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He Who Holds The Cash, Laughs Last…

Going through all the dailies, early this am, I read several stories about Translink bringing in security and transit police to prevent people from budging in the back to school lineups. No surprise regarding the budging, I’ve often found the rudest people seem to… Continue Reading “He Who Holds The Cash, Laughs Last…”

YVR improvements in Wake of the Death of Robert Dziekanski

Improvements will be made at YVR, in the wake of Robert Dziekanski’s death. Released at the Fairmont Richmond today, the changes may ensureĀ  travellers and new immigrants will have an easier time negotiating their arrival at YVR. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2007/12/07/bc-yvrtaserchanges.html Also released were some new details… Continue Reading “YVR improvements in Wake of the Death of Robert Dziekanski”