These are some of the investigative series I’ve done, currently updating and adding to this list.

The China-Canada Connection

Playing with the Dragon I : Who is looking out for Canadian Interests?

Playing with the Dragon II : The architects behind Canada’s China Policy

Stories within Stories: Harper, FIPA and the deal you don’t even know about yet

Harpers Quiet meeting with the Chinese Propaganda Chief – why were the media the last to know?

Ties that bind – SNC Lavalin’s long standing relationship with the BC Liberals

Moral hazard is when they take your money and are not responsible for what they do with it.

Money and corruption are ruining the land  (top post of 2012)

The HST:

Transparent & Open government? I think not Ms.Clark. HST agreement hard to find with doctored links and empty pages.

Testimonials for Provident Security, owned by Mike Jagger, co-chair of Smart Tax Alliance and champion of the HST

10% instead of 12% HST is goooood…. right? Not So Fast!!! Reality check from a reader.

Kevin Falcon admits with HST, not everyone is coming out on top

Laila Yuile on The World Today with Jon McComb this afternoon to talk about the search for the HST agreement – and the reality check coming for BC’ers in 2015.

HST referendum ” Voters Guide” really Ministry of Finance PR document, shows Clarks government up to same old tricks as Campbell

Certified General Accountants Association spreads the love of the HST… but is this conflict for members who promote the HST to clients?

Falcon’s Follies series – Public-Private Partnerships, B.C.’s megaprojects and land development involving the BC Liberals.

Why did the BC government repeal the Weather Modification Act ?

Tax cuts + ensuing loss of revenue = a deliberate financial crisis…and a reason to introduce the P3 method of building

Is this Falcon just another opportunistic crow? SFPR and Gateway unplugged

Falcon’s follies: Gateway,SFPR and the Railgate connection.

Falcon’s Follies: Part 2.

The key to BC Rail sale lies in Premier Gordon Cambell’s beginnings – in real estate and land development.  ( which leads you right into the series below…)

The Sea to Sky Shadow Toll series:

1. Breaking news: BC liberals inked ‘hidden toll’ into Sea to Sky highway deal – and we all pay for the next 25 years

2. Shadow tolls on Sea to ‘Sly’ highway, the William R. Bennett Bridge,and the BC Rail connection

3. At last! The ministry of transportation responds to my questions…

4. “The B.C. governments secretiveness is not confined to ‘shadow tolls’. And there is genuine concern they have a lot to hide…”

5. Sea to Sky operator awards Transtoll technical advisory contract to ensure accurate shadow toll vehicle counts on the Sea to Sky highway – despite the government making repeated,public denials that shadow tolls even exist

( which lead to this story by Mark Hume of the Globe and Mail : )

6.When is an “independent fairness advisor” …not?

7. Sea to Sky highway changes hands as Macquaries Essential Asset Partnerships sells 100% of their stake in the project

8. Corruption is complete authority plus total monopoly, minus transparency

( This is the post that lead me to looking into why there are no tolls on this highway: Sea to Sky highway Will Cost over $600 million- So Why do They Get to Drive for Free? )

The Tercon vs British Columbia series :

1) Tercon Contractors Ltd vs. British Columbia ( Ministry of Transportation and Highways

2)Breaking news: Supreme Court rules in” Tercon Contractors Ltd. vs British Columbia(Ministry of Transportation

3)Tercon Contracters Ltd vs. British Columbia… the rest of the story

13 thoughts on “Best of…

  1. Hi there Laila,

    I saw you going into the Guinness building yesterday afternoon and coincidentally I heard Carol James was in town yesterday. Were you going to meet her, by chance?


  2. Better than a Lib-turd with a computer.

    I have been reading Laila’s blog for a while,discovered her after my neighbour pointed me to her 100 reasons,and personally I think she is not a leftie at all. ( not that there is anything wrong with being left of right)

    I see Laila as more populist,she isn’t against business from what I can see,only against corporate driven government agenda’s,and I have read here several times that she supports BC business and keeping jobs in BC,rather than getting foreign companies into everything.Good policy to me.

    Seems like you are hitting some buttons Laila,keep at it. I like your style and your ideas,and really look forward to a day when you are in office.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Dan,but pay Terry no attention. He’s entitled to his opinion, and I discovered long ago telling the truth always pisses off the people who stand to lose the most from it being told.


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