20170221_125211British Columbian by birth, I grew up in a lovely and wild area in north central BC. Although I now make my home on the west coast,I deeply value the unique perspective gained from my rural upbringing.

I love the freedom of blogging. It’s an interactive medium that is ever-changing and unpredictable at times, but allows me to combine my love of writing with my affinity for my fellow British Columbian’s.

I’ve made a strong, personal commitment to bring my readers the best of this new media, by reporting stories covering every level of government.

I’ve broken many compelling news items that have been distributed,reprinted and covered by papers all over the province. I ask provocative questions that the people  of British Columbia want answers to and getting to the bottom of a story can take months in my spare time. It requires patience and dogged persistence, but I do get the answers our readers want and deserve.

The lack of accountability and transparency within our provincial and federal governments has been the driving force behind the bulk of my research and reporting. That’s why I’m always looking for the facts at the heart of a story, whether it’s through writing, listening, asking the right questions or discovering the best way to talk to different people.

In an exciting new era of independent reporting, where real people and real stories merge in a way that complements, not competes with traditional reporting, my goal is to continue to work with each to bring the best of my work to British Columbia.

I have been a contributor to The Rossland Telegraph, The Boundary Sentinel, The Castlegar Source,The Nelson Daily, Pacific Free Press, Abbotsford Today and Chilliwack Today. My investigative work has been covered nationally in the Globe and Mail and locally by provincial news outlets. I’ve provided political commentary for CBC TV and radio,CKNW and Global.

In the summer of 2012,I was very proud to be invited to join the team of extraordinary bloggers at the Huffington Post BC to share my views on the changing political landscape in our province and was honoured to appear as a featured blogger in the launch edition.

In January 2013, I moved on to join the talented team of columnists at 24hrs Vancouver in the weekly full page debate feature, The Duel.

Recognizing growth personally, and feeling that I was part of the problem in perpetuating the great divide and partisanship in politics in that column, in April 2015 I made the decision to leave the Duel in order to further the discussion on how to bring people back into the political process.

Pleased to be offered the opportunity to take over the civic affairs column,the new role allowed  opportunity to shed some light on civic process, hold civic politicians accountable and engage readers in the level of politics that impacts them most.

Despite having  developed a growing relationship with thousands of readers, in August of 2015 I made the decision to leave 24Hours Vancouver to take a stand against the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ style of dealing with dropping revenues that Postmedia had taken. You can read about that decision, here: https://lailayuile.com/2015/09/17/sometimes-losing-an-illusion-makes-you-wiser-than-finding-a-truth-ii/

In June of 2016, I joined the Jon McComb show on CKNW, BC’s top talk radio and news station in a weekly segment covering BC politics with Martyn Brown for two months but stepped down due to schedule incompatibility.

Currently working on a book and still providing commentary here on the blog, but I am always interested in new opportunities in media or print.

I hope you continue to enjoy the blog, join the discussion and thank you for all the support!

 “To strive, to seek, to find.. and never to yield.” ~ Ulysses


Laila Yuile and CKNW personality Tom Jefferies

Laila Yuile and former CKNW personality Tom Jeffries

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  1. lailayuile


    I guess it is because I like to write about things that people are often afraid to talk about.

    And…I think it pisses some people off that I have achieved success through writing on my own terms.
    Bloggers Unite!!!

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  2. Igor Norsic

    Good grief, so now lawyers are shifting away from chasing ambulance to becoming sedentarized blog hunters… pathetic.

    I am quite simply astonished by the suggestion that Bill Good is the only person fit to tell us how he “sees it” because a pinhead lawyer has an overinflated opinion of the cosmological reach of his own parasitic profession.

    I’d sure love to see a trademark lawyer argue this case over the *sigh* creative similitutes between “this” and “that” when it comes to seeing things.

    Get a life James Levine.

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  3. Michelle

    I have enjoyed what you’ve written. A bare, honest feeling of yourself,life,politics and the stuff that is happening around you. I feel your anger, I feel your hurt, I feel the pride that you have and I am glad that the locals have a voice that radiates loud and clear. Love it! We need more passionate people like you. Ones who dare speak out and dare to make a change for the better.

