The Duel – 24hrs, Vancouver Edition

Heads up for all my readers to pick up a copy  of 24hrs Vancouver edition tomorrow, where I go head to head with Kathryn Marshall on  this week’s topic: Is Bill C-377 good for Canada’s union members? My column: Kathryn's column: Who wins the battle this week? You be the judge : submit … Continue reading The Duel – 24hrs, Vancouver Edition

Bits and Bites – Thursday July 23nd, 2009

*** updated 11 am, July 23rd- Colin Hansen just announced that on July 1st, 2010, the BC government will "harmonize" the PST we pay with the Federal GST- in other words, they are going to combine the two taxes into one charge on your purchases. Read the press release HERE.  What does this mean for … Continue reading Bits and Bites – Thursday July 23nd, 2009

Runners rock

A remarkable thing happened today during my morning run. I was waiting for the light to change at an intersection, nearing the last km of my near 10km run, sucking it up bigtime because I've ramped up the distance /frequency in the last two weeks, and by the end of my running week, it's just … Continue reading Runners rock