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RCMP “Horribly Broken”- Must Change.

Much to the chagrin of some I know, whose opinons are that the RCMP is a steadfast, honourable institution, with no, or little corruption, protection for whistleblowers etc…….. it appears that whistleblowers who did come forward to report wrongdoing, were in fact , punished for… Continue Reading “RCMP “Horribly Broken”- Must Change.”

RCMP Watchdog Calling for Force to Restrict it’s Use of Tasers

 Surprise, surprise.  The Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP released an interim report today, that criticizes the force for “failing to manage the use of tasers and allowing usage to grow in the past six years, to include cases where people were clearly non-combative.” My… Continue Reading “RCMP Watchdog Calling for Force to Restrict it’s Use of Tasers”

Taser use worldwide controversial at best

I’m embarressed. I’m embarressed by the RCMP’s handling of this entire Robert Dziekanski fiasco, and although I wish one could offer reassurances to visitors from around the world that this isnt indicative of what to expect, I can’t. My faith is in the RCMP… Continue Reading “Taser use worldwide controversial at best”