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Bits and Bites, Thursday February 11th,2010

After long last, Bits and Bites is making a return on this cold rainy Thursday ! The once weekly Wednesday feature has been on a hiatus for a while, as I’ve devoted as much spare time as possible to investigating and researching a very special project.… Continue Reading “Bits and Bites, Thursday February 11th,2010”

Monday morning round – up

Wonderful morning out there, rather ‘nippy’ if you catch my drift! It’s kind of funny how I cringe and freeze when the rain and wind are here, but now that it is sub-zero and bright, I love it! Different kind of cold, I guess,… Continue Reading “Monday morning round – up”

” 10 arrests in Quebec building industry bust “

Will we ever see a similar headline here in British Columbia? Quebec police say they have arrested at least 10 people linked to the province’s construction industry. News of the arrests follows a recent announcement by the Quebec government about the creation of a special… Continue Reading “” 10 arrests in Quebec building industry bust “”