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Everything old is new again: CBC investigation raises big questions about Port Mann bridge build.

For Merv. There is nothing that gets a transportation geeks blood pumping than seeing some excellent investigative work on a project you’ve written about at least a dozen times: the Port Mann bridge project. Two pieces you should read this morning and I will…

Sea to Sky highway project making money once again…but not for the taxpayers of BC

Call me a geek but the big transportation projects of BC have always been of keen interest to me and I’ve written about many. The Kicking Horse bridge, the South Fraser Perimeter road,Port Mann Bridge and of course, the infamous Sea to Sky highway….

Sea to Sky highway retaining walls safety inspection reports released, raise more questions on quality of build and maintenance.

One of the advantages to blogging is the ability to follow up on stories as many times as one needs to get to the bottom of it. And as is becoming more common with stories involving the BC provincial government, it’s a matter of…

“…the contractor who built the wall — Peter Kiewit and Sons — used parts in the retaining wall that do not meet ministry standards….”

A wise man once told me that the best thing for any organization to do when facing a potentially explosive public relations issue was to “tell the truth, tell it all, and tell it damn quick.” First the issues were cosmetic in nature only….