The lessons of 15 minutes of “fame”-observations from the desk of the Talk Show Idol

*What is more telling than the people who have congratulated you,are the people who have not.

* With the smallest amount of “celebrity” comes the expectation from others that you suddenly have some sort of power.

*  Two faces are not in short supply, nor are catty, snide and infantile remarks

*   People hate winners, and the truth.

The reality of being the Talk Show Idol Winner

Ahhhhh…I love radio!!! Where else could you appear for a brief interview wearing an old Canucks tee,boy shorts and yesterdays makeup? Did a call in to the Phillip Till show sitting on my bed, with my toddler outside pounding on the door- very fun to finally speak to the great one…….he joked about me filling in for him due to his sore throat, which I seem to be sharing today. Perhaps it was the old mug I used at the NW studios yesterday ; )

Tomorrow it’s Studio 4 with Fanny Keifer, but for now, I’m working on the line-up for my prize – The Laila Yuile Show, Sunday June 3rd  from 12:00pm- 3:00pm. I think I’m going to steal Mark Madryga for some BBQ weather updates…lol

The Final show experience could be likened to controlled chaos. Show time was scheduled for a 4pm start, and everyone- the producers, hosts and judges -were on pins and needles wondering if the Memorial Cup was going to end in overtime. This would have pushed back the programming substantially, AND impact the status of our guests. Spirit was strong and of course the Giants pulled through, but there was no way NW could leave the fans hanging without some post-game coverage. After some panicked calls to guests to confirm  continued availability, the call was made to push back our  show times by 30 mins. The entire scene was caught on camera by Corey from Shaw TV , who had come in do pre-show interviews and tape some of the action. It was hilarious, and very reality-tv-esque.

I loved it,although the first segment was a bit flat. High energy guests are a must for talk radio, and it picked up in the second segment, with a couple give-aways and some interesting callers. John Daley delivered  his “snap” question, which I answered easily and smoothly, and Peter Legge gave an impromptu inspirational critique, which brought me to tears. It may sound strange, but he has given me so much invaluable advice and I feel a bit of a bond with him. Peter, life is short, and I will continue to create a masterpiece of my life, with excellence.

This is much longer than I intended, but there is so much to say. I really want to congratulate Colleen,and it was an honour to be in the finals with such an accomplished candidate. There were so many qualified entrants, and I’m not quite sure what exactly my appeal was, but who am I to question it?  : )   I owe a huge thank you to all of my guests, who not only gave up parts of their Sundays, but willingly put themselves in the hands of the unknown.  Compelling, funny, refreshing- a good guest makes for good radio.

Finally, to  everyone  who took the time to listen, support and vote: thank you, thank you, thank you.

Laila Yuile-CKNW Talk Show Idol Winner

You might find it ironic that someone who just won a talk show compeititon has nothing to say, but it’s true. Everyone is in bed, I am alone in peaceful silence and filled with profound happiness, gratitude and hope.

 Thank you, my friends, thank you.

Until tomorrow…..7:18am-Phillip Till interview.

Laila Yuile- CKNW Talk Show Idol Finalist!!!!!!

im000741.jpgCKNW commentator, Tom Jeffries anounced on-air today that I have officially secured a seat as one of the two finalists for the May 27th finals to be the first CKNW Talk Show Idol !!  I am honoured to have been in the company of  some incredibly talented and professional competitors,and congratulations to everyone for putting yourselves out there.If you haven’t been on radio, you can’t appreciate how hard it really is!!  Therefore, I’d  like to thank all of my guests again, for helping to create the shows that have gotten me this far; it couldnt have been done without you !!  Thank you , Tom Jeffries , for being such a great host,for  putting me at ease, andfor being a good sport , using some creative oral gymnastics in pronouncing my name….lol…I know introducing me has been a nightmare for him. And to the  judges, who volunteer their time on a Sunday, and have brought a wealth of knowledge to learn from, thank you for your advice, criticisms and praise-all have enabled me to deliver a better show each time.