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This weeks column for 24hrs Vancouver: Battle over Clayoquot Sound shows the power of peaceful protests

Columnists Laila Yuile and Brent Stafford battle over the issues of the day. The winner of last week’s duel on Russia was Brent at 65%. This week’s topic: Is civil disobedience an acceptable way to stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline? Growing up in a…

A must read, watch and share: W5 brings us Pipeline Wars, a story of unreported spills, alarmed communities and a promise to do ‘better’

“On the eve of W5’s reporting about the issue, the company sent an e-mail to mayors and councillors in dozens of Ontario communities located along the line, advising of the broadcast, offering links to the company’s website to provide its own view and warning…

Dear Enbridge. What part of ‘We don’t want your pipeline’ do you not understand? Best regards, Laila


Coming next week, final installment of Playing with the Dragon- read the second in the series now to catch up.

Originally posted in June of 2012, this post took a deeper look at how and who has played an integral role in the development of Canada’s foreign policy with China…and why Harper seemed to do an about-face when it comes to the Chinese government….