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  4. .
    Hi Laila,

    You know that I enjoy your blog and your way of seeing things, so the name you’ve chosen for your blog is A-OK with me. But your commentor — James Levine, the Intellectual properties and Trademark lawyer-guy — got me thinking about Ben Meisner in Prince George, who has a similar-sounding sign-off. Next thing I know … talk about the Law of Unintended Consequences!

    I always remember Ben Meisner as a radio personality in Prince George. And as editor, with his wife Elaine, of an efficient little on-line news service called “Opinion 250”. I often drop in to see what, if anything, is being said about BC Rail.

    Somehow … I googled or clicked or something … and came across An Interview with Ben Meisner – Prince George Oral History Group. Holy smoke! Laila, have you seen it?

    The man (whose proper name is Benjimen Meisner) is a walking, talking history book. His mind works in a swift clear direct way because of his education. Or lack of education. Or something. Absolutely astonishing. Most kids with his upbringing would have ended up in trouble with the law, with society, with business, with everybody. But something made him different. What a story! Here’s the URL:


    I started off just looking for confirmation that he always signs off as “I’m Meisner and that’s one man’s opinion”. But I discovered someone very special.

    Would like to hear you review his history … would you, please??

    BC Mary


    1. Laila

      Anyone growing up in Prince George knows the name Ben Meisner, but unfortunately I am too young( nice to be able to say that!) to recall more than his name and a few choice words my dad had for him on occasion. From what I recall as child eavesdropping on adult conversations, one either hated him or admired him and perhaps sometimes both.

      I checked out that link to opinion 250 and read some of his blog posts, and I have to admit that I can see why he might not have made a lot of friends – he talks bluntly and honestly about the way things really are and the way they ought to be. In this day and age, people hate hearing the truth, especially some of the truths about PG that he targets in his blog. Thanks for bringing this my way Mary, because it’s nice to see someone cares about my hometown this much. I honestly didn’t even know if he was still alive or not, that’s how young I was when I last recall hearing the name Ben Meisner.

      In an aside, I’ve been thinking about a new catchline for the new website, since I really didn’t realise how many people seem to be doing variations on this theme. Any suggestions from the gallery?


  5. Hi Laila,

    Pleased and relieved to know that you weren’t engulfed by a pothole. Looking forward to your posting for tomorrow.

    Just gotta tell you this: I don’t recall EVER having heard Ben Meisner on radio. I knew the name, that’s all. But last year, I found his “Opinion 250” site a good way to catch up on news of Prince George. He signs off his columns “This is Meisner etc etc” and I wanted to check it out … to compare with the name of your blog … and that’s when the Oral history item cropped up.

    It’s Ben’s history which I admire. And there, in a nutshell, you can see the outlines of somebody who majored in Canadian History at SFU. The way opera is everything in the arts all brought together in one art-form … so history is everything about our world brought together as a story … and if we don’t study the stories, or write the stories, we’re doomed to keep repeating history until we wake up to it. [end of lesson]

    So … laugh if you like … it was AFTER I read Benjimen’s history that I went looking for a YouTube of Ben Meisner to hear what he actually sounds like. Being such a clever techie (ha ha), I never did find out what he sounds like … so it’s something to look forward to.

    Next I want to write to him to ask if he knows how I can contact Paul Nettleton who sounds (uh, I mean: reads) like an excellent dude himself.

    Btw … my cyber-friend Kootcoot is working on something deliciously PG for my blog: the phony $3. bill glorifying our arrested-for-drunk-driving leader against a backdrop of BC Rail. It was produced by Eddie as part of Prince George’s original protest against the sale of BCR.

    Koot promises to post these images (because I couldn’t make it happen) on my blog a.s.a.p. Eddie is hoping his phony $3. bill will be useful in the current election campaign.


