Counting me lucky charms

I watched her come in accompanied by a paramedic and ER staff, feet shuffling and incoherent. Blood, or maybe red wine, stained the back of her matted blonde hair, and her aged eyes were startled and sad looking as they tried to make sense of where she was. The two settled her into a convertible … Continue reading Counting me lucky charms

Basi-Virk Trial Coverage leads to Cryptic Break-in.

Those of you who follow the Basi -Virk trial, may have already heard this, but for those of you who haven't - check this out.        This link will bring you to well-known political commentator Bill Tielemans blog entry that tells us in detail about the break- in at his office, and the cryptic message that was left … Continue reading Basi-Virk Trial Coverage leads to Cryptic Break-in.