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“Drop the appeal so children can go to school.” ~ Dan Brooks, leader of the BC Conservatives.

Although I have many conservative friends, it’s a rare day when I agree with any of them… ūüôā However, Dan Brooks has a solution so commonsense that it really puts Christy Clark and the Liberal government right on the spot in a big way….

Major media’s lack of coverage of Basi/Virk development speaks volumes

Let me see, what headlines did I find today… Is Laibar Singh ever going home?– His ‘saviors’ say¬†Laibar Singh is¬†ready to go to India ¬†and that¬†his lawyer has¬†been fired –¬†yet the lawyer in question¬†maintains that¬†he¬†has not been fired and in fact, Laibar wants¬†to stay.¬†Click…