  6. Ron VW

    That phrase goes way back and was used by many journalists and reporters including I believe James Morrow. Given the maturity of the comments perhaps this lawyer may just be a relatively young parasite and somewhat naieve.


  7. Well Done

    You seem to have a hate on for the BC Liberals.
    I suspect it woudn’t matter what they did, you would be against it.

    The SFPR is visionary. Opponents of it are going to look complete twits as the years go by.

    As for the HST, if you’re jumping on the Bill Van der Zalm bandwagon, you better make sure you’ve got your seat belt done up. Tight.


    1. Laila

      Not true, I do and have given credit where credit is due, but the party under the guidance( or dictatorship) of Campbell has worked a tremendous amount of damage around this province. I am not a member of any political party, nor have I donated to any party, and I do criticize openly any politician that deserves it. Any long time reader can attest to that.

      The SFPR appears to be less and less visionary as time goes on, and as many agree, will likely fail to be utilized to any great potential once the Panama Canal expansion is completed. It simply doesn’t make financial sense to offload at Deltaport, then truck or rail the freight across the country when the container ships can go through the canal and offload directly on the east coast. The only reason many don’t do that now, is because the canal has not had the capacity for the larger cargo ships. Once their construction is finished, and the super ships can journey through to the other side, our “visionary” SFPR will quickly become quite a redundant fixture on our landscape.

      However, I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and say let’s meet in 5 years and see which one of us proved to be correct.

      I’m not on any bandwagon. I stand up for what I think is the right thing to do, and repealing the HST is the right thing to do. As I told Liberal MLA John Rustand in our facebook discussion last week, if you want to improve the economy, taking more money out of people’s pockets is not the way to do it. Frankly, I’m quite weary of hearing the same old rhetoric about how great that HST is, that seems to be repeated in a nearly zombie like fashion from those who support it. ” it will create nearly 100,000 jobs by 2020″ – Perhaps, it is simply conjecture at this point, and a good PR point. However, where are the estimates on the jobs lost as a result of the HST’s implementation? Or the number of businesses lost and adversely impacted?

      The Liberal government couldn’t even honestly address the impact this tax has had, and will continue to have on certain business sectors, and certain sizes of businesses, they keep insisting it is great for all business in BC.

      That, is one hell of a lie. Campbell has been treading water for some time now. He can’t keep it up forever. At some point, he’s simply going to be overwhelmed by the black waters of discontent that surround him, and that will be the last we see of him.


      1. Jeff

        What the HST did was control waste of over consumption and we got more money from richer people because they can afford more so they consumed more they by paying more HST. You pay HST or sales tax on what you use as per use and I for example do not pay the tax for you to use say a baby sitting service. Why should I pay for something I do not use by paying higher income taxes for services I do not use, although their are some like roads in province that I have never used that my income taxes were partially used to pay for or maybe we should just tax bridges with tolls for example to pay for building them; In a way it is more fair for people that say do not live in an area and will never use a certain bridge, I do not know but Consumption taxes are more fairer and better for economy then income taxes just ask the experts like Michael Campbell, host of CKNW’s “Money Talk”.


  8. workforfun


    Aren’t you a little “over done” ???? – PAB troll maybe ???

    I can tell you quite honestly, I cannot think of one good thing that the BC Liberal government of Gordon Campbell, has done in nine years of power. Not one positive and good thing for the province of British Columbia and it’s people.

    I guess the people of this province have been too easy on Campbell over the years. He lied to get elected and after getting power, lied and broke one promise after another. Made one cut back after another – affecting healthcare, education, the handicapped, the elderly in care homes, children in need, the average person with carbon tax, environmental levies, HST, increased healthcare premiums, soaring electricity charges out of all proportion to cost of living – and the list just gets bigger.

    Even the current wild fire crisis is somewhat self inflicted by the BC government – and put thepeople of BC in a potentially dangerous situation – reckless governance.
    2003 – forestry budget $330 million
    2010 – forestry budget $52 million !!!!
    In seven years over 1,000 jobs losses in BC Forestry ministry, greatly reduced equipment inventory – including dozers, fire pumps, trucks etc.

