Please do your part to #FlattenTheCurve and #StayTheFuckHome

Some of y’all might be offended by the profanity in the hashtag above,but one man in Germany is not. And when I saw this, I had to share it because it gets peoples attention quick. 

Frustrated with what he perceived to be the slow action of many countries in undertaking proactive measures to slow down the spread of Covid-19, he created the website, and penned the Self-Quarantine Manifesto seen below:

His simple one page, easy to read website details how and why it is important to “Flatten the Curve”.

Anything above the dotted line in the steep curve, is the zone where we do not want to be, regardless of who you are.


Because if we don’t take proper precautions among the healthy and younger who have minimal or no impact from this virus, we continue to  spread it among those who can’t: the elderly, the immune compromised and those with chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and lung disease.

If we all don’t work to do whatever we can to help slow the spread of this virus, we could end up like Italy….they undertook ‘flatten the curve’ mitigation measures too late to actually flatten the curve of the chart above.

The result? A sudden spike in critical cases that swamp hospitals all at once, resulting in a virtual healthcare disaster where decisions have to be made on who gets care and who doesn’t. Italy’s situation is the steep curve on the chart above. We. Don’t. Want. That. Here.

I explained to a fellow online yesterday in no uncertain terms how it quickly can go from fine to unmanageable overnight using our local healthcare as an example.

Our local hospital is routinely at or over 100% capacity at the best of times. If even 20 critical patients requiring special care like ventilation showed up within a short time, it would be a problem.

If more kept coming as days moved on, it’s not hard to envision the result. Not enough ventilators, not enough anesthesiologists, not enough doctors, not enough anything.

Now, some selfish people *still* might think: “Well that doesn’t impact me!!” ….until they end up in a car accident and need care and can’t get it, or their spouse has a heart attack or their kid breaks a leg badly while skiing…you get the idea. We need to make sure hospitals keep functioning for everyone. Don’t clog the ER with minor issues. (You shouldnt anyways)

If we flatten the curve, aka, make sure we slow the progress of this virus so a spike of patients doesnt overwhelm our hospitals at once, nurses and doctors can treat *everyone* with the best care.  And we can avoid what is happening in Italy. I don’t believe anyone wants to see this. Slow the spread of cases and flatten the curve. Slower is better.

These small actions by all of us, have big impact and are the heart of what makes a community work in any situation.

We all need to step up at different times, and that time is now. We need to protect our elders and those who are at risk for more severe cases and YOU can do that by doing the suggestions on the list above that you are able to, depending on where you are. So far urban areas are seeing more cases than rural areas, but DO NOT assume that means it isn’t there already.

In the midst of thinking about what you can do personally, it’s also really important to ensure that if you know any elders  who may not have resources or support like family close by, that you *call* and make sure they have food or medication. (Take precautions by leaving it outside the door, even if you feel fine. You may have it, and not have symptoms yet or at all )

The same goes for checking in with those who disabilities, mobility issues or may have anxiety…anything that may be preventing then from going out to get what they need. A lot of people might just need some reassurance that someone is looking out for them, and does care. A call can do wonders.

The vast majority of us will be just fine, and thankfully kids and teens don’t seem to be impacted. Life and business must carry on, but with proper precautions. I’m glad to see so many organizations cancel events and so many large companies telling employees to work from home where they can. I also encourage all employers to be understanding and not punitive. This isn’t something anyone can plan for, and businesses who make it easy for employees to be absent if sick, will be appreciated.


So please, do your part to #FlattenTheCurve and #StayTheFuckHome, or practice other social distancing to keep all our mums and dads, grandpas and grandmas, aunties and uncles and all those with high risk conditions

​Speak to someone:

Novel coronavirus information: 

Health information 8-1-1

** these numbers are VERY busy.  Please see the BC Center for Disease Control link above  for information on what to do if you have symptoms and may have been exposed.

** updates in the comments as I see them

How to ensure sick people actually do self isolate if infected with Covid-19

Having been through the H1N1 pandemic of 2009 that many Canadians  seem to either not remember, or maybe were too young to have paid attention, Covid-19 hasn’t particularly freaked me out.

