Laila Yuile-CKNW Talk Show Idol Winner

You might find it ironic that someone who just won a talk show compeititon has nothing to say, but it's true. Everyone is in bed, I am alone in peaceful silence and filled with profound happiness, gratitude and hope.  Thank you, my friends, thank you. Until tomorrow.....7:18am-Phillip Till interview.

Laila Yuile- CKNW Talk Show Idol Finalist!!!!!!

CKNW commentator, Tom Jeffries anounced on-air today that I have officially secured a seat as one of the two finalists for the May 27th finals to be the first CKNW Talk Show Idol !!  I am honoured to have been in the company of  some incredibly talented and professional competitors,and congratulations to everyone for putting yourselves out there.If … Continue reading Laila Yuile- CKNW Talk Show Idol Finalist!!!!!!

no news is good news?

Havn't heard a thing from the folks at CKNW, although the photo's and bio's were taken down late this afternoon. One can safely assume this means the voting is completed. I was hoping  we'd all hear today, but looks like we'll have to wait until the next round on Sunday.  I'm going to have a  drink, and … Continue reading no news is good news?

Dorian Netolicky on Till morning show

Woke up to the morning news on CKNW, ( just imagine waking up to Phillip Till)and heard a Talk Show Idol contestant( don't know if he was eliminated)  giving a report on cruise ships as reporter for CKNW!! He is a BCIT broadcasting student, sounds great on-air, and previously interned for team 1040. I don't know … Continue reading Dorian Netolicky on Till morning show


 I have been told many times  in the last couple of months that I am such an" inspiration to others", and I have to say, I'm feeling like a fraud. Not because any of what I've had served on my plate of life is untrue, or false, but because there  are  millions of people going through … Continue reading Paths

” It’s the Laila Yuile Show……..”

          Show day, its a little different going in today, knowing that to move on , I HAVE to be the BEST, not just one of the top two...... more pressure, but I love it.  It's been good for my kids to watch me  go through the experience,  for them to know and see that anything is possble, … Continue reading ” It’s the Laila Yuile Show……..”

Reality Check

Did you ever have one of those days that was exhausting, yet so satisfying that you couldnt wipe the grin off your face? Today was one for me, even with pyscho CL guy / my cute, little sick and snotty, homegrown terrorist hitting delete everytime I turn around/ east coast-west coast time difference/Stupidstore grocery you … Continue reading Reality Check

Here ye, here ye…..

Ok, so I created this blog recently  in response to my friends, families and colleagues requests that  they wanted an easier way to get updates, etc, on what I'm up to.  Made sense to me, and although I was hesitant  putting personal stuff  on the internet, it was easier  writing things once, rather than 100 … Continue reading Here ye, here ye…..

Top 6 contender- Laila Yuile- CKNW Talk Show Idol

photo credit: Jadeler Akim- Jade photographyIn asurprising move by CKNW , It was announced this morning that I have been advanced to the semi-finals!!! Yes, this means I have made it to the top 6 contestants, out of hundreds! The next show will be on Sunday May 6th ,from 2pm to 3 pm, with two segments, … Continue reading Top 6 contender- Laila Yuile- CKNW Talk Show Idol