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Poll: Do you agree with the BCTF’s call for binding arbitration?

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“Drop the appeal so children can go to school.” ~ Dan Brooks, leader of the BC Conservatives.

Although I have many conservative friends, it’s a rare day when I agree with any of them… 🙂 However, Dan Brooks has a solution so commonsense that it really puts Christy Clark and the Liberal government right on the spot in a big way….

This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: BCTF fights for teachers, kids.

This week, Brent and I address an issue often commented about on social media. Brent presents this week, and this is my response to him: This week’s topic: Should B.C. teachers remain unionized? It’s more than a bit ironic that every anti-BCTF rant I’ve…

‘What teachers make’ ~ Taylor Mali

Word. -the  slam really starts at about the 56 second mark for those at work 🙂