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“And when trying to save something from destruction, I always ask, “Man, have you no soul?” ~ Rafe Mair

It’s just past 4 pm. Already the angle of the sun over the trees is so low that it shines into our backyard, brilliantly touching everything with a golden fiery glow. The gorgeous disarray of red and orange leaves dancing on the branches of… Continue Reading ““And when trying to save something from destruction, I always ask, “Man, have you no soul?” ~ Rafe Mair”

Who are your retirement funds sleeping with?

How about  some  Ipp’s, P3’s, Macquarie and Goldman Sachs? From a friend: … http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/macquarie-team-eyes-edf-power-network-reuters_molt-64104190fb3f.html?x=0  Macquarie team eyes EDF power network On 14:43 GMT, Sunday 10 January 2010 LONDON (Reuters) – Australian investment bank Macquarie has teamed up with the Canadian Pension Plan and the Abu… Continue Reading “Who are your retirement funds sleeping with?”

I’ve run out of memory.

Computer memory that is.Let me assure you, this is QUITE an inconvenience, not to mention very frustrating! As a result, today you are going to get this crappy message rather than the really revealing post I’ve been working on about a large company involved in BC… Continue Reading “I’ve run out of memory.”

Province of BC Criss-crossed by Independent Power Projects

  Click on the document to go to the original PDF link and view the enlarged version. ”    …I had a nice afternoon yesterday, just sitting and listening to others conversations while out and about ( I know, I know, but I’m an eavesdropper by… Continue Reading “Province of BC Criss-crossed by Independent Power Projects”