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Pacific Trails Pipeline Project clears the path for Enbridge, largely under the radar of most British Columbians.

If there is one thing that can be said about all the attention being paid to the Northern Gateway Project, it is that it provides a good distraction for other projects and issues to move along without getting the same ass kicking Enbridge is….

Tuesday morning round up: Net Zero Travel, Mathews comes out swinging, SNC Lavalin post generates interest in high places, and protecting lifes memories.

Be patient with my posting over the next two weeks, because our school district only managed to deal with a huge budget shortfall by cutting valuable instruction days, leaving us with a two-week spring break instead of one. So far we have made bird seed…

And so the games begin… ” Site C Clean Energy Project – Joint Agreement for environmental assessment issued “

Site C Clean Energy Project – Joint Agreement Issued http://www2.news.gov.bc.ca/news_releases_2009-2013/2012ENV0001-000144.htm  OTTAWA – The Honourable Peter Kent, federal Minister of the Environment and the Honourable Terry Lake, British Columbia Minister of the Environment, announced today that a Joint Agreement has been signed for the co-operative…

” Stupid is, as stupid does.” ~ Forrest Gump

This my friends, is Christy Clark unplugged. Christy Clark unleashed, unplugged and in her own self-imagined glory. As it came to me from a friend,colleague and fellow fighter, I bring to you- anything in bold in the article was my own editorial change : “Shocking….