Gurj Dhaliwal – Food Network’s Superstar Chef challenge Winner!!!!!!

I attended the Superstar Chef Challenge Finale Party last night at the fantastic new resturant RELISH, on Nelson, in honour of a previous guest on The Laila Yuile Show, Gurj Dhaliwal. I met Gurj a few months ago while he was a participant and competitor of the Province’s Fitness Fantasy Contest, and he and Matt Young of Innovative Fitness joined me for a segment during my prize show on CKNW to talk about his challenges with weight loss and exercise. He did mention at the time that he was taping a new reality show challenge, but due to confidentiality reasons, could not elaborate. Well, it turns out he had been competing for the title of Superstar chef, and he has risen to the top with accolades, winning not only the coveted title of Superstar Chef, but a prize that will change his life.

10  lucky finalists from across the country made it out of hundreds who entered, to compete against each other in a series of challenges testing their hosting abilities, culinary skills and knowledge. Gurj’s win is an amazing break for a very skillful and charismatic young man- a  possible deal with Alliance Atlantis to host his own cooking show on the Food Network, which could start taping in September, I’m told! It’s one of those big breaks that everyone dreams about, and it was an honour to be there last night in the company of his family, friends and co-workers who so obviously love and support him in every way. As we watched the final episode in the series, which aired last night, the crowd was on the edge of their seats, waiting to see who was the winner, but it was clear that the judges loved Gurj – his natural rapport with the audience, quick wit and superior culinary ability, coupled with shining charisma made him a clear favorite. The Champagne was flowing within seconds, as an emotional Gurj stood on a chair to say a few words of thanks to everyone, and soon the music was pumping  and the celebratory festivites were underway…

Congratulations Gurj, you deserve it!!

And another thing…..

Why the hell is rain “breaking news” ?…. We live in vancouver, it’s raining – like duh – and  every news channel including the weather channel has rain as its headline. ” rain hits wet coast” …. ” soaking coming for western BC” … get over it. it’s rain, its going to be gone in a few days…..and then you will complain about the heat and lack of rain. And people wonder why we are considered high maintenance here on the coast…..

I’m in the wrong line of business

Four weeks ago I developed a small lump on my lower jawbone, under a tooth that previously had undergone a root canal. After a visit to the dentist, xrays and antibiotics, my puzzled dentist referred me to an endodontist-( someone who specializes in root canals, and I’m assuming they don’t have many friends),  for further examination – no  sign of an abcess, swelling or fever associated with an infection.  I arrived for my appointment, waited an additional 20 minutes beyond my designated time, and was finally escorted into the examination room. I explained in detail the problem  and for the next 20 minutes, my mouth was poked , scraped, xrayed and otherwise scrutinized. Nothing clinical occurred, just a visual with xray, and still no definitive answer as to the cause of the rock hard lump on my jaw.

End result? Since there was no indication as to why this painless lump was on my jaw, another root canal must be performed again, which might not work or find the problem, and would possibly be followed by surgery which is complicated and, in the endodontist’s words- “not good”. At this point, it would be hoped that the  cause and origin of the lump would be determined, thus solving the initial problem. Oh yes, I forgot – since I had already had a root canal (failed) on that tooth, Blue Cross would not cover the cost again, and so the procedure which would most likely not solve the problem would cost me $1500.00. Don’t  even ask how much the surgery costs.

There is no Cinderella ending  to this storey- the 30 minute consult cost me $100.00, and that was only because I brought one Xray with me! It would have been $175.00…. I think I’m in the wrong line of business.

1 opinion = 2 cents

Enough said.