    The current BC government has a record that no one would want to be responsible for. The sooner they get bopoted out the better.


    JW – one very angry pensioner not given to being a liar like Campbell !!!


  9. karen

    I found my way here a few days ago via “Peace, Order and Good Government, Eh?” and intend to be a regular reader. I am also going to send everyone I know here. You are doing great work. I admire your spirit, your tenacity and your ability to call a spade a spade. You are truly a force to be reckoned with. (and, as a life long resident of the Prince George area, I was not a little pleased to know you are also from the area.) Please keep up the good work.


  10. Kevin

    I too have become a fan as of late and am trying to catch up on this derth of information you have conveyed over this creative and well written blog.

    I had to comment here simply to say what a dork that lawyer dude is.

    Some people are not only a waste of skin but there drivel must be taking up valuable band with you could be getting your message out quicker with.

    What is it with law school?

    You go girl and “thats the way I see it.”

    I guess I can expect my summons to court in the mail now eh James “I am an intellectual property/trademark” dork!

    Either that or a slander suit!



  11. John

    I support your editorial but also want to praise you for your effective minimalist web style and design – from well researched I suspect font selection and size (readability vs likability) to layout and photo mast. You are now my technical model to show others how you do it right with why.


    A third party option will free a few ethical Liberals, non-corrupt NDP union sell-outs and allow the good smart Green’s to expand their platform.

    You and your identified editorial network “must now launch and lead that option”.

    Union members getting too smart, disgusted by “brothers and sisters” corruption and now afraid and see how limited labour code welcomes corruption to the frail design, and do want a better choice; Green’s who want action not coverage want a machine that can act soon, and honest liberal’s also disgusted and embarrassed by the company they keep (and no way out at present) need a new clean third serious option (that as worse case mandates an unfortunate coalition as birth pains). Promote across the board defection?

    The control of rail lines to “coal” is a “Peak Oil” hedge until zero energy or tidal see-saw pump dynamics seen as super hydro. This is “military” school to Wharton control distribution supply line exploitation and “not just a train sale”. This is so much bigger.
    6 million in legal for little league lobby punks? Aiding and abetting criminal acts and conspiracy to defraud can not be legalized by court rooms as just too obvious an error in legal reasoning. Provincial treason. A political renaissance, revolution and reformation bubbling see polls. Oppourtunity.

    The “pricing power” of apples from China makes subsidies to Okanagan so short sighted you could kill a political career or a dozen on this stupidness. Spend the money and more on the latent “diamond” glacial clean vineyards and take all the marketing from wine to tourism the glee club minded “Beaches and Peaches” locals and give to a New York ad agency. Vineyards the only real estate not about to plummet from Golden to Oak Bay. Watch for foreign buyers at vineyard fire sales of property with bottle necked warehouse inventory. Oil will hurt Whistler (as it has) like Big White by distant air and local road price pressures. Tourism? Wanna buy a hotel or motel cheap? Prince George will feel the pinch from international sea trade of oil prices. Rail to coal on Eastern US the mirror.

    Selling a house in Ladner, Surrey or White Rock getting harder and harder and literally most don’t know how oil drives it. Or why Revelstoke will grow. This ignorance is aided by newspaper real estate ad revenues with idiot real estate guru’s for copy and clear evangelical self interest all babbling about market cycles and corrections and yet have never known anything but a boom market and little of the failure of traditional economic models. Oil hurt the Olympics like salmon prices – almost invisible.

    Poor BC without a new party.

    Watching from Ottawa


    1. Laila

      Coming from you, this is particularly satisfying praise – yes, I do know your background – and I take it to heart. It is hard to appeal to a wide spectrum of readers like mine, but we seem to have a hit with this design. Again, thank you for this – the work is as much about marketing as it is truth, if it doesn’t appeal and grab the reader, it really won’t matter what I write.

