Dorian Netolicky on Till morning show

Woke up to the morning news on CKNW, ( just imagine waking up to Phillip Till)and heard a Talk Show Idol contestant( don’t know if he was eliminated)  giving a report on cruise ships as reporter for CKNW!! He is a BCIT broadcasting student, sounds great on-air, and previously interned for team 1040. I don’t know if you are interning or if you are now a member of the CKNW family, but congratulations!!!!


 I have been told many times  in the last couple of months that I am such an” inspiration to others”, and I have to say, I’m feeling like a fraud. Not because any of what I’ve had served on my plate of life is untrue, or false, but because there  are  millions of people going through the same thing, every single day. Some make it , some don’t. Some choose to let “it” become who they are, let it define them and hold them back, and others rise above it and succeed despite it, or perhaps because of it.  “IT “, is hardship, abuse, illness, bad luck or circumstance. For every face , there is a story. My story…. well, its a bit Jerry Springer, a bit Lance Armstrong ,and a lot of hard work. I’ve managed to re-write the ending , I hope, into a Cinderella success , but it’s still being written….

I’m Laila Yuile, and this is how I see it.


When you have been told at a young age, that you are going to be nothing in life, it tends to stick. Academically, as an adult, you know that only you can limit yourself, but subconsciously , that tiny little seed that was so nastily planted when you were young,  still sits. I have an extremely hard time with compliments and praise, and as such, was completely overwhelmed by the judges assessments  at the end of my show. Shirley called me a true wordsmith, which for me , is one of the finest things you can say to a writer. I write because I love to, because my words are  the only conduit I have for my thoughts, my feelings, my pain or happiness.  I had so much fun, and just enjoyed the moment, knowing it could be my last. Peter Legge, a gentle, kind and soothing soul. Shirley, tough as nails, her strong exterior belies the caring and compassionate interior. Her criticism is always pertinent, whether you like it or not, and I relish every bit of it- it makes me better each time I come. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, I say.. stay tuned, I was voted favourite to go forward, I’ll post confirmation as soon as I receive it.

” It’s the Laila Yuile Show……..”

          Show day, its a little different going in today, knowing that to move on , I HAVE to be the BEST, not just one of the top two…… more pressure, but I love it.  It’s been good for my kids to watch me  go through the experience,  for them to know and see that anything is possble, and that when opportunity knocks on your door, you better open it. Sometimes it doesnt come knocking again………. Two great shows up today, some really great guests, Iwon’t spoil it for you, you will have to listen in…..