Love life risk

Sometimes, I’m such a geek, and I know it. I’m ok with that now, really, I am. I love weather- storms, hail, wind , waves…. anything intense and wild and scary – I’m […]

Corny, but true

people are like tea bags: you don’t know how strong they are , until you dip them in hot water……lol….  yeah, yeah, I know….. DEAL with it….lol

New ideas for an old venue…..

It’s pretty apparent there are more than enough people with the same mindset to support something new via the net, in terms of radio. Although I cannot respond to everyone personally, […]

Talk show Idol legacy

Two weeks  after my winning show, and I’m still getting emails asking when my next show is……!!! I’m flattered- really! -but I don’t think you’ll be hearing me on the CKNW […]