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The Yvette Wells factor

Yes, by now everyone knows that the RCMP cleared all elected officials of wrongdoing related to Railgate. But here is something to think about. Written in 2009. Kinda sorta really hard to believe it was just two criminals behind it all when you read that link….

” Just the tip of the iceberg…” : Why Railgate and the Basi-Virk trial are about so much more than just Basi and Virk.

* * * * * Facts are technically accurate statements made by the mouth or penned by the hand. Truth is a larger statement, a holistic statement. Truth is not just factually accurate, but also utterly honest. Truth is the whole statement of one’s…

“Reality is easy. It’s deception that’s the hard work.” ~ Lauryn Hill

 The rapid clicking of heels on hard tile floor, mirrored the staccato beat of my heart as I walked quickly down the hall towards the room where history was waiting. Within those walls lay 8000 strands of spider-web,( as Bill Tieleman so smoothly refers to them) just waiting to be…