      This is a must read comment for everyone. Not for the hearty approval of the new web design,but for the comment that follows. Read between the lines, think about all of this because somehow the man has read my mind in many ways, in terms of swaying the power in the Legislature.

      An independent alliance, as we have talked about in previous posts, could take hold quickly in this political climate, with the right team of bold and bright minds. An alliance of independents, those as John states, are tired of the party garbage being perpetuated by the big standards. Candidates may cross the floor. See the Wild Rose Alliance,which has been stuck in my mind since the moment I saw a news feature on CBC about them. One could immediately appeal to those you have listed, their only loyalty to the province and the people who elected them in their constituency. Those who are well liked candidates would very likely get a re-vote as an independent if they have served well, and I think would hold a bigger appeal as an independent.


  12. Read John’s comment and I got a little excited! A third party is absolutely necessary in BC. The NDP are done and the Liberals are rotten to the core. I love the idea of a coalition of independents. I too agree with pretty much everything John has said.

    Hope your little ones are on the mend Laila.


  13. VoxPop

    The owners of large corporations need to hide behind “a wall of fools”. They have no problem finding such people – there are plenty out there who only think of themselves & what they can grab from others. The universities pump out a steady stream of such individuals, many of them with MBAs.
    Nice to see some independence occasionally – but never in the MSM.


  14. Jim

    First time reader,found you through the new Bourque site, BC Newswatch. I need your address to send you a bill since I have spent the last two hours reading through your work instead of doing mine. Fantastic – compelling and in some cases top notch investigative work that should be page 1 section 1.

    Glad to have made the aquaintence, nice to have another west coast place to stop. I’m on the Hill, and this is a view I haven’t seen before. Cheers!


  15. Labarriere

    Thanks for all your effort on this blog. Most of us learn all relating to the lively way you produce helpful information via the web site and as well inspire contribution from website visitors on this. Take advantage of the remaining portion of the year. You are doing a pretty cool job.


  16. Janine S.

    Hello, I just found your blog by google-ing your name after seeing you on the CBC news tonight commenting on Kevin Falcon! I just read a couple of things but am definately coming back after dinner for more. Your best of page looks to be amazing!


  17. Laila

    Thank you Jim, Labarierre and Janine, for taking the time to add your thoughts- much appreciated, and I hope you become regular readers!

    Yes, Janine, you will find the most popular stories there, but I have to update it and add some new ones- it just makes it easier for new and old readers alike to have them all in one area.


  18. Lara Hoffland

    Hey! I just had an idea. Since there seems to be so many people giving their attention to this blog, why isn’t there a ‘members only’ section? It’s actually pretty easy to set up a membership section on your blog, especially if you have the right tool. Or grant memberships based on user participation. Just use your imagination! You will have complete control over your users and you can completely manage their membership levels or even delete them in your members panel. Just click the “Hide” button to protect exclusive content for members of a particular level.


  19. anonymous

    Why don’t you mention being a federal agent on your about page? Clever using the same kind of cover Julia Child did. Never get’s old, does it? Hide them in plain site.


    1. Laila

      Ha !

      Funny the things that get posted when one takes a long weekend off~ !

      Well, that’s it folks – the jig is up, my cover is blown and now I have to move my family into hiding… Sorry anonymous, but your brand of crazy is laughable. These kind of accusations started back in 2009, when Tim Felger surmised I must be a government plant assigned to spread misinformation since I wouldn’t go along with his beliefs on legalizing drugs. Somehow a select few have morphed that into the idea that I am now a spy, or federal agent, or other clandestine operative…lol. I wish! Sorry to disappoint – the only time I get to be a federal agent is when I play my son’s XBox.


  20. Are you kidding?

    Federal Agent for whom? The Provincial unAccountability Board in un-Fraser Institute of co-Lateral damage by externalities for the Corporatology Department of DFO and the Senate? Bullies do seem to accuse those of what they themselves are doing.


  21. kuchra

    You can certainly see your skills within the paintings you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.


