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Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)

It’s 6 am, and as I usually do, even when I’m ill, I’m sitting downstairs at my office armoire in front of the computer.  It’s still dark out, of course, and only the glow of the Christmas lights and the small light above my desk… Continue Reading “Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)”

Bits and Bites – Wednesday,June 10th 2009

Good morning people! I’m still not used to being back- something about all this noise is really hitting me hard! Damn, even the suburbs are ridiculously noisy all the time, which is why my 5 am run this morning was such a pleasure. Simply… Continue Reading “Bits and Bites – Wednesday,June 10th 2009”

Why (most) white boys shouldn’t rap

I never could figure out why people think because they are fabulously famous for one talent, that means they are good at everything. I mean, just because you are a famous singer doesn’t mean you can act your way out of a paper bag. Or… Continue Reading “Why (most) white boys shouldn’t rap”