which means you will continue to provide us with regular informative posts. I for one want to live long enough to see if the Site C dam holds up in 20 years and yes I expect you to be reporting on that even though I’ll be over 90.


    1. I can’t wait that long! I’ve got ten years on you but I’m betting it won’t make ten! Mind you. it might not be complete in ten. In that case all bets are off! I wonder if they factored in the new cost of lumber in their formwork cost analysis?


      1. One can never tell. Jon’s Aghast, that would only put you at 91. When I watch CHEk NEWS they run the names of those who have gotten very old and I’m amazed at those who make a 100 who live on this Island. Now hadn’t thought about the dam dam not being finished in 10 years. geez if they’re still working on it in 10 years……..yikes wonder who would be in government because both the B.C. Lieberals and NDP are pretty wedded to that dam dam. I don’t know why they don’t treat it like a bad romantic partner and kick it to the curb. Come to think of it, that dam dam does remind me of a couple of lousy spousal units, costly without much return on the investment.


  3. I just have been Phizered for the second time and hopefully it will defy the Delta and now the Lambda variants.

    As the state of journalism is decidedly dismal these days and if not for the likes of Harvey O. and Norm F. and of course you I think my brain will shrivel into the sublime ennui that seems to infect everyone these days.

    Even the once great Tyee has slowly morphed in to a constant whine. An alternative to the mainstream media, it has ceased to be.With Falcon on the rise, we need people who have dealt with him before when Gordon Cambpell,used the province to reward politcal cronies and insiders to the detriment of the public. Falcon, I have been told, is poised to sell off what Campbell did not have time to do!

    Time to mount up and face the challenge, a la Lord of the Rings!


    1. I’m glad to hear you have your second dose ..I am getting mine next week.

      Its been excruciating busy and I have been working on a blog post here and there but to be honest usually there is only just enough time to sleep at the end of my day.

      There is much to discuss. Heat dome . Climate change. Lack of response to a deadly heat wave that governments knew was coming. An admission by Horgan they were too giddy and jolly over the end of covid state of emergency to pay attention to how serious the warnings were. Victim blaming people for not being responsible when most who died did everything they were able to, to stay cool. And the lack of real talk about what all this means

      Hopefully up soon. The ndp in BC have a big issues and its called John Horgan.


  4. Hi Laila,
    I just came across an article you wrote in 2011 about cloud seeding and weather modification. It would seem things have worsened in the past decade. People making fire which of course creates lots of jobs and work. Lots of insurance claims etc. Most disturbing is that “they” could arrange for some rain and they are not. Our government could hire Weather Modification Inc just like other countries and stop the province from burning. This is not climate change as most people are led to believe… it’s an out of control situation where are skies are being plastered with chemicals and we are wondering why the weather is messed up! Look up people! Those planes flying in a trajectory where no people could possibly be in the those planes. Those are the weather disrupters folks! Not your car emissions dummies. Someone should hold these crooks accountable!
    Laila, can you revisit your story of 2011?


    1. Hi Heather

      I’m totally not on the bandwagon of the chemtrails conspiracy and its exceedingly clear that climate change is behind our ongoing weather extremes globally, facilitated by human activity on earth.
      And frankly it’s not just as simple to create rain to put out fires as you seem to think it is. The cloud seeding that occurs in Alberta to try and disrupt storms that ruin crops and damage vehicles with giant hail, isn’t always successful. In order to create rain you need specific conditions as well.

      Weather modification,also known as solar radiation management, is something several countries use at times, but is an issue filled with so much disinformation shared by those filled with a conspiracy theory and lack of basic knowledge as to how and when ( ie. what specific atmospheric conditions are required ) the vast majority of contrails occur by planes on flight paths.

      So no, I won’t be revisiting it because that piece was written to dispel the misinformation that clearly continues 🙄


  5. Glad to see that there is, at very least, contact with you via these comments. Your investigative, literary and vocal talents are needed more than ever.
    I just pray that the knowledgeable, informed and fact-based scribes (few as we have) serving Brutish Columbia do not become discouraged from plying their trade by the paid for and put away wet forces that we face.
    Supernatural it once was, Grace. Still can be, but not with the likes of what we’ve seen for “leaders” over the last three decades. How ya doin John? What the f___ are you doin, John?


  6. Site C isn’t at a point of No Return, but humans have caused the planet to go beyond the Point of No Return. Sorry that’s what people don’t like to hear, but that’s the math I see.. There’s just too much divides greed and lust for power in the world. Overwhelming hypocrisy from politicians, such as from our very own here in BC and Canada.for just one example, who play to their selfish political ambitions instead of doing what is needed or right.
    The past historical polluting around the globe from all sources weather it’s from atom bomb testing to industrial pollution, to vehicles and on and on, has overwhelmed the planet to a degree that I feel is pretty well unfixable. It’ll be only band aids and ointments for Mother Earth’s wounds. There just too deep and nature is doing what it only knows best, and that is too fight for survival against the so called intelligent being running it into the ground. It’s in survival instinct mode now and we are getting payback from her. It’s pretty easy science.


  7. I’m happy and greatful to be fully vaccinated with the astra zeneca vaccine, which has finally gotten good real world results for being a strong and hardy vaccine. I’m hoping that children under twelve can get vaccinated more and more and the trials prove too be safe and sound, because we don’t know where this invisible mutating beast is going to go after. next. What I am surprised about though, is the amount of incompetent brains in our health authority to have made mask wearing optional for even indoor settings, when we should be thinking about each others children that are unvaccinated. I say adults smarten up and wear your masks around other people’s children. I had someone say to me I’m vaccinated as some so called adults tried to get in an elevator with no masks, and I told him well my under twelve grandchild is not and you can carry the virus still. The dummy looked blindly into space as did the others. So called thinking adults. What a F….. g shame. Next time they ain’t getting on. My strata are idiots for not having the guts to post mask wearing in elevators is still mandatory. I’m sure other places with tight spaces are allowing this insanity.
    Negligent incompetent messy Bonnie Henry and Dense Dix hard at it once again. Now I hear because of the outbreaks in the Okanogan masks are mandatory. Duuuhh. They should have been kept mandatory at least for indoor. But anyways regarding wearing a mask to protect other people’s children as a whole, needs responsible thinking adults in the room or elevator. Too bad the numbers are lacking. Then there’s the brain dead in the media who don’t seem to pick up on it. I give up. It’s a whole lot of WTF now.


  8. Can’t believe no questioning of why on earth the health officials made that extra barrier of mask wearing just voluntary given the higher transmission potential of the delta variant. Oh it’s just recommended. At least masking should have stayed mandatory in certain indoor settings that have higher susceptibility. Back too mandatory mask up for the particular Okanagan region because of transmissions. Unbloodybelievable. And kids under 12 could be susceptible and why this isn’t thought about is reckless behavior. Government are criminals for this insanity. But where’s the conversation on all this madness and negligence. Where ???


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