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Polling questions offer glimpse into BC Election 2017 issues..and raise eyebrows on future of Site C

A quick post this morning, thanks to some interesting questions a reader sent on as part of an Angus Reid polling questionnaire currently out. In my opinion, most questions were push polling and several forced answers. But the Site C questions had my full…

New Site C photos show continued mitigation efforts on slide prone north slope construction

Finally back to the blog and I apologize for the absence but there is only so much time before winter and I have so much work that must be done outside the new place before fall unleashes its first storms of the season, in…

“Drop the appeal so children can go to school.” ~ Dan Brooks, leader of the BC Conservatives.

Although I have many conservative friends, it’s a rare day when I agree with any of them… 🙂 However, Dan Brooks has a solution so commonsense that it really puts Christy Clark and the Liberal government right on the spot in a big way….

This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Find the party that is accountable for its actions.

This week’s topic: What is the most important factor voters should consider at the polls? When Kathryn’s submission arrived in my email, it was clear that while we come from different positions on the political spectrum, she felt the same responsibility as I did….