  22. Laila,
    I heard you on John McComb’s show today. You are a breath of fresh air! Don’t ever change that. I’m digesting your blog now and will be a permanent follower. Your comments are sorted in reverse order of posting with the oldest at the top. As such when I read the post by James Levine about your tag line, I wanted to reach out and choke the idiot. He epitomizes what is wrong with society. You work is very much appreciated. Thank you for being you!


  23. Brad

    How lucky am I to live in the same hood as the most gorgeous blonde with the cutest choco lab pup in all of metrovan? You should be proud that pup is amazing for being so young, I see you working hard with her and it shows. Nice seeing you again,Brad.


  24. eyes wide open

    Covert intelligence involves a lot of waiting around. I know what it’s like being a spy. Like sitting at your dentist’s reception area 24 hours a day. You read magazines, sip coffee, write blogs,and ever so often, someone tries to get you. Powerful people don’t like being pushed around. You can never quite predict what they’re going to do, or have their washed out Special Forces security guys do.

    Point is, information is a little like owning a pitbull. It might protect you, or it might bite your hand off. That’s why it pays to make sure you know what they’re thinking.


    1. Laila

      O.k. then… you make some interesting points – are you a spy? 🙂 Because covert intelligence isn’t exactly on my to do list in the morning when I wake up…


    1. Laila

      Ummm.. maybe you should read a little more about where I stand politically before you lip off on my site… ‘achim’. I advocate for independents,and have held the NDP to account as much as the Liberals… see my Huffington Post blog….



      1. Achim

        Seriously? I cannot find one unbiased piece of work. This morning on CKNW you could only mention Carole James and Lana Popham as alternatives to Christy Clark. Two minor leaguers for the NDP. You and other women are jealous of Christy because she is attractive, successful and can play in the big leagues with the men. And you are another socialist who denies being a socialist and you repeat the same old socialist drivel and snivel you have been spoonfed from childhood.


          1. erik

            Oh my goodness Laila; you do attract some seriously challenged folks from time to time.
            It just might be that Achim and his fellow travelers are lashing out in irrational ways because they are finally coming to realize that the Lieberal myth of being great financial managers has been exposed as a very big lie by the BC Auditor General.
            As you know, subject to a couple of answers from the AG I possed today, the Lieberals have exploded the province’s debt by about 500% since taking office. I suspect Achim and others would jump in to say these moenies have been borrowed and spent for some indefinite future benefit, much in the fashion Christy Cream has just represented in her Throne speech.
            These unrepentant MLAs have financially crippled the BC economy for decades to come and have done so in the service of special private interest groups.


            1. Laila

              Sigh… yes Erik, those who don’t like the truth seem to be a bit… off kilter as well.. or maybe their anger gets the best of them?

              Perhaps the monies have been set aside for a Liberal prosperity fund? …. I suspect that is the missing word from that header.


    1. Laila

      Good morning Mona – any of my columns linked to here from 24Hrs Vancouver,are the sole property of 24Hrs Vancouver and cannot be republished.

      If the content is created by myself and published only here,then I often will allow other publications to carry it as well, on a case by case basis and of course,credited appropriately. Please contact me via the contact page at the top of the site with your request and I will reply as soon as possible.

      Thank you!


  25. Gary Lee-Nova

    I think you’re doing amusing and interesting work. You are saving so many other people the hassle of doing it. Thank you for that.

    From my points of view, the interesting issues about the BC political clusterfuck are:

    1. That the liberals always lie, and are also too stupid to know how easily the lies are exposed. Nor to they seem to care. For a BC politician, or perhaps like any politician, the only real consequences of malfeasance and system abuse are for them not getting re-elected.

    2. All members of both main parties are nitwits! Especially Krispy Klukz. I have come to a conclusion: contemporary politicians and career civil servants are, for the most part, people born with very small brains, and small brains that have some serious wiring problems. Such problems are unknown to medical science at this time. I wonder why.

    3. The “parliamentary” systems invented 200, 300, and 400 years ago are no longer working at this time. The train has gotta stop. Reinvention and repairs are urgently needed, before the whole fucking shit house goes up!


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