People tend to forget that even the average seasonal flu is already a deadly illness for seniors, for those with chronic health conditions and for those who are immune compromised. Government stats show that hundreds die in Canada every year already from flu or flu related complications.

This is why we have flu vaccines- it might not totally prevent flu but it can help reduce the impact of it, if you do catch it. And it can help slow the spread of flu among vulnerable communities , something many also tend to forget about..

But the one thing not being considered by politicians – who enjoy good salaries and benefits – in the effort to get people to stay home when and if they get sick, is that most people can’t afford to go two days without pay, let alone two weeks.

Not all employers offer paid leave or flex days, and not all workers have vacation time to fall back on. Most people live paycheque to paycheque. Many are behind a month already on a bill or two…if not all of them.

It’s not remotely realistic to think that people will or can self isolate at all, if you have to feed your family and pay rent or mortgage. Why do politicians forget this? Landlords are already eager to evict so they can raise rents. People can’t risk housing and food.

If the government truly wants to help halt the spread of Covid -19 now that it is here, they need to look to how Japan is quickly acting:

Japan’s government says it will pay up to about 80 dollars per person per day to businesses as income compensation for parents taking leave from work in response to temporary school closures that began nationwide.

The health and labor ministry on Monday revealed the details of a new subsidy system as the government strives to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

The ministry will pay the subsidy of up to 8,330 yen per person per day to businesses if their employees take paid leave to take care of their children due to school closures.

It’ll also offer stipend in cases where employees care for people suspected of having been infected with the virus.

The measure will cover regular and non-regular workers who take leave between February 27 and March 31.

The ministry plans to determine and announce soon how the system will be implemented

Good plan.

Here in Canada, a similar solution that is more directly worker oriented, is to make anyone ordered/asked to self isolate or anyone who has to take care of someone who must self isolate, immediately eligible for sickness EI benefits by waiving the waiting period and processing payments immediately instead of taking 28 days.

Processing applications immediately is key, as most EI applications sit for the full 28 days before payment is let go, then backdated. We can’t wait that long if we want to keep sick or exposed people in isolation.

In the event a widespread outbreak occurs here, continue the payments for the period deemed to assist containment as they have in Japan.

As well, people are already posting letters and signs from employers stating if they miss too many shifts they will either lose fulltime hours or be fired. The province should ensure that non union workers know their rights surrounding this kind of situation, in their daily press conferences.

Problem solved. ( how long will it take the feds to act? Clocks ticking)

And for those who aren’t caring “because it’s the elderly and sick who it targets”, stop being selfish.

Viruses like this can kill those undergoing cancer treatments, those with chronic conditions like asthma and copd, and any immune compromised patient. That might include one of your family members or friends. Think about that.


Rich Coleman announces retirement as Cullen Commission gets underway

Frédéric Bastiat was a 19th century free market French economist and writer. He is known for his writings on plunder, legal or otherwise, and one of his most reknowned quotes is:

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

For some reason that quote seemed to be the perfect opener to the news everyone is talking about, Rich Coleman is retiring.

Now, there are the things I am going to write about him, and there are the things I would like to write about him but won’t, because I would probably end up getting sued…

Cheryl Wiens of Langley though, did a nice thread listing quite a few things Rich is known for, some you might have forgotten. Check it out here:


But is anyone really surprised he’s retiring just as the Cullen commission is underway? I’m actually surprised he didn’t announce it sooner.

The former RCMP officer turned MLA,  has come under scrutiny many times over the years for actions and decisions he made while a minister. In the last couple of years I have written two posts that still rank as the highest viewed ever.

For good reason. They both directly relate to issues that will likely be examined at the Cullen Commission.

In the first one I posted a video of Sean Holman’s 2010 interview with Coleman, discussing how and why the IIGET was disbanded. I dissect it at specific timestamps in the video, pointing out questions and contradictions in Colemans responses. Its a riveting interview, not just for how Holman refuses to back off, but how Coleman responds. The man does not have a poker face, no pun intended.

Watch the video and read the full analysis HERE:  Money and Corruption are Ruining the Land II 

But there is more, and that first video….along with responses Coleman started giving the press nearly 10 years later when Sam Cooper started breaking all the money laundering stories…..prompted me to look again.

