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Tories live to rule another day as Governor General agrees to suspend Parliament.

And thank you to her for doing so. We Canadians trotted off to the polls recently to elect a leader for our country, and Stephen Harper was clearly the victor. Personally, I did not vote fora coalition government that includes the Bloc, and I’m… Continue Reading “Tories live to rule another day as Governor General agrees to suspend Parliament.”

Me, a Neo-Con?

Nahhhhh- hardly. More like I have a veracity for the truth. And truth seems to be the only thing in short supply during election time. Which is why I would like to know what Harper plans to do know that his little lie has been… Continue Reading “Me, a Neo-Con?”

Liberal Press handler remains silent on relationship with numbered companies

No reply from Dan Lauzon to this second email fired off yesterday afternoon: “laila yuile to Daniel show details 4:05 PM (17 hours ago) Thank you Dan. Could you please clarify for me if 55555 Inc. / 55555 Canada Inc., are  “partner organizations” of… Continue Reading “Liberal Press handler remains silent on relationship with numbered companies”

Transparency, Secrecy and the space in between

Humour me a moment. I recently blogged about the hilarious Conservative smear websites listed under the federal liberal website, http://www.Liberal.ca.  Should one visit that site, and click on  ‘sites’ ,  you will find  the following websites: i.liberal.ca http://www.thegreenshift.ca http://www.thisisdion.ca http://www.scandalpedia.ca http://www.bushharper.ca http://www.harpernomics.ca Nothing unusual- the… Continue Reading “Transparency, Secrecy and the space in between”