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Taser Talk – Too Many Questions, Not Enough Answers.

Here we are, 6 months after the taser- related death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski, and still no answers. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/05/12/taser-inquiry.html In fact, more questions have arisen regarding the safety of the newest weapon in police officers arsenals, with little resolution on any. Most disturbing- although… Continue Reading “Taser Talk – Too Many Questions, Not Enough Answers.”

Good cop, Bad cop – who’s telling the truth?

Frank Paul died, alone, in a frozen heap on a dirty side street in Vancouver on December 5th, 1998. Here we are, 8 years later, listening to the men involved in that death testify at a long awaited public inquiry, and the testimony is… Continue Reading “Good cop, Bad cop – who’s telling the truth?”