My reporting and investigations into site C began on New Years Eve 2015, when a resident of the Peace River Valley sent me a photo of the eviction notice BC Hydro had posted to the Shelter at Rocky Mountain Fort camp. I immediately posted  it to social media in an effort to bring public attention to the situation and realised that although I had written of Site C in passing over the years prior, how wrong it was and how far it had come, had completely escaped my attention.

Thus began my personal quest to raise attention to the issue, and halt the dam. The more I learned, the more apparent it was this dam should never been have even considered, let alone built in this area of the valley. It violates Treaty rights, destroys unique habitats and natural formations,farmland, homes,and will flood the last remaining area of a designated BC Heritage river forever. And…we don’t need it. 

Since then,I spent years trying to make up for not paying attention when it was needed the most. I started every day by tweeting in support of the Treaty 8 campers and Peace Valley residents/business owners who remained on site, despite having been served with a civil suit initiated by BC Hydro. You can read that Notice of Claim here:

I reported on infractions and violations during construction, reported the tension cracks and ongoing slides on the north slope, accidents, and documented with aerial photos, what BC Hydro refused to show the public. Every time they would initially deny the reports only to be forced to admit it to the press.

I still stand in support of those who held the line at Rocky Mountain Fort Camp,and all the residents of the Peace river who oppose this dam. 

Both the former premier and duly elected Liberal MLA’s failed in their inherent duty to act in the best interests of British Columbian taxpayers by refusing every request by not only voters, but also municipalities and organizations across BC to put the project before the BC Utilities Commission.

In addition,by commencing preliminary site preparation despite several outstanding lawsuits by local First Nations against Site C, the province failed in its duty to consult and honour Treaty 8 and demonstrated a complete lack of regard for due process.

Unfortunately, a new government led by Premier John Horgan, used the same sunk cost fallacy argument that Newfoundland-Labrador premier Dwight Ball did to continue Muskrat Falls, to continue Site C. Documents appear to show however, that decision was actually made prior to the BCUC report.

In 2017, Premier John Horgan approved the continuation of the Site C dam. An independent safety review was not ordered to be part of the limited review the BCUC was instructed to perform.

In 2020, it was revealed that the same geo-technical issues that have plagued north bank construction and stability, were now appearing on the south bank.

Premier Horgan ordered an independent review, but revealed in January 2021, that two outside experts were being brought in to assess BC Hydro’s proposed fix and whether it could be done safely or not…something Site C critics and opponents have been asking for since the 2017 election. This is where it stand as of January 18th, 2021. We await the release of both reports and a decision to move forward or not, however construction continues at this time.

This is the record of everything I’ve written about Site C,and how successive governments circumvented process and due diligence…and failed British Columbians. I’ll also post links to other critical reads that are pertinent, in descending order from oldest to newest.










~From 24 Hours Vancouver, The Duel~


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