In support of the people of Ukraine

In the midst of global anger, shock and sadness, many are experiencing an overwhelming sense of hopelessness at not being able to do anything to stop it or help.

It can help ease that feeling right now to remember your personal sphere of influence, and focus on making change and helping those within your reach.
These small acts of kindness and assistance will ripple further, extending the impact.

Find local orgs who will be assisting those in the Ukraine and their families here. Donate to the Red Cross. Or simply reach out and offer a hand or volunteer locally with a community group who values this contribution.

When you act out of concern and love for others, even if its not directly in or with the people of Ukraine, it will make a difference and help channel your frustration.

This is the great dichotomy of the world, that even in the most intolerable acts of war and death and destruction, we find solace and purpose in helping each other 🙏

This org is on the ground right now in Poland, helping to feed incoming refugees from the Ukraine :

If you have left or are trying to leave the Ukraine this is a link to the UN Refugee Agency on next steps :

And to support children’s services in the Ukraine, this agency specifically deals with helping children impacted by war:

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