Guest post: Journey to the sacrifice zone of site C

** As the Moberly/Prophet River Site C treaty infringement injunction hearings continue this week in Vancouver, I was reminded of how little many people still know about the area, the people & wildlife impacted by the dam. I saw her photos a while ago and Louise was kind to share them here in this photoblogContinue reading Guest post: Journey to the sacrifice zone of site C

Next stop….Site C Yes, KinderMorgan has been squashed for now and Trudeau bought a pipeline to nowhere….but it’s Zussman’s tweet on Horgan that doesn’t sit well. Horgan can have the win on tanker traffic,but Zussman may have forgotten how Horgan put First Nations concerns on site c aside quickly to make his decision to continue buildingContinue reading Next stop….Site C

Because they feared ‘memes and rap’.

Yes…memes and rap…   How could I not? No footage. No transcripts. Nothing to do with the court hearings at all to be safe… Just a little story about Site C. 😉 ( To the Fresh Prince of Bel Air)     Now this is a story, all about how Some folks lives gotContinue reading Because they feared ‘memes and rap’.