That developed into the second most popular Coleman post ever on this blog, in which I take apart Colemans claim they did everything they could to crack down on money laundering.

You can watch those videos, and read that blog HERE:  The Coleman Files

I guarantee that taking the time to read those two blogs alone, and making sure you watch Sean Holmans video interviews posted in them, will convince you that Rich Coleman should be subpoenaed by the Cullen Commission.

But it doesn’t end there.

This January  Sam Cooper once again broke an amazing story, and it prompted me to take a chronological look back at how long people had been calling for a corruption inquiry…and why Colemans decisions needed to be scrutinised further.

You can read that post HERE:  Confidential RCMP report Reveals Chilling Details and Puts Even more Focus on Colemans decision to disband the IIGET 

I still feel strongly the province made the wrong decision to limit the scope of the Cullen Commission to money laundering.

The extent of corruption in this province goes far beyond money laundering in casinos, and I doubt – since the commission isn’t deemed to find fault – we may not see the full examination of how government itself allows it to flourish.

Remember,  The Enemy is Corruption, it doesn’t begin or end with a political party, when it is so entrenched.

If you want to follow the Cullen Commission hearings, check out their schedules and all information here

We haven’t seen the last of Rich Coleman yet. I think he is cocky enough to bet that because there is no fault finding attached to the Commission, he might get through unscathed.




Party that refused to stop accepting foreign donations, complains about foreign funding…

The hypocrisy of the BC Liberals always astounds me – they truly have zero moral high ground over anyone in the legislature on pretty much every single issue.

But the faux moral outrage and drama they have concocted over ” foreign funded intervention in BC energy projects” takes the cake.

Seeing Ellis Ross and Shirley Bond and others go on and on about foreign donations and funding derailing policy right now, IS so hypocritical and cunning. Why? Because the BC Liberals came under fire prior to the last election, for refusing to stop taking foreign donations. Slow clap, hand them all an Oscar for that performance.

This was the BC Liberals in 2017

“British Columbia’s governing Liberal Party routinely accepts significant donations from foreign interests – a practice that is banned in many other Canadian jurisdictions. The party’s overflowing campaign war chest includes cash from offshore oil and gas companies, European pharmaceutical companies and Beijing investment firms.

British Columbia has no residency requirement for political contributions from individuals or companies, but provincial Justice Minister Suzanne Anton said Thursday in an interview with The Globe and Mail that it’s an issue “worth keeping an eye on.”…

…”It’s not something we are proposing to do at the moment. I don’t think it’s a big influence in B.C. politics”

Among the donations the BC Liberals accepted were ones from state ownedChinese companies, and Petronas who is a partner in LNG Canada. 

Huh. Imagine that.

This is the BC Liberals NOW… in 2020

As a gas pipeline protest camp continued to grow in front of the B.C. legislature Wednesday, Skeena MLA Ellis Ross called on the NDP government to end a “coordinated assault on the Canadian economy” financed by U.S. charitable foundations.

I’m told but haven’t the time to look, that Sandy Garossino has debunked this on Twitter. A couple of ENGO’S have formally reacted to it, detailing how inaccurate their specific claims to their organizations were.

Seriously, how do the BC Liberals expect anyone to take them seriously? It’s bad enough they turned a blind eye to money laundering ( a post on the Cullen Commission and Rich Colemans mouthiness there, soon), but now they are outraged over foreign money in BC politics? They used to LOVE foreign money as evidenced by the donations they accepted. Even then Justice minister Suzanne Anton didn’t object. And that went on for years.

If one wants to really look how foreign money influences Canadian politics in ways average people dont see, just look at the amount of foreign companies using foreign funds to pay for lobbyists to meet directly with elected officials and government staff all the time.

Specifically to influence policy and legislation that’s favourable to them  That’s why the Lobbyist Registry exists, to give an illusions of transparency.

And yet I dont hear the BC Liberals  complaining about that either.

The truth is foreign funds and foreign companies have influenced our politicians, economy and policy for years. Especially when it comes to oil and gas policy. But not one of these hypocrites will mention that because ita “different” when they don’t.

And I have yet to see any reporter ask them why their stance on this has suddenly changed.