Born and raised in wild and rugged north centraI B.C., I lived and worked in metro Vancouver for years before settling in north Vancouver Island.I deeply value not only the unique perspective gained from my rural upbringing, but the connection to the land and its resources that it fostered.

The lack of accountability in both provincial and federal governments has always been the driving force behind the bulk of my research and reporting.Over the past 15 years, I’ve made a strong commitment to bring my readers the best of independent journalism and commentary.

 I’ve contributed to The Rossland Telegraph, The Boundary Sentinel, The Castlegar Source,The Nelson Daily, Pacific Free Press, Abbotsford Today and Chilliwack Today. My investigative work has been covered nationally in the Globe and Mail and locally by provincial news outlets. I’ve provided political commentary for CBC TV and radio,CKNW and Global.

In the summer of 2012, I was honoured to be invited to join the team of extraordinary bloggers at the Huffington Post BC and was the featured political blogger in the launch edition.

In January 2013, I moved on to join the talented team of columnists at 24 Hours Vancouver in a weekly full page debate feature, The Duel, one the most read columns every Monday in metro Vancouver.

Recognizing that I was part of the problem in perpetuating the great divide and partisanship in politics in that ‘left or right’ column, in April 2015 I made the decision to leave the Duel in order to further the discussion on how to bring people back into the political process.

Pleased to be offered the opportunity to take over the civic affairs column,the new role allowed  me to shed light on civic process, hold civic politicians accountable and engage readers in the level of politics that impacts them most.

Despite having  developed a long and growing relationship with thousands of readers, in August of 2015 I made the decision to leave 24Hours Vancouver to take a stand against the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ style of dealing with dropping revenues that Postmedia had taken. You can read about that decision, here:

In June of 2016, I joined the Jon McComb show on CKNW, BC’s top talk radio and news station in a weekly segment covering BC politics with Martyn Brown, which ended after moving to northern Vancouver Island.

Although I still blog occasionally… for the most part.. it’s your turn now. Remember, in the words of AOC: “We are electing who we are going to work with and hold accountable….NOT OUR SAVIORS…..”

 “To strive, to seek, to find.. and never to yield.” ~ Ulysses

Laila Yuile and CKNW personality Tom Jefferies