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Monday morning round – up

Wonderful morning out there, rather ‘nippy’ if you catch my drift! It’s kind of funny how I cringe and freeze when the rain and wind are here, but now that it is sub-zero and bright, I love it! Different kind of cold, I guess,… Continue Reading “Monday morning round – up”

HandyDART update- November 20th 2009

**** Hello everyone, I’ve posted a more recent update at the following lik, one that should be read: https://lailayuile.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/monday-morning-round-up/¬†Currently there is a media ban while negotiations are ongoing, but you can check out the handydart support facebook page listed below this post for more… Continue Reading “HandyDART update- November 20th 2009”

HandyDART update

I took a look in my email box last night, and decided it was time to clean house and do a little round up and review of issues and stories from the last while. So, over today and tomorrow, there will likely be a… Continue Reading “HandyDART update”