The case to Stop Site C construction – links & news

On New Years Eve 2015, a resident of the Peace River Valley sent me a photo of the eviction notice BC Hydro had posted to the Shelter at Rocky Mountain Fort camp. I immediately posted to social media via twitter and facebook in an effort to bring public attention to the situation.

Since then,I start every day by tweeting in support of the Treaty 8 campers and Peace Valley residents/business owners who remain on site, despite having been served with a civil suit initiated by BC Hydro. You can read that Notice of Claim here:

I stand in support of those at Rocky Mountain Fort Camp and all opposed to Site C for many reasons – one is that I feel strongly that the province of British Columbia has been negligent in exempting Site C from independent review of the BC Utilities Commission, the regulatory agency

Both the premier and duly elected Liberal MLA’s have failed in their inherent duty to act in the best interests of British Columbian taxpayers by refusing every request by not only voters, but also municipalities and organizations across BC to put the project before the BC Utilities Commission.

In addition,by commencing preliminary site preparation despite several outstanding lawsuits by local First Nations against Site C, the province has failed in its duty to consult and honour Treaty 8 and demonstrated a complete lack of regard for due process.

This is the page where I will post everything I’ve written about Site C and how the province circumvented process and due diligence. I’ll also post links to other critical reads that are pertinent, in chronological order.

    1.Where it all began:  BC Hydro issues eviction notice under cover of  New Years Eve

    2. A litmus test for ‘Real Change’ : where is Justin Trudeau on Site C? Why isn’t new federal government investigating why Harper invoked cabinet secrecy on Site C decison?

    3. ( photos of demonstration here)  Separate demonstration at Site C BC Hydro gates results in three arrests, including Arthur Hadland- long time former Peace River politician

     4.  UBCIC issues press release one day after Treaty 8 does, asking BC Hydro to stand down.

     5. Cutting through the spin of Energy Minister Bill Bennetts very misleading statement on Global BC News – How BC government deliberately circumvented regulatory process on Site C :

      6. Powerful and compelling video from Treaty 8 elder at Rocky Mountain Fort, but is anyone listening to his plea?

       7. How transparency and accountability were lost at both provincial and federal levels on Site C project: The story of how BC Hydro borrows money to pay yearly dividends to the BC government, and how the Harper cabinet kept the reasons for approving the Environmental Assessment Certificate on Site C, a secret.

        8. Treaty 8 stewards of the land call on provincial and federal governments to meet, and act on three point plan

        9. May the force of No be with you- my response to Premier Christy Clarks comments on the forces of No who want to stop everything in BC.

        10. Premier Christy Clark vows to get Site C past the point of no return at former premiers memorial.

         11. Why the Muskrat Falls dam fiasco in Newfoundland should provide more reason than ever for Premier Clark to send Site C to an independent review by the BC Utilities Commission.

         12. New photos raise big questions about Site C compliance with provincial and federal permits.
The road to power is paved with hypocrisy and casualties

Monitoring the monitors


He did not care in which direction he was driving so long as he was in the drivers seat:

Toxic landslides polluting Peace River raise alarms about Fracking near Site C

Disturbing the Peace, the story of the Site C dam:

Shocking admission from Nalcor ceo serves as chilling warning to BC government on Site C :

Two new warnings issued to BC Hydro…again.

Site C quarterly report shows costs to date already more than expected:

Politicians are people who learn not to blink when they lie:

Site C aerial photos show a mess of dikes, water and slides

It’s hard being right when the wrong has already been done:


New Site C photos show continued slide mitigation on the North slope

Sometimes you just have to sit down and write:

If there is any saving grace to Muskrat Falls, let it be the light it shines on Premier Clarks vow to get Site C past the point of no return:

I have a stake in the Peace… do you?

New photos show new cracks and landslide yet again on the north slope of Site C. How much are they costing us and how long before someone gets hurt?:


~ Older posts,prior to Rocky Mountain Fort Camp eviction notice~


November 2015: The hypocrisy of BC Hydro and the Liberals: WAC Bennett Dam must go for review by BCUC for long overdue repairs to dam, while government refuses to allow same for Site C:

September 2015: Site C to be debated in the legislature as Liberals try to pin down position from the NDP :

August 2015: BC Hydro says halting Site C would cost taxpayers $500 million dollars – I say not building it at all will save us over $8 billion instead.


~From 24 Hours Vancouver, The Duel~

December 2014:  Site C case hasn’t been made :

 May 2014: BC Hydro hasn’t made convincing case for pushing costly dam onto taxpayers: