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Mayor Sam Sullivan’s ‘Big’ transportation survey, a joke.

Someone please tell me, how on earth did the citizens of Vancouver vote Sam Sullivan into the Mayors office? What on earth were you all thinking? Now the man has disrupted my entire morning by forcing me, on a Sunday, to blog about the sheer stupidity… Continue Reading “Mayor Sam Sullivan’s ‘Big’ transportation survey, a joke.”

Is this the reason for closed door meetings?

Good morning – nice to be back on the blog!  Every once in a while my brain needs a break from the daily grind, hence the uncustomary three day lag in posts over the weekend. The talk of the weekend seems to be the enormous raise voted on… Continue Reading “Is this the reason for closed door meetings?”

All Hail King Gordo

For those who didn’t know exactly how stupid our premier is , here’s a great example that was covered in almost every media outlet. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/01/13/premier-tour-icejam.html  Yes, the almighty premier made a pilgrimage to my home town, to witness first hand the ravages of the… Continue Reading “All Hail King Gordo”